Why Do You Get Bored with Every New Hobby You Start? (4 REASONS!)

Are you one of those people who starts a hobby and then gets bored with it after a few attempts?

It’s easy to do so, with the many distractions that exist nowadays (social media, sports, news, politics, etc).

There are certain things you can do that can help you get past this roadblock.

So, Why DO YOU Get Bored with Every New Hobby You Start?

Many reasons could make you not want to participate in your passions anymore. For instance, it could be that you started the hobby because you thought it was cool or because someone you know does or is good at it. It could also be because you start a hobby just for the sake of having one, or you haven’t found one that really interests you, and you are only testing the waters to see if the hobby will work for you.

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Four Reasons You Get Bored with Your Hobbies

1. You Don’t Understand What You Should Be Doing

One of the biggest reasons people get bored with their hobbies is that they don’t understand what the hobby involves.

So, they experience hiccups and mishaps that make them frustrated or burned out.

In most cases, one will abandon the particular hobby after the first attempt.

However, it’s essential that you aren’t this person since hobbies can be extremely rewarding, even though they require perseverance.

The good news is that we live in an era where we have much access to information.

As such, you can take advantage of the available resources like Wikipedia, YouTube, or even books to understand more about the hobby.

In fact, it is highly encouraged that you do this before attempting the hobby as it will build more confidence, and you’ll be able to handle any issue as it arises.

Alternatively, you can consult with the experts or attend practical classes to help you approach the hobby with skills and care.

2. You Give Up TOO Quickly

If you are a person that gives up immediately on things because they are hard, then you will easily get bored with your hobby and cannot bother getting through it.

Watching your favorite movie or team playing is easier than enduring the pain of running several miles, or perfecting your sewing is easier.

Many of us grew up only experiencing comfort. Therefore, we find it challenging when something doesn’t happen as planned or challenges us, forcing us to go deep.

In most cases, we tend to averse challenges instead of facing them. And we will then seek the reassurance of digital technology.

But, you need to break this cycle if you want to succeed in your hobby.

It’s essential that you set goals and challenge yourself every day. This will help you build resilience; even if things get hard, you will learn to persevere.

It’s also wise to break your goals into chunks.

For instance, rather than saying you’ll lose 10lbs in 2 months, encourage yourself to lose 1 or 2 pounds weekly.

This sounds easier and can increase your resilience as a result.

3. You Have TOO MANY Hobbies

If you have more than one hobby, it’s easy to get bored with one at some point.

Remember that society has so many things already competing for your attention.

Therefore, adding something else on top might be a burden to you.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have multiple hobbies.

This approach can even get rid of boredom.

But, make sure you allocate the correct time to practice each of your hobbies. If you don’t, you will take your mind off it, and it will become boring quickly.

Our grandparents usually had one hobby, and they gave it their all to ensure they were effective and disciplined at it.

However, it is still fine if you have more than one hobby provided you don’t neglect any of them.

But if you feel like your hobbies are too many and you’ve lost interest in them, we advise you to go old school.

Eliminate all the distracting things like social media that catch your attention.

It may be hard at first to do this since your brain is already used to changing things once you feel bored.

But with time, you will get used to it, and your brain will learn to resist the urge to change things quickly. As such, you can focus on your hobby and build yourself up.

4. You Allow OTHER People to Get into Your Head

People love criticizing things happening around them.

This habit comes from the complete freedom we have to post comments online without repercussions.

It can be a whimsical comment, but it will still stick to your mind, and you’ll find yourself demotivate when you remember it.

It is always advisable not to allow anyone to get into your head as you can easily give up on your hobby.

You can start by filtering out negative comments from people through mindfulness.

Two Ways To Beat Boredom in Your Hobby

1. Improve Your Hobby

The most important thing is never to stop improving your skills in that hobby.

It’s not uncommon to meet a programmer who’s been doing programming for many years only knowing one language.

If this sounds like you, you most likely won’t pursue your hobby with much zeal.

Instead, think of your hobby as something you plan to do for the rest of your days.

This way, you will desire to get better and master it. You can always try applying your hobby to your regular job, even if they are unrelated.

2. Try Different Things

The best way to not get bored with a hobby is to ensure it interests you.

But it would be best if you tried several hobbies to find one that interests you.

Try different spots, instruments, drawings, or paintings until you find something you truly love.

But the challenge with this approach is that it needs you to be motivated. Otherwise, you won’t attempt to do anything.

Three Hobbies You Can Utilize To Avoid Boredom

1. Compose Music

Do you love getting creative? Making music is a good chance to explore your creativity.

It can involve writing lyrics to a song or playing an instrument in a new tone.

However, an important step is to look for the musical equipment that suits you best.

Also, you can get inspiration from other musicians by listening to their songs or watching them play.

2. Try Arts And Crafts

This is another way to explore your creative side while designing unique objects.

You can try many crafts like braiding yarn, crafting mugs, scrapbooking, etc.

3. Practice Photography

Taking pictures can help you avoid boredom.

It is a pleasant and educative hobby that allows you to explore your surroundings while capturing memories.

Final Thoughts

It’s normal to get bored with your hobby at some point.

If you are bored with your hobby, the above tips can help you.

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