Are Acrylic Nails Classy or Trashy? (It Depends)

In the modern world, beautification is making huge strides.

Even so, more and more women are considering having acrylic nails.

No doubt acrylic nails are some of the major feats in the beauty industry.

But, Are Acrylic Nails Classy or Trashy?

Depending on personal opinions, yes acrylic nails can be considered classy or trashy. There are many opinions revolving around artificial nails. Acrylic nails, though preferred by many women, are faced with plenty of criticisms and opinions.

In this article, we will bring facts to the table on either side of the story.

Additionally, we have concluded with a guide to keep your acrylic nails in impressive condition.

Are Acrylic Nails Trashy?

With the ever-dynamic beauty industry, many women are now considering copying these trends.

The question of whether acrylic nails are trashy therefore comes into the picture.

Recently, acrylic nails have gained large popularity. Artificial nails have never been this popular.

That said, considering their artificial nature acrylic nails may or may not be the best option for your hands and feet.

Something that is not natural can get off under the slightest pressure.

So perhaps this is why some folks take them for trashy.

Nonetheless, others still view them as a great addition to the beauty industry and are comfortable with them.

If you are not into acrylic nails, you should consider opting for high-quality nail art.

You want to look good after all.

What works for you is really for you.

Plenty of people would forego acrylic nails for these artworks on original nails due to their cost and naturality.

That is where acrylics are taken for trashy.

There many choices out there. They range from matter glittery and frosty designs.

You will get yourself any look that suits you.

And if you feel like you can not get exactly what you want, you can ask for an acrylic nail to be designed for you.

There are many beauticians out there who can craft the same acrylic nail as your fingers.

Why Would Acrylic Nails Be Considered Trashy?

When artificial nails first hit the market they were taken for a fine improvement of natural nails.

They have revolutionized the beauty industry for decades.

How much they are done reflects the overall look. If they are overdone, rest assured they will look bad on you.

So, it is the question of how much your beautician does your nails.

You have to be cognizant of the artwork that goes into these acrylic nails.

Too much of it makes your nails look trashy and can potentially ruin your overall appeal.

With new leaps in artificial nails design, newer designs have been created that look way more impressive than their predecessors.

Besides they prove a lot easier to apply.

Today, you can get your nails crowned with acrylic models that look exactly like natural nails.

Also, these modern artificial nails can be applied with ease.

Just not to mention that they have been designed to last longer than old ones.

To sum up, how people take it does not necessarily matter. Sometimes trashy is not an indicator of a negative element.

Some people feel pretty okay with it.

For some reason, acrylic nails have turned into useful elements of beautification.

How you feel about them may be different from what your friends feel.

Which Nails Are Classy?

As a beauty enthusiast, there is no doubt you are always on high alert looking for classy nails.

Well, many ladies would do that.

You want to make sure you are always updated on the latest news about nails and general beautification upgrades.

Classy nails are defined by their appearance.

  • Are they pleasant to look at?
  • Do they need artificial nails to crown them with a classy look?

These two questions form the basis of determining whether certain nails are classy or not.

To enhance a feeling of elegance and fashion, most women would rather prefer to have artificial nails.

Classy nails also have something to do with colors.

Color gives you sophistication. It creates a stunning look on your nails.

These days acrylic nails seem to carry the day in the modern beauty industry. The fact that they look like real nails makes them even more on-demand.

Besides, they are durable and inexpensive.

Artificial nails are awash in the beauty market.

Most are constructed of the same texture as real nails.

When it comes to acrylic nails, there’s a huge selection to choose from.

They are highly polished and classy.

With no need to paint or trim them acrylic nails prove much easier to maintain than their counterparts.

To end with, if you have longer nails, it is a prudent idea to use cuticle nails.

They are equally classy and can help crown you with a desirable look. If you have short nails, on the other hand, it would be wise to use clip-on nails.

You will get outstanding results as well. It saves you all that money you would have otherwise spent on a salon.

How Should Care For Your Acrylic Nails?

The time between saloon visits is the opportunity to prove whether you are capable of taking care of your acrylic nails or not.

You want to look neat, professional, and outstanding.

Explore these tips for maintaining and taking care of your acrylic nails.

1. Treat Your Nails Gently

In other words, you should baby your nails.

Treat them as the most precious things you have! Asking how this can be done? Fine.

Avoid opening bottles using your acrylic nails.

By all means, avoid things that can break your nails.

If there is something heavy that needs to be lifted, do not lift it with your fingers.

2. Apply A Top Coat On Your Acrylic Nails

Gel polish can do a great job here.

Available at a cheap price, gel polish can help keep your acrylic nails looking ambient and clean.

If you change your mind and start using other polish, it would be good to ask your beautician whether it is a good thing to do.

It is recommended to coat acrylic nails after 2 days.

3. Wear Gloves When Handling Liquids

Chemical agents, water, and detergents can do a lot of harm to your acrylic nails.

It weakens them forcing them to separate from the fingers.

Make sure the interaction of your hands with water is limited.

If you will be doing some scrubbing work, use gloves.

4. Choose The Right Shape and Length Of Acrylic Nails

The worse thing you can ever do is pick an inappropriate length and shape of acrylic.

Apart from making your fingers look weird, you will feel awkward having them.

Choose the right size and shape that suits you. Maintaining acrylic nails is problematic if they are too long.


The benefits of having acrylic nails are immense.

Choose an appropriate type that are easy for you to take care of, to keep the trashiness level low.

Give value for your money by having proper and classy nails fixed for you.

Get recommendations from friends on the most reputable professionals and embark on the mission of making yourself look more presentable.

Can You _______ with Acrylic Nails?
CrossfitDo Jiu JitsuDo Kickboxing
Do PotteryDo WuduDo Yoga
GolfGo in a Hot TubGo Swimming
Lift WeightsMassageNetball
PianoPlay SoccerPlay Softball
Play TennisPlay ViolinPlay Volleyball
Rock ClimbRowRun Track
Scuba DiveShowerSki
SurfTake a ShowerTattoo
TravelTypeUse a Tanning Bed
VolleyballWash HairWorkout