Should You Drive Your Convertible on The Freeway? (TEN FACTORS!)

There is no better feeling than cruising in your convertible on a sunny day.

It is comfortable and quiet, has many features, and offers a freeing experience of cruising with the top down.

However, there are concerns about whether you should drive a convertible on the freeway.

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So, Should You Drive Your Convertible on The Freeway?

Yes. It is okay and safe to drive your convertible on the freeway. However, it is recommendable to have the top up when driving on the freeway as the freeway speeds are often above 55mph. When the top is rolled down, the impact of a 55-mile-an-hour wind speed, the noise from the wind, and other vehicles roaring down the road next to you, make an unfriendly road experience.

There is also grit and dirt flying around that might get in your convertible interior dirty. Keeping the top up is the best way to keep all air pollution out. So, while driving your convertible on a freeway is okay, it is best to have the top up due to the freeway’s high-speed limit, which causes high wind noise.

Ten Additional Safety Tips When Driving a Convertible

Whether driving your convertible on a freeway or  highway, it is essential to take extra safety precautions to ensure you and the passengers onboard are well proceeded on the road. Some of the safety tips to remember include;

1. Properly Contain the Loose Items

When driving your convertible with the top down, the interior experiences a significant amount of wind.

While it might not blow someone away, it can blow away other essential items stored in your convertible.

Empty bottles, paper wrappers, and other loose things can sweep away with the top down.

This will cause litter as well as potentially cause harm and damage to other cars. Therefore, always ensure the loose items are well contained when driving with the top down.

2. Carry Protective Eyewear

Sunglasses are useful in protecting your eyes on sunny days, but you should always wear them when driving with the top down.

A top-down convertible leaves you susceptible to weather elements and any debris or dirt in the air.

Without eyewear, your proper sight might suffer damage from bugs, leaves, or even rocks being kicked up by a car ahead.

Therefore, always prevent this by wearing protective sunglasses when the top is down.

3. Keep The Windows Up When the Top Is Down

When driving with the roof down, the wind can turn a nice warm afternoon into a cold breezy.

To avoid this, you should consider putting all the windows up for enhanced wind protection while enjoying the fresh air.

Getting a wind-deflector will further reduce the wind gust and maintain your hair intact when driving with the top down.

4. Restrain Your Pets

Pets, particularly dogs, love going for road trips, especially when the windows are down or the top is rolled down.

However, most pets are susceptible to traffic sounds and sudden movements or loud noises, so ensure to pay more attention to them.

Restrain them properly with a portable pe cage to remove any risk of them jumping out during traffic due to fear.

5. Buckle Up Properly

Seat belts are important for safety when traveling in any vehicle. However, they are more vital when traveling in a convertible.

Unlike driving a car with a fixed rooftop, there is a real danger of failing out of a convertible when driving with the top down.

Especially if you have kids riding in your car.

Ensure to have kids’ seats along with effective seat belts.

It’s also advisable to remain seated on a convertible as there is a higher risk of failing out of the car.

Dancing while standing on a convertible might sound like much fun, but it’s not worth the risk.

6. Avoid Leaving the Convertible Top-Down When Parked

If you park your convertible with the top down under a tree, birds and scavengers don’t care where they dump their waste.

Raising the roof will prevent such waste from getting into the luxurious interior.

The second reason you should not leave the convertible top-down when parked is that it is an open invitation for criminals.

You will encourage people to look at your speakers and the high-end head unit you have installed and have it for themselves.

7. Avoid Rolling the Top Up or Bottom While on The Move

Don’t be adventurous, and lowering or raising the top of your vehicle while on the move is risky.

If your convertible model was made before 1999, it is more likely that you won’t be able to lower or raise its top while driving.

Working on the roof when not driving protects it from the wind forces and ensures your concentration remains on the road when you are back to driving.

8. Protect Your Body from Harmful Sunlight

If you head out for a road trip in your convertible, it is more likely that the weather will be sunny and bright when the top is down.

Any part of your body not covered by your clothes will be exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.

So, to avoid exposing your body to harmful ultraviolet rays, you should consider applying sunscreen and wearing hats.

Therefore, it’s a perfect idea to invest in stylish hats that also serve as protection from the sun.

9. Roll The Top Up When in Doubt

When driving with the top down, you will expose your car interior and yourself to environmental elements.

A little rain might seem unharmful but can cause severe havoc on the interior of your convertible, not forgetting your health.

Even worse, light rain can become a sudden huge downpour, and you don’t want to be in traffic or the middle of the highway when this occurs.

Therefore, stop over and roll the top up when you notice any signs of bad weather.

10. Prepare To Clean the Interior More Regularly

One of the disadvantages of owning a convertible is that you will need to clean the debris and leaves out of the interior more regularly than cars with a fixed top.

This is unless you decide never to drive with the top down, which supersedes the intention of owning a convertible.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we have answered your question on if you should drive your convertible on the freeway.

There is nothing wrong with driving your convertible on the freeway.

However, it’s best to have the convertible top up to keep the high wind, noise, and air pollution out.

By following the above-reviewed tips, you should be good to go. Although not fun, drive your convertible with the top up on freeways.

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