Is It a Good Idea to Drive A Convertible on A Road Trip?

There’s nothing like going on a road trip with your friends.

You and your crew are hitting the highway on your favorite song, the sun hitting your face, and the lively feeling that a special destination is waiting for you.

However, the type of car you take can make or break your trip.

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So, Should You Take a Convertible on A Road Trip?

The answer is yes or no, depending on your personal choice, the number of people going on the road trip, your destination, and the length of the trip. Convertibles are perfect for scenic road trips where you are looking to experience the outdoors as you drive.

This model is better for road trips where two friends or a couple want to experience and watch the scenery while having a little fun on the road.

You will get amazing 3D views of the outdoor scenes as you enjoy the fresh air blowing around you.

The small size of convertibles also gives them more maneuverability in traffic.

When it comes to headroom, convertibles are incomparable to other car models. It provides sufficient space even for tall people for a comfortable and fatigue-free trip.

On the other hand, some people are against taking a convertible on a road trip as it exposes you to environmental elements such as sunlight or rain, particularly when driving with the top down.

You will need to keep applying sunblock screens when driving on a sunny day.

During the rain, you can get drenched when it catches you in traffic with the top down. Convertibles are also small, with insufficient space in the back to carry pretty luggage for a road trip.

But generally, if you love or have always wanted to take a convertible on a road trip, it’s a perfect car choice for couples or two friends and a trip that doesn’t need you to carry lots of luggage.

Nine Convertible Road Trip Considerations

While taking a convertible on a road trip has shortcomings, it still offers several benefits worth considering.

1. Just Carry Your Essentials

Having an outfit for each occasion is not an option when taking a convertible on a road trip; instead, consider carrying garments you can wear a few times and classic styles that work in several contexts.

Comfortable utility pants, all-purpose boots, and medium-weight jackets are good attires.

Instead of coming along with your whole arsenal, you may want to bring only a single camera for photo-taking along the way.

2. Proper Maintenance

Good maintenance is a priority from the top to the tires, particularly if you are driving an older convertible.

Like any other car, strong brakes, good tires, good-quality suspension, and properly-functioning lights are crucial for a safe road trip.

While they improve with years, a convertible top can be fragile, whether a traditional fabric top or a retractable hardtop.

Ensure your convertible is well maintained by garaging or covering it when parked for a long time and avoid automatic car washes.

3. Drive Safely and Defensively

A convertible has a low-to-the-ground stance compared to the many tall SUVs on the road.

You need to take extra care to be noticed by others by leaving a bigger space between you and other drivers, being careful on blind spots and crossing streets, and having automatic daytime running lights.

Also, ensure that your convertible is equipped with innovative safety structures in case of an accident.

4. Go For Soft Luggage

Even bigger convertibles, coolers, and other hard luggage can turn into a game of Tetris that you won’t win.

On the other hand, if you opt for deformable, soft luggage like fabric coolers and duffel bags, it will be easier to fit everything.

Even the smallest convertible has space for several cloth weekenders with some changes of toiletries, clothes, and storage space for paper maps, camera, first-aid kit, tools, and other essentials for the road trip.

5. Dress For the Road trip

With the convertible top down on a road trip, you will be susceptible to temperature changes and more subject to sun, wind, bugs, and rain than with the top up.

The essential road trip items to carry include;

  • a brimmed hat to prevent the sun from hitting your face
  • a good pair of sunglasses for eye protection
  • and an earmuff or knit cap for evening and morning cool weather.

Having a pair of driving gloves is also great to provide an extra grip and protect your hands from extreme cold or a hot steering wheel. 

6. Apply SPF For Sun Protection

Even mild amounts of sun exposure can be harmful to your skin.

You should protect yourself with high-quality body sunscreen and a high SPF face.

Wearing an SPF-rated shirt will also be a great extra layer during a sunny day.

7. Keep Check of Storms

The threat of storms and lightning is real, particularly when driving in a convertible.

You should hence consider keeping track of the forecast you are headed.

If the route you are heading is forecasted to experience lightning storms, you should stop, seek a safe shelter and wait for it to pass.

8. Smile And Wave

Like jeeps, motorcycles, and other particular driving cultures, driving a convertible automatically joins you in an informal club.

Therefore, you should be friendly to your fellow convertible “Roadtrippers”.

Every convertible model, normally divided by brand, comes with a little subculture.

Understand your unique car history, and get ready for a warm welcome when you come across someone else driving the same convertible model.

9. Be Considerate When Playing Music.

Why not immerse yourself in the sweet, unaltered melodic sounds to make your trip more enjoyable?

However, remember that the music you listen to will go beyond the cabin particularly with the top down.

So, keep the volume down when driving through neighborhoods and small towns.

However, don’t be hesitant to jam out with the wind once you hit down the road.

Bottom Line

That’s it! Hopefully, we have answered your question on whether you should go for a road trip with a convertible.

Generally, by following the above-outlined tips, you should be able to take your convertible on a road trip without issues.

Today, road tripping is a famous way of traveling, and doing it in a convertible makes it even more impressive. Enjoy and have fun on your trip!

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