What Are Some Chinese Community Related Hobbies? (NINE OPTIONS!)

China is a busy country. It can be challenging for someone to say they’re bored.

Yes, people still do ordinary hobbies like surfing the internet and Netflix.

But, there are traditional hobbies that can improve one’s relationship and knowledge of the Chinese culture.

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There are many Chinese hobbies. Some are costly, but others do not even cost a cent to participate. Some hobbies in this place include table tennis, calligraphy, Mahjong, kite flying, baseball, etc. But also note that hobbies can be as simple as sitting under a tree and chatting to your friends.

Let’s learn more about Chinese-related hobbies in this guide.

Nine Traditional Hobbies in China

1. Calligraphy

Calligraphy has become common in many places.

Many people are embracing this art, from young to adults.

While the Chinese write characters on phones and computers in Chinese, calligraphy still thrives in this country, especially among older people.

Like other artists, Chinese calligraphers use ink and brush to write Chinese characters in a unique and appealing style.

Now, we know that calligraphy is not that applicable as a hobby. However, those who love spending time writing different letters and characters enjoy this activity.

And some even make money from it. If you don’t mind learning Chinese characters and have a flair for graffiti, this hobby might suit you in China.

2. Soccer

The Chinese claim that they invented soccer as it resembles their ancient game cùjū 蹴鞠.

However, soccer hasn’t been that present on the Chinese domestic scene in the modern era.

But recently, starting in the mid-2000s, this sport became very popular, and now it is undoubtedly the most followed sport in China.

The country has many local teams that have made it to international matches.

In fact, some organizations like Europe’s UEFA Champion league have decided to capitalize on soccer’s potential in China’s market.

Visit any soccer field, and you will find many teams playing and spectators watching.

The Chinese use this sport as physical activity and a time to bond with others. But recently, they have started monetizing it.

3. Guzheng

For those who love playing musical instruments, you don’t have to go for the ordinary ones like guitar and piano.

Instead, try the Guzheng, also known as Chinese Zither.

It is a string instrument that has been around for more than 25 centuries.

However, with tough economic times, people are busy, and it’s thus hard to find someone playing it.

But, like any instrument, it is exciting and fun to play.

Part from being a great pastime, playing this instrument is also good for your brain and dexterity.

4. Mahjong

Mahjong is the most popular game in China.

It has an ancient history and is similar to a card game.

But, it isn’t played using cards. Instead, players use small tiles traditionally made from ivory or bone. But these days, they are plastic made.

Mahjong is quite easy to play, even for beginners.

The game needs four players at a time, playing around a table.

They collect cards of similar value or suit. Each player gets 13 tiles and must collect groups of similar tiles.

A player should collect four groups of one pair and three of the same suit or value.

Well, since this game is complicated, we can’t describe it accurately with these few words.

The best thing is to learn how to play it. That way, it will be easy to understand the rules and the gameplay.

5. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is considered a martial art and can be a great way to meditate.

The concept is single; you need to fuse yin and yang into one ultimate. So this idea calms your mind and lets it focus on the forms and movement.

Tai Chi is one way the Chinese relieve the stress of daily life.

Whether you do it alone or in a group, this sport is great to add to your fitness routine as it benefits your physical and mental health.

6. Kite Flying

Kite flying is a traditional sport in china.

Kites, also called Feng Zheng in Chinese, originated from this country and have been used for a long time in modern aircraft.

Kites in China are no ordinary things. They have helped engineers and innovators make various inventions.

China has been regarded as the mother of kite flying and making. People visit this country to see the fantastic kites.

While for a long time, kite flying has been used to represent Chinese culture, these days, people do it for fun.

It is a pleasurable experience, especially when the winds are high in the summer.

This hobby appeals to people of all ages, and even those who don’t want to fly kites will be interested to learn once they see them in the air.

7. Kung Fu

We cannot finish this article without mentioning Kung Fu, also called Wung Shu, as it is super popular in China.

When we think of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan often come into our minds.

They made many of us think of how fantastic this sport is. Most likely, you have watched this martial art in movies and even tried to master a few steps when no one was checking you out.

Kung Fu is beneficial for your mental and physical help.

It can help you stay fit while relaxing your mind from stress and anger.

But this is just one among many Chinese martial arts.

8. Tea Ceremony

Well, tea ceremonies may not be appealing to many foreigners visiting China.

However, the Chinese don’t seem to have enough of it.

Even if you are initially skeptical, you can consider trying it, as there is nothing to lose.

Chinese tea ceremonies are simply a formal way of making tea using a traditional process that has been improved over the years to give a better taste.

So as you see, it isn’t just about drinking tea. The ceremony involves preparation and participation.

You learn different ways of making tea correctly and in a specific order.

As such, you relax your mind and enjoy the tea being made. There are many teahouses in China. So, those interested will not have a problem finding a joint.

9. Ping Pong

Ping Pong is not considered an aggressive sport.

This sport is worth trying in China as you can play inside and outside.

It is a cheap sport that doesn’t need much space to play.

Final Thoughts

There are many Chinese-related hobbies.

But these nine can be an excellent way of improving your physical, mental, and social health while enjoying Chinese culture.

Other hobbies include reading books, hiking, and shopping.

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