Is It Better to Buy Makeup Online or In-store? (It Depends)

When shopping for makeup products, many people often wonder whether to do it online or in-stores.

Well, buying cosmetics from the comfort of your home is a big win.

But is that the right choice for you? Let’s find out….

So, Is It Better to Buy Makeup Online or In-store?

The decision to buy online or from a physical store is entirely yours. The best thing about online is that you can avoid traffic, the hustle of going to different stores and queuing for hours. But, going this route increases the chances that you purchase the wrong item. If you shop instore, you can return it at your convenience.

Why Do People Buy Makeup Online? Six Reasons

Online shopping has only started being popular in recent years.

Everything we want now, from groceries, electronics, clothes, and even shoes, can be found online.

As a result, many people have shifted from shopping in a physical store to online shopping. But why should you buy your beauty products online? Here are some reasons.

1. Beauty Boxes

Beauty boxes are quickly rising in popularity.

These are a selection of beauty products sent monthly to subscribers.

Through them, one can easily find a brand they like, and it’s also a chance to sample various products and familiarize with them before you buy more of them.

2. Extra Information

Online shoppers have access to a myriad of information.

Many news articles and reviews are available and allow consumers to compare products to ensure that they know about a product before buying it.

Many retailers also have live chats where they invite an expert who explains a product and helps answer customer issues and questions.

3. No Sales Pressure

There is so much pressure to try and buy products in retail stores.

You could be searching for something else when a salesperson approaches you to sample a particular product and persuades you to buy it.

When buying things online, you have the freedom to take your time and go through various products.

You even have the option of add them to your wish list without making a purchase.

The privacy and time you get when purchasing makeup online are why many people love this shopping.

4. Deals and Discounts

One of the best things about online shopping is that customers get huge discounts and promotions on their favorite products.

You can compare offers by different sellers and choose one that fits your budget.

The online cosmetic world is flooding consumers with excellent offers they’ve never had with retail stores.

Other than discounts, most online retailers offer special perks for their regular shoppers.

Therefore, you get frequent offers and can easily access sales and deals.

5. Convenience

Online shopping allows you to buy your products from anywhere.

So, you don’t have to run to a shop and wait in line to purchase your favorite lip balm or eye pallet.

You can order your product while working, traveling, watching a movie, or doing anything else at any time.

Therefore, you save a lot of time, which is especially helpful to people with busy schedules.

6. Access to a Variety of Products

One major limitation of physical stores is that their stock is not as much.

These stores only provided common and needed things. In most cases, they have a few varieties from known brands. But online shops have almost every brand you need.

You can skim through their inventory and find your desired product.

The availability of different products also means you can compare different brands and pick the one that satisfies your heart.

The Two Drawbacks of Buying Makeup Online

Well, online shopping is not without flaws.

1. Can’t Try Out Beforehand

The biggest is that you cannot test the product to determine whether it suits your skin.

Since customers have different skin colors and types, it’s difficult to determine if the foundation, concealer, or eye pallet is right for you without trying it on your skin first.

Many customers have bought expensive products online only to realize later that they don’t match their skin.

2. No Interaction Needed

Another disadvantage of online shopping is that it encourages anti-social behavior.

When you order things from an online store, you don’t interact with people as you would when buying something in a physical store.

Now, socializing with other shoppers and even a shop’s salespeople is vital for your mental health and can also ensure that you get the right products.

The Four Benefits of Shopping For Makeup in a Brick and Mortar Store

Customers choose to shop in-store since this is an opportunity to connect directly with products and brands. You can test and get expert opinions on different products.

Here are the advantages of shopping in-store.

1. Bonding

Buying from a physical store is always an experience.

Well, it doesn’t need to be that large, but it allows customers to connect to products on a different level.

Additionally, it promotes socialization. Some people use shopping as a chance to bond with their loved ones or an excuse to go out for a few hours.

2. Immediate Access To Products

Also, note that with in-person shopping, there is no waiting for the products to be shipped and delivered.

Instead, you find the item you want, the store packs it for you, and you can immediately start using it.

3. Can Test Before Purchasing

Committing to a product without trying it first is not advisable.

In this scenario, you can try the item and decide whether it suits your skin before making your purchasing decision.

4. Direct Access To Experts

Lastly, you get to interact with experts who know about the brand and other beauty products. Thus, you can consult them on the right makeup for you.

The Three Drawbacks of Shopping In-store

1. Can’t Access Previous Customer Feedback

Online retailers have a feedback section that you can easily access and know what other previous customers think about the product.

However, this isn’t available with in-store shopping.

2. Lack Of Privacy

Also, it is not private shopping, and sometimes, you may feel judged.

Some people may feel embarrassed to ask about a product as they don’t want to be judged by the shop’s staff.

In fact, according to research, many older women prefer to shop online to avoid being judged.

3. Store Hours

Additionally, the stores have opening and closing hours.

Therefore, unlike online shopping, you cannot shop for items anytime you want.

Furthermore, it’s easy to overspend when shopping in person.

You may go to a store to purchase a lip gloss, only to buy an eye palette, lipstick, concealer, and other things you hadn’t budgeted for.