Is It Bad to Keep a Cat in A Closet? (Four Things NOT To Do)

A disused closet can be repurposed to store food or hold your water heater.

It’s not uncommon for new parents with a crowded home to turn it into a “bedroom” for their newborn.

If you are deprived of space so bad, you can as well convert it into a cozy chilling spot for your pet.

Ergo, Is It Bad to Keep a Cat in A Closet?

In one word – “No.” It is perfectly OK to let your cat take over the closet – the whole of it if need be. If you have been keen, you may have noticed that your cat occasionally sneaks into the closet or pantry and curls in there for hours when you are not looking.

Cats are naturally curious and could be attracted by your new neatly folded fabric or some kind of foreign item you brought home. Also, adding and removing clothes from the closet interferes with the cat’s pheromones deposited in the closet earlier.

Since they are territorial animals, don’t be surprised to see them sneak into this space to mark their territory every time you bring a new outfit at home. Sometimes all your cat needs is a dark and cozy space to doze during the day, and that place could be your closet.

Be Prepared for A Major Overhaul

You will be compelled to make some changes to the closet including removing all your items and clearing any perfume that may hang around after you’ve removed your clothes.

You may choose to bring the litter box in the closet or simply coat it with a rug– your imaginations are the limit.

If you choose to go with a litter box, put it in the middle of the closet rather than the corner.

Thereafter, you will need to install a cat door to limit access for dogs and kids. It also prevents cats from getting trapped by the swinging door.

Three Reasons To Convert Your Closet Into A Cat Room

1. Your Cat Has Laid Claim to It

Don’t act too surprised when the felines in your home lay claim to their rightful property – “your” closet.

It was theirs from the start.

If you find your cat curled in the closet more than once, and they don’t appear happy whenever you ask them to leave, it’s only right that you find somewhere else to keep your clothes.

2. It’s Currently Unused

You might have thought about giving your cat a sufficiently lit and quiet space and now you’ve settled on one of your disused closets.

If you would like your cat to sleep in your bedroom or anywhere else, it would be great to turn one of the closets in those places into a cat’s room.

3. You Just Don’t Like Your Closet

If you recently moved into a new apartment and didn’t like the position of one of the closets, or you feel it has limited functionality, you might think about putting it to better use.

Dogs are seldom picky when it comes to sleeping spots.

Cats are different.

I had a cat that wouldn’t let my toddler sleep in her baby cot. Maybe it’s time to repurpose your unneeded closet into a cat room.

Here’s how to go about it:

Get A Cat Door

Cat doors are small-sized slots cut out of the door to let the cat in and out of the home (or closet, in this case) at any time.

Paint the cat door the same color as the rest of the rest door to conceal it from everyone.

Hidden, particularly in this situation, is somewhat a misnomer because the outline will be visible from most parts of the room.

Nonetheless, if you purchase a strong cat door designed for use in outdoor settings (meant for the door leading into your family room from outside), you will have an easier time containing the smells emerging from the litter box and even stop the litter from getting out.

If you are not keen to go with a particular cat door, I’d recommend you start with the simplest product you can get in the store.

Better yet, you can make your door from home with basic carpentry skills. Be sure to stop at YouTube for a few tutorials.

Once you are done with adding a cat box to the closet, figure out the right way to position the beddings or litter box.

You should place them right in the middle of the closet and leave enough free space on the sides for other purposes.

If you have more than one cat, say four cats and each has a litter, you will need to put five litter boxes in the closet. This means you should always add one extra box. Some cats can be finicky, preferring to poop in one box and pee in another.

Four Things Not to Do

Of course, there are few things you need to get right or risk creating a mess out your closet.

1. The Closet Shouldn’t Be Brightly Lit

You don’t need to install a bulb in the closet.

Cats are okay with darkness as they are nocturnal. However, the space shouldn’t be pitch black.

Even with their good eyesight in the dark, a moderately-lit space adds the comfort your cat or kitties need any time they feel vulnerable.

2. Ensure The Closet Isn’t Near A High Traffic Area

Consider the location of the closet.

If your living space is small, you may have one or a few choices that create the much-needed Feng Shui feeling.

Most important of all is not to relocate your cat in a closet located near high-traffic or noisy areas especially if a litter of kittens is involved.

Two such areas are the kitchen or the foyer. The activities taking place in these areas can unsettle the cat and scare kittens.

You also don’t want the dust and debris flying from the litter box to end up in your clothing or food.

3. The Closet Shouldn’t Be Near Any Appliances

If the closet is close to such appliances as a wall heater, washer, dryer, you should probably shelf the idea of converting it into a cat’s room.

These items aren’t safe for your pets. Also, remove any sound systems or sources of vibrations close to the area.

4. Keep The Cat Room FAR AWAY From Your Food

Would you poop where you eat? No. The same is true for cats.

Remember that your cats will relieve themselves in the litter box, necessitating periodical cleaning.

Storing their food somewhere in the same closet would be off-putting.

Also, ensure the closet isn’t close to your food and water storage containers. Cats show little restraint near foods with an enticing smell like fish and roasted beef.


So, is it bad to keep a cat in a closet? No. You are good to let your cat take over the closet.

But you will need to make changes to the space to accommodate them.


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