Is BBQ Grilling an Expensive Hobby? (Four Cost Cutting Tips)

Grilling has been around since the invention of fire, with people embracing it for decades.

Grilling with your family and friends offers the best way to spend time together and share laughter.

If you consider getting into BBQ grilling as a hobby, you probably wonder how much it will cost you.

So, Is BBQ Grilling an Expensive Hobby?

BBQ grilling can be expensive or cheap as you want to make it. It can even be cheaper than many other hobbies such as video gaming, golf, etc., and you even get to eat what you make. Like most hobbies, the startup cost to get the gear can be a bit expensive, and then you will just need some minor maintenance costs in the future.

First, you need to select the right equipment for your BBQ grilling.

While it’s a fun hobby, the type of equipment you choose will depend on how often you will be using it and whether it will be sufficient to get your money back out of it or if it will just sit there. If you are just starting BBQ grilling as a hobby, the best option is getting a smaller BBQ.

The smaller grills are cheaper, do not have so much going on, and help you work on getting the food as crusty and delicious as you want. However, a big BBQ might be worth it if you require to serve a lot of people.

To spend less, you can go for cheap used BBQ grills and smokers. The cost of the gadgets is also personal, again as expensive or cheap as you want to make it.

You should also consider the ongoing fuel expense of wood chunks, charcoal, briquettes, pellets, and briquettes. As for the veggies and meat that you will need to barbeque, you probably be still eating the meat and veggies even

if you didn’t cook them outside, so you don’t have to count that as the cost of the hobby.

Why BBQ Grilling Hobby Can Be So Expensive

1. The BBQ Grill or Smoker Is Expensive

The BBQ smokers feature high technology to operate under slow cooking and low heating.

The two conditions work out falling and tendering the meat while tantalizing the smoky flavor.

The cost of a BBQ grill will depend on the technology used. So, what is the cost of a BBQ smoker?

The cost of a BBQ smoker is not very cheap.

For instance, a BBQ grill can go for up to $1,500. These ovens come with both a grill and smoker, and the service it offers accounts for the high cost.

However, you can still find smaller grillers at a cheaper cost.

Different grillers have varying costs depending on the material used in making the smoker, the quality, and the size.

A good quality Gas Grill Smoker ranges from $90 to $100.

A small BBQ smoker can go for about $40. However, keep in mind that if you opt for an inexpensive BBQ Grill over time, you will require to replace the parts regularly or even the whole unit.

So, it’s recommendable to get a one-time expensive and high-quality grill so that you won’t have to spend money each year keeping it up.

And the best part about keeping the same grill for years because you already know it cooks properly.

2. Grilling Fuel

How delicious your barbecue is depends on the special and good fuel source to light the BBQ cooker. For your BBQ to taste real, you should use natural fuel such as lump charcoal.

These types of charcoal burn the BBQs well when combined with hardwoods. These fuel sources necessary in preparing barbecues can be costly.

For instance, a 20-pound bag of natural lump charcoal goes for about $15 or more.

If hardwood is not available, you can supplement BBQ cooking using oak. The minimum cost of oak goes for about $1.5 per pound.

3. The Meat

Of course, you will need to buy meat for preparing the barbecue.

Wherever you get the meat from, you must have incurred the costs. Also, not any type of meat can prepare the BBQ. Quality beef or meat across different places goes for around $5 per kg.

Therefore, when you are starting BBG grilling as a hobby, you need to consider the cost of the meat.

You also need to carefully add various flavors and sauce and tenderize the meat in the smoker repeatedly, which can be tedious.

Cutting The Hobby Costs Of BBQ Grilling

1. Maintain your investment

As already stated, a BBQ grill can cost a lot of money, but if you don’t take good care of it, it won’t last for long.

From the cheapest burger burner to the ultimate outdoor kitchen, you require to maintain your grill clean and in good condition by occasional maintenance.

Regularly clean your grill by pulling out the cooking grates and removing all the grease and food accumulated in the bottom.

However, avoid using harsh chemicals like oven cleaner that can damage the igniters, burners, and other components.

Also, ensure to inspect your griller for any tear and wear regularly.

2. Buy Seasonings And Rubs In Bulk

Preparing your barbecue rub can be expensive, particularly if you use more than one ingredient.

To lower the cost, it’s recommendable to find a good commercial rub that you like and purchase in bulk.

Most big rub companies sell the seasonings in large bags or bottles at their supply stores and online.

3. Purchase Meats Immediately After Holidays

Meat is costly, and because most of what we cook on the grill is meat, you will need to be smart about it.

Like purchasing candy after Easter or Valentine’s holiday, you can also purchase creative and cheap meat cuts immediately after the holidays.

After Easter or Christmas holiday, you can find pieces of quality meat at a discounted price. You can also lower the cost by avoiding more expensive specialty cuts.

4. Price Vs Durability

You can find a gas grill for as low as $100 or spend up to $10,000.

Charcoal grills can go for as little as $20 or more than $2000. As stated earlier, there are many reasons for the price difference, but the main one is durability.

However, a grill going for $200 will require replacement after two years, while a $1000 grill can serve you for ten years, so do your calculations wisely.

Bottom Line

There you have it! We now hope you understand how expensive BBQ grilling is as a hobby.

Preparation, grilling, and all that is needed makes this hobby expensive.

The BBQ smoker or griller is costly, as well as the needed products and spices, fueling, hiring grill chefs, time commitments, and other minor costs add up the BBQ grilling cost.

But you can lower the cost by utilizing the tips reviewed above.

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