What Are Some Good Technology Related Hobbies? (Not Just Gaming)  

They say data is the new oil. Looking at the market capitalization of companies like Google and Facebook, this saying is likely to be true.

However, the backbone of data is the internet, users, and connected computers (smartphones, tablet computers, desktop computers, etc.).

You can be part of this exciting world.

Ponder over this: every software on every computer out there, including websites on your smartphone’s browser, runs on code written by a programmer. You can take programming as a hobby and become part of the software development community.

Let’s get a little deeper:

1. Online Gaming

Online gaming has been around for a long time and chances are – if you are a computer wizard – you have thought of giving them a shot.

Some of the renowned franchises like GTA and Call of Duty hit the web before you could play them on the smartphone, offline.

The best thing about online gaming is that that the player gets to connect with lots of other gamers distributed throughout the planet in real-time.

So, not only can it be a hobby, but an avenue to socialize as well. Hopefully, if your skills get better, you could join an Esport team and get to participate in larger tournaments with prize money

Perhaps the most interesting segment of online gaming is immersive online games, all of which require problem-solving and strategy that in turn allows you to take a lot of information and recall it.

Playing these games can easily boost both your memory and brain processing speeds.

Evidence shows that online games boost one’s multi-tasking skills.

Here’s how to get started in online PC games.

If you prefer PS4 to personal computers, here’s how to go about it.

2. Web Browsing

Browsing is underrated. You’d be shocked with the amount of awesome stuff you’d bump into if you took time to explore the internet.

Having this unstructured tool at your disposal is one of the surest ways to become an autodidact (a self-taught and more knowledgeable folk).

Whether you are looking up a specific topic or you are continuously clicking on a bunch of links you don’t know anything about, you will always stumble upon something fresh and exciting to put your mind on.

My favorite strategy is to search for specific topics on platforms like Reddit and Quora or a more dedicated forum and read through other people’s posts and comments.

These platforms are a better knowledgebase compared to social networks because users are always eager to know something or provide answers.

You know where to start – Google.

3. Composing Music

If you have always had a soft spot for music, then this is probably the right time to take it to the next level – online!

What you probably didn’t know is that you can compose music on the internet or with offline software and remove the need for those large and expensive instruments you normally see in studios.

Besides composing music online, you can collaborate with fellow artists in other countries (i.e. Foreign Exchange). All these ensure you better your skill in a way you wouldn’t otherwise have had.

There’s a right website for anything music, be it a repository for samples and ingredients or a production house.

Some of these platforms are free to use.

Because music has gone digital, basing much of your musical journey on the internet sound like a great idea

Better yet, you can opt for music-writing software and save yourself the time and hustle associated with traditional songwriting and production processes.

Here are the top 7 music-writing software on the web.

4. Digital Editing

Do you think you have everything it takes to process jaw-dropping pictures?

You can install one of the top photo editing software on your computer and set things off.

If photography is your passion, digital editing will be your next hobby.

And because most of the pictures we share nowadays are in digital format, your editing options are endless.

There isn’t a better way to start than Photoshop.

You can make an exciting hobby out of the Photoshop basics and its shortcuts and even go to discover the full potential of the software.

5. Programming (Software Development)

Few computer-related hobbies pay generously as programming.

Every software and website runs on code written by one or several programmers.

Programing is an expansive field and includes software development (designing and writing code for offline applications) and web development which entails designing and writing code for internet-based applications.

Some of the best-paid professionals out there are programmers – it’s not uncommon for a computer programmer to make five figures in a month.

As such, learning programming early could be a precursor to a well-paying career.

Everything doesn’t have to end up in a well-paying career. You can develop your programs and turn them into the next big thing.

But how do you even get started?

All great things in the world of programming start with a programming language. You can start with C#, Ruby, Java, or Python.

Things change quite fast in computing though. The best web development language now may be replaced with another better option in a few years.

6. Blogging

The reason why blogging is one of the most popular hobbies today is the fact that everyone has something to show or tell.

And with the internet, all you need to do is put it out there and the right audience will come for it.

So, if you are passionate about writing, building a successful blog can be a perfect hobby for you.

And since you are computer literate, you will find the geek side of blogging to be as easy as ABC as another beginner blogger without it.

Perhaps the most exciting and fast-rising segment of blogging is vlogging or documenting whatever you may in well-edited videos and putting them on YouTube.

If you are good at debugging software, for example, you can record each debugging and showcase it to your audience.

Every blog starts with buying a domain name, then hosting it. Hosting can cost as low as $30 per year.

Platforms like Blogger and WordPress will give you a free domain. For vlogging, start by setting up a YouTube channel although you might need to buy a few other additional pieces of equipment like cameras or buy certain software.

7. 3D Modelling

This is yet another fast-rising computer-related hobby you could give a shot at. However, for things to be easy for you, you need to have an engineering background.

3D models had wide application in architecture, illustration, engineering, statistics, virtual reality, movies, video games, and commercial advertising.

To get started, you will need to install the right 3D modeling software and a larger computer memory (not less than 8GB), then ensure the processor is fast enough.

There are tons of 3D modeling software out there but you can start with 3D Slash, SelfCAD, and Clara.io.

8. Watching movies

Movie watching has never been easier.

Long gone are the days when you could only catch the latest release in a theatre.

Today, all you need is an active subscription with Netflix, Disney+, and the likes and a laptop or TV.

With lots of these streaming services competing for the eyeballs of consumers worldwide, you will have access to a wealth of great TV shows and movies at an affordable fee.

If you like to watch movies on your laptop in your free time, you can turn it into a hobby and even take it online.

You can become, say, a movie critic or always be the first guy to get your hands on a trailer and put it out there.

I’ve seen successful bloggers who deal almost exclusively in providing movie spoilers to avid fans on the internet.


Whether you like to watch movies, sports highlights, or write articles, you can use your laptop to install the right software or join the right platforms,  further your passion and make the computer one of your hobbies.


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