Is It Better to Buy Board Games Online or Instore?!?!

With the holidays in full swing, you may make a board game purchase either online or in-store.

But which is better?

Read on to know whether it is better to buy board games online or in-store

So, Is It Better to Buy Board Games Online or Instore?

Typically, physical retail outlets have extensive board game inventory and offer better prices. Convenience, instant gratification, and personal preference are vital in determining whether you will shop online or offline. Despite most shopping traffic moving online for most products, retail stores still lead in traffic. According to Retail Dive, 62 percent of shoppers prefer shopping physically. The customer retention rate is due to the superior physical shopping experience.

Seven Advantages Of Brick And Mortar Board Game Shopping

1. Board Game Variety

Retail stores have a more exhaustive game board inventory to beat their online competition.

Physical stores have over 5,000 board games to suit your gaming needs.

Whether it’s Dragon Ball or Jenga, they have it.

Some board game collectors open shops that sell antique board games which bring back the good old memories.

If you are looking for board games from the Dinosaur age, you probably will find them at such shops.

2. Physical Stores are Social Hubs

The significant perk of shopping in-store is social interaction.

Physical outlets attract both knowledgeable and expert board game lovers.

You can exchange ideas on board game strategies, share your favorite games and form lifelong bonds. In addition to interaction, you get opinions from different customers.

Some opinions reengineer your purchasing intent to buy a more enjoyable game.

The human interaction in physical stores is unbeatable.

There are no filtered game reviews claiming which game is better than the other but genuine opinions on how each shopper feels about the game.

3. No Shipping Fees

If you are buying a game online, probably for $100 or less, you will also have to pay the shipping fee.

Since the shipping fee increases as you move further from the warehouse, your only hope is you live near it.

However, you receive free shipping if you shop above a specific dollar figure.

Shipping fees increase the total cost, which isn’t ideal, especially if you crave the board game on a tight budget.

To avoid budget busts, consider shopping in-store where you only pay what’s on the price tag, with no extra charges.

4. You Can Test Out the Board Game

The state and texture of a board game rarely influence gameplay.

But the general look and feel of the game can lift your mood, allowing you to play better.

If you buy a board game in-store, you can test the quality of the material and check out the board pieces and the set’s theme.

When you walk out of the store, you will immediately know you got the best game based on your judgment. If you are unsatisfied, return the game and claim a refund or exchange.

Check the store’s refund policy as Accion Opportunity Fund suggests  before returning the board set.

The drawback of online shopping is that you have a shorter return period, usually a week after purchase.

If it is your local dealer, you can return it even two weeks after and still get an exchange if the game is in its original condition with zero shipping back fees.

In-store shopping is the go-to for absolute customer satisfaction.

5. Better Prices

Online stores offer competitive price matching and discounts.

Slight caveat.

Unscrupulous stores inflate the prices and then offer a 20 percent discount or similar fake discount, as Market Watch noted.

So basically, you are still paying more than market value.

It is a cunning sales tactic but one that works. Their brick-and-mortar counterparts usually charge market prices for the board games.

You can find more deals if you shop at thrift board game stores.

Since the retailers stock many second-hand games, you can get a used game in pristine condition for a fraction of its original price.

Armed with superb haggling skills and little tactics, you can get even the original board games for far less.

6. Expert advice

If you make your first board game purchase, you will be better off shopping in-store.

Board games shops employ expert attendees who can advise you on the trendiest games, strategy games, and all games to suit your needs.

Take advantage of the sales clerk’s knowledge and ask questions before purchasing.

Consider the expert advice as product descriptions and online reviews equivalents.

The salespeople may even form board game partners with whom you can play after work. Information on all kinds of board games helps you choose an enjoyable board game for you and your peers.

7. Instant Gratification

The feeling of joy you get walking out of the shop, board game in hand, is unparalleled.

With online shopping, you will have to wait some time to receive your package.

The instant gratification activates your brain’s reward mechanisms and floods your body with feelings of bliss.

Three Reasons To Go The Online Board Game Shopping Route

1. Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals have long queues lining up to buy plenty of goods and board games.

Instead of wasting your time, head to an online store and purchase your long-coveted board games that will be discounted.

Black Friday is the ideal time to buy a collection of board games to last you through winter. Take advantage of Black Friday deals to shop online and save time and money.

2. Zero Sales Pressure

Online shopping involves only your internet connectivity, PC or smartphone, and payment details.

Brick and mortar stores have sales associates who sometimes do more ill than good.

Some sales associates barrage you with incessant details about why Dragon ball is better than Pokémon while you are looking to purchase Monopoly.

Since salespeople rely on commission, it makes sense to coax you into buying.

In an online store, you can take your time to browse through the board games, read product descriptions and settle on one.

No one will shove an item in your face or ask if you will make a purchase.

Zero sales pressure means making informed decisions on the purchase.

3. No Impulse Buying

In most situations, you head into a board game shop with a game in mind but purchase other games instead.

We do not blame you. Board game stores have alluring pieces that lead to impulse buying.

With online shopping, you can search for a particular item using a plethora of filters to restrict the search for the game.

Restricted search means you skip through viewing other tempting games that might blow a hole in your budget. If you are operating on a tight budget, then consider online shopping.


The long-standing rivalry between online and in-store shopping means better value for you.

Each unique situation determines whether you should buy a board game online or in-store. Physical shopping for board games has superior benefits and appeals to many gamers.

Ultimately, the choice to purchase a board game physically or online rests with you and your unique board game needs.