Is It Bad for Cats to Watch Bird Videos? (SEVEN BEST VIDEOS!)

Visual stimulation is essential to your cat as they are visual creatures.

Cats like watching the environment around them with their heads turning and tilting as they take in the surroundings.

But do cats love watching bird videos on television or YouTube, and do they respond to the visual images?

So, Is It Bad for Cats to Watch Bird Videos?

It is not bad for cats to watch bird videos or videos of their other prey. Cats are visual animals, and they respond to visual stimuli as a portion of their hunting behavior. Watching bird videos made for cats will actually be beneficial for your cat, even if you think they might not be paying attention. Videos featuring birds, mice, fish, and other cat preys can keep a cat entertained and mentally enriched.

According to vets and animal experts, there is nothing bad with entertaining a cat with videos made for entertaining them.

And if you are wondering, being fixated on the television will not damage the cat’s sight regardless of how close to the television she sits.

The only risk involved with this practice is the likelihood of your cat becoming frustrated with watching the video of their prey as they try to attack them through the screen.

This would potentially injure your cat and damage your TV screen.

Why Do Cats Love Watching Bird Videos?

A cat has incredible vision and is extremely sensitive to movements.

This is why they easily get attracted to the changing colors and movements on a screen.

Although cats don’t view the TV as humans do in higher technicolor, cats still like watching movements that catch their attention.

The refresh rate of your television screen is too low for the cats to see the image like a human.

While we require about 24 frames per minute for the motion to stay smooth, your cat would require 100.

However, according to studies, your cat can easily recognize prey animals’ patterns, shapes, and textures on the screen.

Cats are feline species with a high hunting instinct.

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Hence, they might be easily drawn to digital images, particularly if they look like their prey, like mice, birds, and other creatures they might chase in the wild

. The more your cat is prey-driven, the more probability of being entertained by cat videos since the fast movements across the screen will attract them.

Is It Bad for Cats to Watch Videos?

Watching videos for your cat is fine. They have great eyesight that will not be damaged from a lot of screen time regardless of how close the cat is to the screen.

However, cats have about three times the light receptors in their eyes, so you will want to turn down the screen’s brightness to avoid them getting retina burn.

However, when watching wall-mounted television, they might try pouncing on it, either knocking it off or falling clumsily to injure themselves, although we know cats always perform their magic landing on their feet.

Also, you should not solely provide videos as a form of visual stimulation for your cat.

Doing this will cause frustration if the cat tries to catch the prey on the television screen. Therefore, ensure they also have plenty of visual enrichment and stimulation.

The Seven Best Videos for Entertaining Your Cat

Well, there are lots of nature programs you can tune into with prey animals that may appeal to your cat. some of the tops pick for your cat’s entertainment include;

1. Birds And Squirrels Fun Bonanza

This is one of the most scintillating videos of squirrels and birds for your cat. This none hours video is a must-watch for your cat, particularly if you plan to leave them home.

2. Squirrel Delight

Although this video might not be long enough, it is a captivating exploration into the world of squirrels. Your cat will be looking forward to the video each time.

3. Squirrel Peek A Boo

While still on the subject of squirrels, this fascinating video of squirrels peeking in and out of a tree is great for your cat. Your cat will love the part where the squirrel heads to drink water down in a stream.

4. Mice In The Jerry Mouse Hole

Well, yourself, you will not stop to watch this eight-hour video as the mouse, and his friends nip out and in for a nibble on the nuts. The video is available on Cat TV on YouTube.

5. The Epic Forest Bird

In this video, a small pile of birdseed on a tree stump entices all types of birds, including a woodpecker, to come and feed.

This high-quality video incorporates all the natural sounds bringing the forest to your home.

According to one viewer, the video helped keep their cat away from mischief as they went on with their decoration works.

6. Mouse For Cats

This enthralling video will have you and your cat highly mesmerized. The ten-minute clip shows the life of a mouse as it goes about its business of searching for food and basking in the sun. This video will surely arouse the hunting instincts of your cat.

7. Squirrels And Birds At The Forest Phone Box

The video includes a tiny phone box, birds and squirrels, and the mystery deepening with time.

How Do You Know Your Cat Loves the Video They Are Watching?

To tell if your cat is enjoying the video or stressing them, you should look at their body language.

When enjoying the video, the cat is most likely to have its eyes wide open and narrow pupils.

The whiskers and ears will be pointing forward, and they will intently watch the movement as their head closely follows the action.

On the other hand, if the pupils are big and the cat’s ears are flat towards the head, they might not enjoy the video.

In this case, you should switch to another video or channel and ensure there is a way for them to get away from the TV.

Bottom Line

Generally, switching on the TV and playing videos for your cat might seem a bit weird, but the cat will love it.

Suitable for cats that love staying indoors or for entertainment on a rainy day, videos can offer the highly needed visual stimulation.

However, don’t allow them to watch too much.

You should provide them with other enrichment such as play toys and a bed near a window to view the world.