Should You Buy a Laptop Online or Offline? (Six Reasons To Go Online)

Today, the majority of people require a laptop for their entertainment, studies, business, office work, etc.

Laptops perform great things, so it’s not a surprise everyone is looking to own one.

However, when it comes to owning a laptop, most people are confused about buying it offline or online.

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So, Should You Buy a Laptop Online or Offline?

Some people prefer buying laptops online while others buy from the local stores. While it is okay to buy from reputable offline brand stores such as Walmart, Croma, etc., it is not advisable not to buy from local offline retailers.

Some local shop retailers tend to cheat regarding price, properties, specifications and modify the original manufacturer’s parts with cheaper aftermarkets. Therefore, purchasing online from reputable sellers such as Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, etc., is preferable to save your money and decrease the risk of fraud.

But before deciding if to purchase your laptop online or offline, you should go through the benefits of offline and online shopping.

Three Pros Of Buying a Laptop OFFLINE

1. You Get To Feel The Laptop In Its Original Form

By buying a laptop offline, you will get to handle the laptop in your hands and feel how comfortable the laptop is before closing the deal.

You will also have a real look at the shape and design of the laptop.

This way, you will get customer satisfaction on whether the laptop you are getting will fulfill your needs immediately.

2. You Can Bargain With The Retailer

Another advantage of shopping offline is that you can have one-on-one conversations with the seller regarding the price.

Although salespersons often hike the price to accommodate a bargain, you can bargain to get the laptop of your choice at a lower price or even on high purchase compared to online shopping, where the prices are fixed.

3. You Don’t Need To Wait For Delivery

When you purchase a laptop offline, you will conveniently carry your laptop back home.

You won’t have to wait “FOREVER”  it to be delivered.

Six Pros Of Buying a Laptop ONLINE

1. More Competitive Prices

Normally, online deals are better than purchasing them from the store.

You can compare the prices from various online shops and choose the one with the best discount and value for the product.

Online retailers often have special discount codes and sales at lower prices.

This might be the reason why most people find purchasing a laptop online less expensive than purchasing one at a brick-and-mortar store.

For a laptop going for $750 offline, you can easily find it at $560 on online sellers.

2. Highly Convenient

With online shopping, you can easily compare and explore different stores without traveling from one place to another.

This means you won’t spend extra cost or effort hopping from one store to another.

You can sit at home in your shorts, browse several sites and buy your ideal laptop without even leaving the house.

3. All The Latest Generation Models

One of the best benefits of buying online is you can access all models compared to offline retailers, where you can only see the models available at the shop.

More so, you can hardly find the latest 9th and 10th generation models offline.

You can easily be cheated to buy the old models that haven’t found a buyer.

4. Easier Comparison

Another advantage of buying your laptop online is that you can access a wide selection of laptop models.

This makes it easier to compare the different models without asking the salesman who wants you to go for the more expensive model.

It is not always the costliest laptop that gets the job done but one with the specifications you require for your specific needs.

5. No Pushy Salespeople Online

Offline stores make much of the money from selling extended warranties and other accessories you don’t want or require.

Even after buying the laptop and you are in line to pay for it, the cashier will often try and push you to buy other accessories and protection plans.

The in-store salespersons present a barrier between you and your purchase by trying to convince you to purchase a more costly laptop or hang beside you as you browse the aisles.

Online, you won’t be harassed by anyone, and you can ignore any unwanted advice.

6. Useful User Reviews

Before experiencing the laptops in person, online shopping allows you’re to access trustworthy and detailed reviews.

These reviews are from customers that have spent quality time and done tests with the specific laptop model, expressing how it feels and performs.

Some of the famous e-commerce sites such as, Newegg, Amazon, Dell, and Lenovo allow the customers to put up their reviews and ratings so you can know what to do in case of defects or quirks.

When Is the Best Time to Buy A New Laptop?

You should consider many factors when shopping for a new laptop, such as

  • the operating system
  • specs
  • size
  • storage capacity
  • etc.

However, ensuring you are purchasing at the best time can make a real difference, especially regarding the price.

So, when is the best time to find cheaper laptop deals?

1. Back To School Period

One of the best times is the back-to-school season when students return to school.

This is often at the end of July to mid-august when electronic dealers provide discounts to cater to students’ needs.

You can easily find heavily discounted laptops on dealers such as Best Buy, B&H, and Staples that have in-store and online deals.

Websites such as Amazon and individual manufacturers such as Lenovo and HP also have great discounts around this period.

2. Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Holiday seasons are a great time to get discount deals on many electronic products, including laptops.

Retailers often provide great deals during this season as they compete with their rivals to accomplish the most sales.

This is especially the case during black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you can find your dream laptop going for much less than you imagined.

3. The New Laptop Models Release Cycle

When shopping for a laptop, it is important to know when newer models of the brand you want will be released.

Most laptop manufacturers such as Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Dell release the new models in January, meaning the releases will get into the market in February.

The previous models will have steep discounts.

While it is the perfect time to get discounts for those looking for the older models, it is best to wait if you want the newer model.

4. Amazon Prime Day

Amazon prime day comes with great discounts on a wide range of products, including tech devices such as laptops.

Amazon normally announces Prime Day some weeks earlier, but it often helps in mid-July.

You can also check the laptop pricing during this time to understand the price range during the back-to-school rush.

Bottom Line

Unless you really trust the offline store, you should purchase the laptop online from reputed e-commerce websites to get the fully feature-loaded product at a lower price.

Also, ensure to read the customer reviews before closing the deal to get an idea of what you should expect to receive.

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