Can Going to Church Be Considered as a Hobby? (SEVEN SPIRITUAL HOBBIES)

Hobbies are things that excite many people.

You’ll find someone swimming, playing sports, singing or even cooking during their free time.

While all these are obvious hobbies, some aren’t so apparent.

So, you may question whether your hobby is really a hobby.

Let’s talk about going to church as a hobby.

So, Can Going to Church Be Considered as a Hobby?

No. We don’t go to church as a hobby. Bear in mind that hobbies are activities that you do for fun. In most cases, you don’t prioritize them. Instead, you only participate in them during your free time. However, we don’t go to church simply because we are bored or have nothing to do. Unless you aren’t a committed Christian, you know how serious going to church is. In fact, some people would outright be offended if you mention going to church as a hobby.

What Can Make You Mistake Going to Church as a Hobby?

Sometimes we consider church service a hobby because many of us get excited about attending one.

We love being in church, interacting with other people, and seeing miracles happen.

Some people even remain behind after the church service to hang around.

So, since most of us love it here, we are going to attend church service regularly.

However, this reason isn’t enough to consider attending church as a hobby.

Simply because we love being in a swimming pool, for example, doesn’t automatically mean that swimming is our hobby. The same is true regarding church services.

The Dangers of Making Going to Church as a Hobby

If you are serious about your Christianity, the church should not be among the things you do for fun.

Enjoying yourself in church is different from going to church for fun.

If we start making church a hobby, our faith can easily fall into the pit.

Remember that, by definition, hobbies are pastime activities. Therefore, it means that people do them during their free time or when bored.

For this reason, it’s not right to consider going to church as a hobby as you don’t do it because you have nothing else to do or you have a lot of free time on your hands.

If we consider church a hobby, then there are days we go to sleep in the house or even opt to spend time with our friends instead of going to church.

That is because we have made it an option.

And not to be misunderstood, we aren’t saying that church is a must.

But if we make it something we do for fun, you can be sure that there are days you won’t feel like going. And this hurts your faith.

What Spiritual Hobbies Can I Pursue?

Now that you know going to church is not a hobby, you may wonder what spiritual hobbies you can explore.

The good news is that the list is endless.

However, we must mention that what is spiritual to one person may not be the same to you. Therefore, you need to remember this when looking for a spiritual hobby.

Additionally, choosing a spiritual hobby depends on how far you are in your spiritual journey.

Some people consider listening to their thoughts and emotions a spiritual practice.

And to them, it is an interest they must pursue. But to others, they need to do something to fulfill their spiritual experience.

Whatever the case, what’s important is to remember spiritual hobbies can range from simple to complicated.

That said, here are some spiritual hobbies you can explore:

1. Painting

You can tell a lot about the artist’s mind by looking at their painting. Their art pieces can speak volumes about who they are and what they value.

Painting can be a spiritual experience for many.

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As you paint, you get to connect with your innermost self.

The colors and strokes you choose help you explore your spiritual journey.

So next time you want to paint something, focus solely on painting without thinking. You’ll realize that something will naturally come to you.

2. Walking

Walking is a hobby that can revive your mind, body and spirit.

When blood and oxygen flow through your mind, you will feel relaxed.

But to be effective, choose a peaceful quiet area to walk.

With time, you will think clearly and feel much better.

3. Reading Christian Books

Many churchgoers love to read the bible. But it is not the only book that can guide your religious and spiritual wellness.

Please don’t get us the wrong way. It is an extremely important book to any Christian.

But, you can also grow your faith by reading several other books written for a Christian audience.

Visit a nearby library and pick what is available.

Well, you can read from your home.

But a library offers a quiet ambiance that can help you concentrate and understand what you are reading.

4. Gardening

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Gardening can be a spiritual experience as the plants need time and attention to grow properly.

When you tend to your plants, you will feel rejuvenated.

5. Regular Acts of Compassion

Has a stranger ever shown you a random act of kindness?

Do you remember how good it felt? Now, if you are wondering what passion you can pursue, why don’t you also show others compassion?

When talking about kindness, many people quickly think they have to do something big and expensive, but that’s not true.

We feel great in our hearts and souls when we show others kindness.

We feel transformed and, in turn, can help change the world. Being kind to others also influences other people to show kindness too.

6. Dancing to Christian Music

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies that is good for your mind and overall body.

But a Christian shouldn’t dance to any song. Since you’ve made a covenant to obey God, you should listen and dance to songs that please him.

Thankfully, there are many songs Christians can dance to. You can use this hobby to praise God and exercise as well.

7. Singing Gospel Music and Watching Christian Movies

Singing may not come as something that most of us want to do because we are ashamed of our voices.

However, with practice, you can grow and become great at it.

Singing in a choir can be a great start, but since you may feel intimidated if it’s your first time, start by singing by yourself.

Alternatively, you can spend time watching Christian movies. There are many movies designed for Christians. So we encourage you to watch them.