Is Calligraphy A Hobby Worth Pursuing? (Eight Benefits)

Are you looking for a new hobby?

You have probably considered calligraphy.

If you are unsure what this is, it’s virtual art or decorative handwriting and provides an excellent way of expressing yourself creatively.

However, you probably wonder whether calligraphy is worth learning as a hobby.

So, Is Calligraphy A Hobby Worth Pursuing?

It is surely worth it to learn calligraphy. There are many benefits of pursuing the art, most of which relate to enhancing your handwriting, learning new skills, and maintaining the tradition of writing using hands. Calligraphy is a hobby you will love, relaxes your mind, and won’t break your bank. As a hobby, calligraphy has a massive impact on your mental wellbeing and health. You can also make extra income with the hobby or make your family or friends feel special by giving them beautiful calligraphy gifts.

Generally, calligraphy offers a productive and relaxing way of spending your leisure time. It is a creative pastime that is easy to learn and significantly cheap. Calligraphy is a great skill to have whether you want to pen your wedding invitations beautifully or give gifts. If you are not yet convinced, let’s dive deeper into these benefits on why pursuing calligraphy is worth it.

Eight Reasons Why It Is Worth to Pursue Calligraphy as A Hobby

Let’s look more into why pursuing calligraphy could be the ideal hobby for you regardless of where or who you are.

These are the top reasons to fall in love with this hobby.

1. It’s Therapeutic And Relaxing

The movement and rhythm of calligraphy magically capture your attention.

It enables you to zone out from the issues around you and focus on the art.

This might cause a positive effect on your resting ability and reduce your anxiety.

This can also be a perfect way of escaping from a crisis.

Concentrating on this beautiful art can help you go through the loss of your close family member or friend, a severe illness, divorce, etc.

The rhythmic movement of the pen and ink and calming repetition of practice sheets will help calm your thoughts and reduce anxiety.

2. Improves Your Handwriting

If anything, one reason calligraphy is a worthy hobby to pursue in improving your handwriting.

Today, computers are tremendously popular, so people are no longer needed to handwrite information anymore.

However, don’t allow your handwriting to be illegible and rusty because you no longer use them.

Pursuing calligraphy as a hobby will help keep the writing abilities sharp and easily readable.

3. It Won’t Break Your Bank

Like any other hobby, you can put in as much money as you want.

However, to pursue calligraphy as a hobby on the basic level, you only need a nib, pen, ink, practice sheets, and some instructions.

You can get the basic calligraphy gears and training instructions to keep you going with just a few dollars.

Even better, if you are a good drawer and you have from the past had smart handwriting, perfecting calligraphy will be easier for you.

4. Contributes To Better Mental Health

Calligraphy helps in relieving stress.

The simple act of concentrating on creating letters distracts your mind from any stress you might be experiencing.

Calligraphy is hence a relaxing and therapeutic activity that helps cool down your entire body and breathing as you concentrate on the art.

This art of creating elegant letters can also make you feel accomplished and help process your stress better.

The ability to control a pen and create beautiful letters might help you control your life better.

You get a feeling that you can easily overcome other challenges.

5. It Can Be A Source Of Income Or Save You Money

As a beginner, you can start calligraphy as a hobby. But with time, you can use your acquired calligraphy skills to earn income.

Family and friends are always looking forward to receiving personalized gifts, and your talents might just be what they require for decorations, certificates, or custom cards.

Calligraphy is particularly popular for weddings, and it does not come cheap due to its custom and handwritten nature.

If you are a groom or bride, learning calligraphy will save you a significant amount of cash by creating your calligraphy for your envelopes, invites, or place cards.

This also goes to making gifts for family and friends, hosting events, or for invites.

Calligraphy is a handwritten art; hence it is naturally a thing your family and friends will truly cherish.

6. Calligraphy Stimulates More Creativity

Calligraphy is itself a form of art. Like other types of art, practicing calligraphy might make you more creative even in other parts of your life.

You can even try new recipes or paint beautiful letters on the wall. Moving our hands helps improve our thinking skills hence making us more creative.

7. It’s A Confidence Builder

While it takes some time to perfect calligraphy, finishing a beautiful piece will give you a tremendous sense of confidence and accomplishment.

As you progress with your art, you will begin feeling proud of what you have created. It will boost your self-confidence, allowing you to trust yourself in doing more and being more.

8. This Hobby Helps You Stand Out

Although calligraphy is a famous hobby, only a few people likely have this skill in your social circle.

When you carry out many calligraphy projects, people will start noticing as it will be different from other people’s work. You can also use your calligraphy skills to get remembered.

For instance, you can send a beautiful note to thank the interviewer for considering you after an interview.

This way, be sure they won’t forget you. In most social and academic circles, people still judge others through their handwriting to create an opinion about their intellectual and educational abilities.

Therefore, practicing calligraphy will put you in your own class in your social setting.

Beginner Tips for Learning Calligraphy

1. Choose The Type Of Calligraphy You Want To Learn

There are different types of calligraphy that can be divided into modern or ancient styles. Modern calligraphy allows more creative freedom than ancient calligraphy because there are fewer rules.

Also, the tools you are using will affect the types of calligraphy you create.

2. Find Inspiration

If you don’t know where to begin with calligraphy as a hobby, you should consider finding inspiration from other calligraphers.

You can interact with the calligraphers whose styles you feel drawn to online. You will realize that you will even recognize them from just looking at their calligraphy.

With 26 letters in the alphabet and lots of variations of every one of them, you will also develop your own calligraphy style. Your style will even develop without even realizing it.

3. Train Your Hands

Once you learn the basic calligraphy strokes, it is essential to practice them regularly.

The more you practice your basic strokes, the better the hand will improve calligraphy.

You will know when to apply increased pressure and adjust your muscle memory to make calligraphy easier for you.

Bottom Line

Learning calligraphy as a hobby is an intimidating task.

However, you only require a lot of practice and patience to learn this hobby.

As it is said, practice makes perfect, which is particularly true with calligraphy.

While you already know how to write, learning to keep your hand steady and wielding your pen properly will take some time.

But overall, learning calligraphy comes with many purposes and benefits, from entertainment to business.


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