What’s The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Ice Cream?$?$

Ice cream is many people’s everyday treat.

During summer, you’ll find both children and adults enjoying their favorite ice cream flavor.

But do you know why some ice cream products are expensive and others cheap?

So, What’s The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Ice Cream?

The main difference between cheap and expensive ice cream is that the first is fluffier while the second has a smoother and fattier texture. Ice cream makers sell it in milliliters or liters instead of grams or kilograms since part of the content of the ice cream has air, resulting in a light and fluffy formula that you can easily scoop.

If the ice cream brand uses less air in the mixture, the product will have a dense consistency and feel fresher and colder. This is the taste of the most expensive ice cream brands. Cheap companies incorporate more air into the mixture to reduce the cost. Therefore, it makes the ice cream fluffier. 

Aside from the air incorporated, we must also discuss the quality of ingredients used and the care given during the processing. If a cup has high cream content and uses more ingredients to add to the flavor, it will be pricier than one with lesser low-quality ingredients.

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Homemade vs. Store Bought Ice Cream

Now that we know the difference between cheap and expensive ice cream, you may be considering buying homemade ice cream to ensure you get the best quality.

Homemade better than commercially manufactured ice cream.

When making ice cream at home, the makers can choose which flavor and ingredient to use.

From mango, lord dark tea, apple, matcha, name them.

Most brands do not make these flavors regularly. Therefore, buying ice cream from stores may limit you from trying new flavors.

Additionally, if you are careful, you probably have concerns about the ingredients used in store-bought ice cream.

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Most of them use ingredients that don’t sound right to them.

Many brands include added substances to improve the shelf life of the product.

On the other hand, homemade ice cream doesn’t have added substances. It’s made of fresh ingredients and doesn’t include additives.

Again, homemade ice cream is made with a touch of affection, unlike store-bought items that are usually delivered in masses and do not have any individual touch.

Lastly, homemade ice cream has better quality.

Makers whisk and mix everything smoothly and incorporate just enough air. Therefore, you get smooth, tastier, and better ice cream.

Homemade Ice Cream Vs. Store Bought: Which One is Cheaper?

Homemade ice cream is way cheaper than store-bought. Although you will use the same ingredients sold at the market, the cost of production is much lower.

Plus, it doesn’t take more than 45 minutes to make a homemade ice cream which is better than standing at the store for more than 2 hours to pay for your ice cream.

It’s worth noting that getting started may be a bit costly since you have to purchase several ingredients at once.

But, once you buy them, you’ll spend less the next time you make your ice cream.

You will need an ice cream maker.

Without the maker, you will use under $3 since you will need sugar and vanilla extract that can be used for several batches.

Also, most recipes can cater to 4-5 services which is much cheaper than buying a large container which costs around $4-$7.

Ultimately, you will spend less making your ice cream than buying it.

Why Is Ice Cream Expensive?

Many ice cream brands have a high price tag on their products.

If you are wondering why this is the case, it boils down to three factors;

  1. ingredients
  2. processes
  3. and distribution.

Milk, cream, and sugar form the basis of the ice cream.

However, companies go-ahead to include other ingredients to bring out better taste and flavors.

Although the exact amounts of the ingredients vary, chances are that ice cream with high fat and overrun (milk, cream, and air) often sell their products at higher prices.

When it comes to processes, you need to know that the freezers used influence how much ice cream can be at a time.

If a brand uses continuous freezers, it will make more ice cream at a time than brands using batch freezers. For this reason, the latter company will sell its products at higher prices.

Again, shipping the produced ice cream at long distances is expensive. And worse is when companies have to distribute to far distances. In that case, they will charge more for their products.

Can Store Bought Ice Cream Be Improved?

The best way to improve it is to use toppings.

You can use almonds, cinnamon, chili dust, maraschino cherries, or toasted marshmallows, depending on what you like and the flavor of the ice cream.

How Should You Buy Ice Cream at the Stores?

Let’s be honest. Although making homemade ice cream is cheaper, there are times you want to walk into a store and purchase the containers they have.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for store-bought ice cream;

1. Ingredients

Please note that ice cream isn’t the healthiest treat. So it is not aimed to be consumed daily.

According to research, 45% of consumers try to avoid ice cream with artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.

Some even opt out of a particular brand as it has artificial coloring.

It’s always wise to check the ingredients listed in a product. Ice cream isn’t that healthy, so you don’t want to make things worse by consuming unhealthier ingredients.

If the ingredient list is difficult to understand, you may want to choose a different brand.

2. Calories, Fat and Color

If you are watching your weight, pick an item with the lowest fat amount.

Additionally, the color of the ice cream is also important as it prepares you for the taste.

We are not saying that the most colorful ice cream is the tastiest. But in most cases, it is.

3. Price

Everything boils down to price. As mentioned, there are cheap and expensive ice cream.

However, cheap items aren’t always good. If your budget is tight and you want an affordable product, make sure to check whether it has harmful ingredients.

Otherwise, it’s better to opt for pricier but healthier options.

Final Thoughts

The main difference between cheap and expensive ice cream is the amount of air that has been pumped into the ice cream during the production process.

In terms of taste, cheaper ice creams still taste good. However, if you are going for a refined and smooth taste, opt for expensive ones.