How Expensive Is Archery As A Hobby? (Starting Costs)

Archery is not really a costly hobby, but you may end up spending more money as you continue to get better in the sport.

Here, we will break down the expected archery costs and determine how expensive the hobby is.

So, How Expensive Is Archery As A Hobby?

The cost of undertaking archery as a hobby will depend on a couple of factors. Including;

1. How Much Does Archery Equipment Cost?

When determining whether archery is an expensive hobby or not, one major thing that comes to your attention is the initial cost of the archery equipment.

Buying archery equipment can be very costly, especially if you plan on getting yourself high-quality archery gear.

According to a trusted source, the least amount of money you can expect to spend when purchasing archery equipment is about $500.

This only involves a good beginner compound bow and a few other vital gears.

However, if you plan on spending multiple thousands of dollars on archery equipment, you can get yourself the premium package, which will help improve your sports experience.

To help cut down on your archery equipment expenses, it is often advisable to go for a bow in the middle of the price range.

However, there is a significant performance difference between a bow that costs below $500 and a bow that costs up to $1,500.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Practice Archery?

Once you have already figured out what type of archery equipment you need and where to purchase it, the next step is to plan where you will play.

The most common option is field archery which is normally done in the open and involves shooting different marked targets that are placed at different heights and distances.

A typical field archery range should have forty-eight targets with only twenty-four being kept for aim distance.

The amount of money you will spend on practicing field archery mainly depends on several factors.

For example, the practice price for beginners can range from $150-$500.

As you progress with the sport, you will gradually be expected to pay between $10 to $60 monthly from recurring costs and how often you practice.

Once you have your archery gear and acquire the needed skills, the next step is to make achievable goals to keep you motivated and encouraged to continue attending daily archery practice.

3. How Much Do Archery Lessons Cost?

The subsequent costs to consider are how much it will cost you to take professional archery lessons instead of unknowingly shooting arrows in your backyard.

When getting started, it is often advisable to visit your local archery shop and check out the available archery gears before purchasing.

You can also opt to seek help from your friends and family who are familiar with the sport on what equipment will work best for you.

For beginners, it is usually quite challenging to train themselves in the proper archery skills; thus, most of them end up enrolling in professional archery lessons before starting out.

If you plan to reduce your budget and save your money, you can sign up for group archery lessons that are much more affordable.

Alternatively, you can decide to get yourself some 3D targets and position them in your backyard to practice.

There is also the option of enrolling in budget-friendly public archery ranges and archery clubs.

Get to learn of the entry fees for new members and other payments that need to be settled for one to become a member.

The amount of money to be charged for archery lessons is usually dependent on your residential area and your level of skills in archery.

Each archery lesson can cost between $20 and $40 for group lessons and $35 to $55 for a private class.

If you are not sure of what type of archery lessons to take, you should consider consulting with your local archery club.

They will help you compare the different prices listed online and find you an affordable archery lesson with a qualified teacher.

What Do You Need As An Archer?

As a beginner archer, there are some things you will need, including;

  • equipment
  • archery lessons
  • and most importantly, a place to practice.

All of these things might seem quite expensive, but you can opt to get yourself a customized archery gear that is tailored to meet your budget.

According to Backyardsidekick, if you plan on cutting down unnecessary expenses, you can try playing traditional archery, which is much more cost-effective and a great way to improve your archery skills.

Below are some of the equipment used by an archer:

1. Arrows

Arrows are the most apparent necessity when playing archery, but there is a wide array of arrow options available.

That said, you will need to consider a number of factors before determining which arrow to buy (length, weight, arrow composition).

2. Armguard

Arm guards (safeguards against bow string recoil) are usually a must-have piece of equipment, especially if you plan on practicing archery outdoors and will wear long sleeves.

3. String Wax

With frequent use, the bowstring tends to start fraying; thus, you will need string wax to keep it in good condition.

Regardless of the type of bow you buy, you will need to get yourself string wax to maintain its optimal performance.

4. Bow Stringer

This is a critical piece of equipment that allows you to string or un-string longbows or recurve bows safely.

Bow stringers typically come with the bow when you buy it, but you may opt to get yourself a bow stringer of better quality to guarantee the durability of your bow.

5. Shooting glove or Finger tab

Wearing a shooting glove or Finger tab helps protect your hands from getting sore due to long hours of practice.

They also lower the risk of nerve damage from repeated severe acute pressure that is caused by bowstrings.

6. Quiver

Although it usually looks cool drawing an arrow from a quicker hanging off your back and taking a shot.

It is often advisable to consider avoiding these if your budget is limited.

However, if you plan on spending more on your archery equipment, you can go ahead to buy yourself one.

7. Nocking Point

This is a small metal ring, which is usually attached to the bowstring.

It is used to ensure that you are always shooting at the same height and position.

This is an essential tool as consistency is essential in improving your aiming accuracy.

Bottom Line

Archery does not have to be an expensive hobby since once you have all the needed equipment, signing up for practice lessons is very affordable.

When starting, consider getting yourself only the essential equipment, and then buy the other additional gears when you become more experienced.

Archery is a mentally and physically challenging sport; thus, it can take you a couple of years of dedication for you to play the sport professionally.

According to a trusted source, most of the gears used in archery require minimal maintenance.


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