What Are The Pros And Cons Of A 14 Way Golf Bag?

The golf bag setup can make a significant difference to the clubs in your bag.

The rules state that you can only carry a maximum of 14 clubs to the golf course.

Hence, it is no surprise that we have the 14-way golf bag design.

So, What Are The Pros And Cons Of A 14 Way Golf Bag?

A 14-way golf bag has various pros and cons. One of the main pros is having a specific slot for every club. This helps to keep your clubs protected and separated from banging around. The bag also provides perfect organization and is an excellent option for stands and carts.

If you prefer every club to have its own designated spot, the 14 way is the perfect bag for you. This is a perfect choice, especially if you have costly shafts or clubs and are concerned about the tear and wear from very close clubs. It helps to add an extra protection layer, plus you can easily grab the club you need and put it back quickly.

Despite these pros, the bag also comes with some cons. The 14-way bags can be heavy. If you are walking the course, the 14-way gold bag is not recommendable. Walking and carrying it might be uncomfortable. More so, some 14-way bags dividers are only at the top and are not separate farther down in the bag.

5 Way Vs. 8 Way Vs. 14 Way Golf Bag

The 5 way, 8 way, or 14 way description simply refers to the number of dividers available for your clubs.

In a 14 way bag, you have fourteen separate slots for each of your clubs, and the same applies to the rest of the golf bag designs.

You need to look at whether the dividers are just at the top or separate the clubs down in the bag.

That said, so what is the difference between a 5 way, 8 way, or 14 way golf bag?

The 14 way golf bag features 14 slots for every club.

But what are the sections of the 5 way and 8 way bags, and how are the clubs divided?

A 5 way golf bag generally features a divider in the middle with two slots on every side to allow you to group your clubs.

It then features one extra slot at the bottom or top to place your specialty clubs or the putter and driver.

On the other hand, an 8 way golf bag normally features 3-4 larger slots for your groups of clubs, such as your irons and woods.

Then, the bag will have more than four smaller slots for your clubs, such as a driver, wedge, or putter.

Lastly, the 14 way golf bag might be designed in various ways, but eventually, it will feature 14 different slots in various patterns or another.

If you consider carrying a few clubs, it is recommendable to use a bag with fewer dividers.

Do The Dividers Actually Matter?

You will be stunned to discover that the number of golf bag dividers can make a significant difference.

The dividers play a significant role in preventing your clubs from banging against each other at the bottom of your bag.

This helps to prevent wear and tear on your clubs.

You might have a preference of just tossing your iron back in the same divider with other irons, but it could result in extra wear and tear.

However, this really comes down to your personal preferences, such as how organized you need your clubs to be and how easy you will be to select your club with your 14-way bag compared to a 5-way bag.

How to Organize a 14 Way Golf Bag

Now that you understand the important pros and cons of a 14 slot golf bag let’s check how you should organize the bag.

1. Remove All The Things From The Bag

Firstly, you should start by clearing everything from your golf bag, including the golf balls, towels, gloves, and others.

If you have recently purchased a 14 slot golf bag, check all the pockets and ensure they don’t have any stuff. This also helps to free you from the unwanted extra weights.

You might be surprised to see how much unwanted stuff and the weight you carry, such as chocolate wrappers, different balls, scorecards, etc.

2. Categorize The Most Important Equipment

The next step is categorizing the golfing equipment.

Keep the valuable equipment such as gloves, golf clubs, balls, etc., on one side.

On the other hand, get rid of the golf-related equipment and items you won’t require, including; wedges, broken golf balls, torn gloves putters, wedges, and past scorecards.

This will give you extra space to organize the bag more efficiently.

3. Clean The Bag

Before placing your golf clubs and other useful equipment in the bag, it is important first to clean it.

Dust and dirt accumulate over time, and if you have not cleaned or used the bag for some time, you better ensure to clean it first.

You can even easily see the dust at the corners of the bag.

The dust from the used gloves and golf balls will accumulate into the corner of the bag.

Therefore, use a wet cloth and some alcohol rubbing to clean the 14-way bag.

4. Organize Your Golf Clubs

After your bag is clean, it’s time to organize your 14-slot golf bag.

To start with, ensure your bag has 14 slots.

Normally, each golf bag has two to three different sections.

Pinpoint the sections and then start introducing putters, irons, and wedges.


If your 14-way bag has a putter section, that will be better. If not, you can place them on the backside section of your bag closest to the straps.

Woods and drivers

Similarly, you should also place the drivers and woods on the backside. Place the drivers to the left and the woods to the right.

Golf clubs

Generally, you should arrange your golf clubs from left to right. Place the longest golf clubs in the bag’s backside, near the straps.

The smaller clubs will hence be on the front part of the bag.

More so, place the short and mid clubs under the driver.

This arrangement will allow you to easily pull out your club of choice, look more professional, and keep your bag well balanced for carrying around easily.

5. Organize Other accessories

Most of the 14 way golf bags have front and side pockets that allow you to carry extra accessories.

These might include; ball markers, golf balls, tees, etc. you should keep these accessories in the front pocket for easy accessibility.

For less usable accessories such as extra pair of gloves, sunglasses, first aid kits, or rule books, you can keep them in the side pockets.


Now that you understand the pros and cons of a 14 way golf bag, you can easily determine whether it works for you and the best bag option.

You may even have more than one type of golf bag on hand, so you have an ideal option for walking and a perfect option for a golf cart.

This is entirely up to your preferences.


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