How Expensive is Ballroom Dancing as a Hobby?

Many couples engage in ballroom dancing because they consider it fun.

However, ballroom dancing is beneficial in other ways, e.g., increasing muscle strength, boosting confidence, increasing flexibility, etc.

Due to its benefits, you probably want to make it your hobby, but can you afford it to be?

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So, How Expensive Is The Hobby Of Ballroom Dancing?

It is super expensive because you have to enroll in a ballroom dancing class. According to TT DanceSport, ballroom dancing classes are expensive because the instructors have to buy special shoes and attire. It is a prestigious sport, and it depends on your goals.

When we detail the costs of ballroom dancing classes, you will understand how these factors come into play.

Also, we will identify ways you can cut costs.

How Much Does Group Ballroom Dance Class Cost?

If you want a chance to meet many aspiring dancers like you, this is the best class for you.

People prefer group ballroom dance classes because they can practice their skills with different people.

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Besides dancing with people, it is an opportunity for them to exchange contacts and become friends outside the dance class.

Additionally, people prefer this class to others because they are generally cheaper.

This class could be expensive depending on your location in the United States.

As per Ballroom Dance Planet, you could pay $15 for a class in New York City and $20 in Los Angeles.

So, you have to be hopeful that your state charges inexpensively.

The skill level of the dance instructor also determines how much you can expect to pay for a class.

You will gauge their skillset based on their experience as instructors.

For instance, who would be paid more: one with 5 years of experience or one with 20 years of experience in the job?

It is undoubtedly the latter.

If a professional instructor is teaching you, expect to pay at least $15 per hour.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Private Ballroom Dance Class?

Some people want to train with a single person, because ballroom dancing can be seen as an intimate activity.

Training with one partner may help a person be romantic towards their spouse by dancing with them.

Compared to group ballroom dance classes, this class is generally expensive.

That is because you will only be trained by a professional dancer.

The cost of this class ranges from $50-200 per hour.

Before signing up for such a class, you could find out whether the school offers any discounts or has special package deals.

What Is DanceSport?

DanceSport refers to an event in which you compete in ballroom dancing.

The event covers two main types of dances:

  • Standard (tango, quickstep, and waltz)
  • and Latin American (samba, rumba, and jive).

Since it encompasses several dances, this is one of the most expensive classes.

However, if you want to avoid being a one-trick pony, then this class is a great opportunity to learn as many dancing styles as possible.

For instance, you can pay anywhere from $100-200 per hour.

If you are wondering why it is expensive, it is because you will be able to compete with local and international dancers.

You will therefore be able to interact with ballroom dancers from diverse backgrounds.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Dancewear And Accessories?

Whether you purchase male or female dancewear, the price is around $100-300.

The cost  depends on the dancewear design. Simpler designs are cheap, while elaborate designs are expensive.

Another reason why they may be expensive is the material.

Therefore, expect to pay expensively for silk or linen attire.

Sometimes, you may not like a school’s dancewear.

Or, most of their dancewear may not fit you, so you may want to go the custom route.

Custom-made dancewear is expensive since you may pay up to $1,000.

Remember that is the cost of a single set of dancewear (you should have a minimum of two sets). 


Ballroom dancing costs do not just entail lessons and dancewear.

Remember, you need to be as attractive as possible.

For instance, you would not want to dance with messy hair or a pale face.

You, therefore, need to pay for accessories like makeup, hair products, tan sprays, etc.

The accessories will cost you around $50-100.

Besides looking presentable, you also need a dancing bag for your dancewear.

A dancing bag will cost around $30.

Competition Costs

First, if you make it to the competition stage, then congratulations.

However, there are still additional costs (travel, registration fees, etc).

Registration fees usually cost around $25-40.


Remember, the fees are usually used to pay the judges, contribute to the prize money, and advertising.

Travel costs vary depending on your location.

For instance, it will be more expensive for you if you travel to another state or country.

However, if the competition is held near your location, seize the opportunity since you may not have to pay even a penny.

Three Tips to Reduce Ballroom Dancing Hobby Costs

1. Buy Used

You do not have to pay for dancewear every time you go to the dance studio.

Instead, you can wear used dancewear.

That means you have to find someone kind enough to lend you theirs.

Alternatively, you could buy dancewear from thrift shops. Once you buy them, you can use them as often as possible.

2. Stay Local

To reduce dance competition costs, you could focus on joining local competitions.

In local competitions, you do not have to pay for transport, accommodation or any other relevant cost.

Still, you will get the same benefits you would in international competitions.

For instance, you will still meet new people and become famous.

3. Do Your Own Makeup

Naturally, you will not see why you have to pay someone to do your makeup when you have yours at home. Also, some makeup artists may not meet your expectations.

In that case, you can do your makeup or come with a friend who will do your makeup.


You are probably thinking of abandoning ballroom dancing, citing how expensive it is.

However, if you consider it an investment, then you will not find it expensive.

Remember, by taking up this hobby; there is a high chance of competing internationally.

Isn’t it great to meet other people who share your hobby?

Also, you could become famous and rapidly land various jobs.

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