The Great Halloween Debate: Is It Weird for Adults to Dress Up?

Halloween used to be just for kids. But nowadays, adults cannot wait for this holiday.

It’s a beautiful time for parties and bar nights.

Also, it’s a chance for many to buy Halloween costumes for several events they’ll attend. But should adults dress up for Halloween?

Read on to answer this.

So, Is It Weird for Adults to Dress Up for Halloween?

Yes, it’s weird to wear a costume. But then, everyone is being weird and foolish during this holiday. Therefore, it’s crucial to meet everyone where they are at. You don’t have to wear the most complicated Halloween costume. But it’s wise to ensure you are costumed, so you don’t feel out of place. Remember that if you are joining a group of people, you will have to match their energy. Therefore, you will only feel weird if you are the only one without a Halloween costume.

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Should You Get Dressed Up or Not?

In the past, Halloween used to be a holiday where children would wear costumes and leave home to join other children for pranks to get treats and sweets.

But, these days, Halloween isn’t a single evening holiday. Neither is it for kids alone.

It has become a multi-day event that even adults indulge in.

However, while many adults celebrate Halloween, many disagree on whether or not to wear a Halloween costume.

If you are undecided about dressing up for Halloween, let’s look at the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Four Reasons Why Should You Dress Up for Halloween

1. To Enjoy the Experience More

You will enjoy something more if you participate in it and do everything everyone else does.

Therefore, the main reason to dress up for Halloween is to enjoy this holiday better.

Think about your previous Halloween experiences.

If what you’ve thought is the fantastic costume you wore, you don’t need another reason to convince you to dress up for this holiday.

Your happiness is what matters the most.

So, if it is brought by wearing an exclusive Halloween costume, go for it.

The only challenge you will experience is if you haven’t decided on which costume to wear.

2. To Brag About Your Creativity

Halloween allows individuals to put things together and create creative costumes. Sure, some people may feel physically and psychologically uncomfortable wearing a Halloween costume.

But think of it as flexing your creativity.

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The most talked about costumes tend to be the most creative ones.

So, you need to think outside the box about how you want to put everything together. Another benefit of designing a creative costume is that it allows us to learn above ourselves.

Dressing up is a chance for transformative play because we take on new roles and learn who we are.

3. To Fit In

If for nothing else, you should consider dressing up just because everyone is doing the same.

You’ll feel weird wearing your normal clothes when meeting your friends who’ve dressed up for this occasion.

Now, simply following what others are doing isn’t usually a good thing.

But peer pressure has many social benefits you don’t want to miss out on during Halloween.

So, don’t be left behind if your friends plan to dress up.

4. To Assume a New Identity

Disguising yourself and assuming new identities are limited in today’s online domain.

For instance, you can explore different genders, species, ages, and races when playing a virtual game.

On social media, you can manipulate your pictures to become different characters.

But while it is easy to take new identities online, it isn’t easy to do the same in real life.

Thankfully, Halloween offers these endless opportunities to become who we want to be for a few minutes.

Why SHOULDN’T You Wear A Halloween Costume?

1. You Don’t Like It

Dressing up might not seem necessary for some people. And to some, they may be uncomfortable wearing a costume.

Halloween and dressing up are enjoyed mainly by extroverts.

Remember you’ll need to participate in these parties. But if you are an introvert, this could be your worst nightmare.

If you don’t like the attention and the social interaction wearing a costume brings, it’s better not to wear one.

Don’t worry. You will still find a few people who aren’t wearing costumes like you, and you will still have fun.

2. You Consider It Financially and Materially Wasteful

Halloween costumes are only worn during this holiday. You cannot wear them again.

Therefore, you may find investing in one a waste of time and money.

Even if you decide to keep it until the following year, chances are that you will not wear it and decide to buy another one.

But even if you do, repeating outfits defeats the sole purpose of Halloween: being creative and trying out new personalities.

If you don’t have a new costume, your closet will soon pile up with once-worn costumes.

How Do You Choose a Halloween Costume?

1. Pick Your Style

Are you going for a scary, perky, angry, or funny?

A Halloween costume is an opportunity to reveal a side of yourself that many people don’t get to see.

But you can also choose a costume emphasizing a side everyone already knows and loves.

When trying to find your style, think about what you usually wear daily and what you are comfortable with.

2. Set a Budget

Deciding how much you are willing to spend is wise.

Always evaluate the costume to know what is and is not included.

For instance, a costume with a hat, shirt, wig, belt, and pants will be cheaper than buying a single dress for the same amount.

Generally, budget for approximately $20-$40 on a costume.

3. Think about the Weather

Check the weather before the days leading to Halloween and the day itself.

This way, you’ll make the right choice on what to wear. If the weather is hot, avoid wearing a heavy outfit.

Also, put your hair in a ponytail. If it’s cold, wear a shirt and a coat on top to protect your chest. Also, match these with a pair of boots.

Final Thoughts

It is not weird to dress up for Halloween. In fact, it offers several benefits, as we have seen.

But, if you’re uncomfortable and wouldn’t rather be in your ordinary clothes, that’s still welcomed.

The point is to have fun with your friends and family or even alone during this holiday.