How Much Should a Beginner Spend on Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are costly and can present significant challenges for those interested in golfing.

If you are looking to start playing golf, you probably wonder what you should invest in new club heads.

So, How Much Should a Beginner Spend Invest In New Golf Clubs?

As a starter, you should invest about $300 up to $1000 on club heads. If you aren’t sure whether golfing will be the main sport, spending a lot on a set of golf clubs is not essential. Based on your commitment to the game, spending less or more money on starter club sets could make sense.

There are other factors to consider when determining whether more affordable club sets are worth it or not and if they are long-lasting enough.

1. Individual Or Package Clubs

You can buy club heads as package sets or as individual clubs as an apprentice.

A package provides effective use and makes it easier for starters to afford the clubhead purchases.

On the other hand, purchasing individual club heads will cost you more, but the game’s execution and technology can be modified.

Combining premium club heads with ones in a standard package is the perfect thing.

You can buy the package set and get an excellent driver or additional wedge to combine with the set.

Most of the club sets on the market, for starters, have less than fourteen clubs, so you have an additional room to fill in some technology that you would want to try and work with.

Sometimes, only adding hybrid or fairway wood can make a significant impact on the club’s performance.

A complete package of starter golf clubs costs around $300 compared to a new premium driver, which costs about $500.

It is difficult to determine the best decision between the package and individual club heads. Your decision will also depend on your commitment level.

2. Should You Go Premium?

Starter golf clubs are best for those new in the game.

You will get the distance required to start the game with these golf clubs.

As you improve your game, you will begin to seek things such as the ability to fade or draw shots instead of only hitting the ball straight.

The starter golf sets come in various types, but premium club headsets can work for intermediate or novice golfers.

If you have additional cash to spend, the premium package might not need to be replaced as quickly as the beginner club heads.

If it turns out that you like golf, you will go past your starter set of golf clubs remarkably fast and require to find a new set to replace them.

Although you might sell the starter golf club set, this will often get rather costly.

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3. Replacement Timeline

Another thing to consider when purchasing golf clubs as a starter is how long you think you will use the club heads.

If you plan to buy a club set that will last you for one year and then replace it with a premium set, it is sensible to buy a lower-price set.

Nevertheless, if you require starter golf clubs that will last for about five years, it is essential to find something more premium.

Club heads featuring superior technology can last up to ten years, and the technology will still be relevant.

In contrast, the starter club set does not have the best technology to start with, and hence they might be outdated after only one year or two.

How Much Should You Invest in Club Heads?

Golfers ought to invest about $300 to $2500 for a club set.

As technology improves, the club heads available are getting significantly expensive. If you want to get more value for your money, you can consider purchasing a high-quality used club set.

The key to getting the best club set is the execution and how it feels compared to the cost.

Even for the best golfers, particular club heads work best for them and keep it in the bag for years. Generally, the club with the highest price tag might not be the best for your game.

While individuals with bigger pockets certainly have an advantage when buying new clubs, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good club to get started if you are on a budget.

Which Is the Ideal Club Head for A Starter?

If you aren’t sure you want to be fully committed to golfing by purchasing a complete club set, there are other ways to get involved in the game as a novice.

You can buy one or two club heads and start practicing with them to gain confidence until you are prepared to move to another club set.

The recommendable club heads for starters are seven iron and a pitching wedge.

With these, you can learn basic swings and then begin to practice pitching and chipping techniques. You can also get the complete set of club heads but start by focusing on one club.

Undertaking golfing lessons as a starter is highly effective in proving your game.

How Many Clubs Should a Starter Carry?

A novice golfer ought to carry about nine to ten golfing clubs. You can expand the package with time as you find more equipment that fits your game.

Most players will consider adding a lob wedge and an additional hybrid to offer different yardages. Long irons are often an issue for starters, as they are harder to hit and need higher swing speed.

As a starter, consider the hybrids in the long irons instead of starting with the five irons.

Starters who think they want fourteen club heads to play are wrong.

This is not necessary and may end up being money wastage. Most probably, you won’t use all fourteen of them and might end up replacing them as your game advances to the next level.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, we hope you now understand better the amount you ought to spend on a golf club as a beginner.

Club heads need a significant initial investment, and it’s essential to get one that is a perfect fit for your skills.

You can go for a cheaper package as a starter and then upgrade to a more expensive one as you get better and more committed to the game.

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