What are Some Creepy Hobbies for Horror Lovers? (Ten Ideas!)

It must have been a traumatizing experience the first time you ever watched a horror film, but you eventually learn that it’s all about acting.

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Nothing is real. Whether you’re a fan of Wrong Turn or Friday the 13th, we’ve rounded up some creepy hobbies to spice up your life.

So, What are Some Creepy Hobbies for Horror Lovers?

Horror lovers might display bizarre behaviors that everyone finds weird. However, hobbies like reading novels, traveling, joining a book club, or playing trick or treat don’t sound fun anymore. You’ve probably engaged in some of these activities, but you want something different. Here are some hobbies people might find weird but can develop your skill and kill the monotony of doing the norms.

1. Try Playing At An Online Casino

One trait about horror lovers is that they love the twist, thrill, and adrenaline the actors provide.

The sight of a vampire sucking blood or someone haunted in an abandoned house doesn’t scare you anymore.

You can get the same adrenaline rush while playing at an online casino.

Various games like live betting, video slots, Poker, Baccarat, and cards are available at legit casinos. Be careful not to overindulge, as gambling can be addictive.

2. Write About Thrilling Stories

Enjoying a horror film or television show can never be enough unless you share your experiences with a like-minded person.

Sharing by word of mouth can be a good start, but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. How about channeling your thoughts on paper?

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Not everyone can be a good writer, but the internet has materials and tools to help you get started. Once you’ve learned the ropes, develop your passion for literature by writing a creative piece.

You can start by writing about a fictional character who kidnapped people and butchered them, like in the Horror film Saw.

Talk about the rationale behind people with inner child wounds and how they made people’s lives hellish. Remember to use words a layperson can understand.

Also, there’s no harm in warning people that what they are about to read is fictional.

3. Try Extreme Sports

Some people are acrophobic, while others are claustrophobic.

However, anyone with such phobias can enjoy horror films as well.

Experts believe the only way to beat your phobia is by facing it head-on. A good example is extreme sports like zip-lining for acrophobic people.

Other sports that give a similar adrenaline rush to a horror film are surfing, skiing, and ice hockey. That only works if you’re physically healthy and can face the challenges of extreme sports.

4. Be A Bug Collector

The sight of bugs crawling on a wall can be scary, almost like watching a horror film.

You might find it weird collecting the one thing you fear the most, but it’s an excellent start.

Studies reveal that some bugs are beneficial to the environment and don’t need to be exterminated.

That’s a perfect excuse to be a bug collector, and entomology will reward you for it.

Designate a specific place in your yard or home for a bugs collector.

Learn about them through internet sources to understand their habits and how they benefit the environment.

That way, you’ll have first-hand knowledge and experience of how to tend to them. You’ll appear creepy to some people but isn’t that the reason you enjoyed a scary movie in the first place?

5. Hunting Ghosts

Ghost hunting and horror films go hand-in-hand.

If you enjoyed a movie with the main character trying to save the world through ghost hunting, you might want to be part of it for the adrenaline and thrill.

However, it takes an open mind as going extreme can get you traumatized. When hunting ghosts, try to be less emotional.

Supernatural beings like ghosts can sense fear and try to hunt you down instead.

Be extra courageous and also maintain a sober mind. But if you doubt your ghost hunting prowess, get a friend to help you in your endeavors.

6. Be A Roadkill And Bones Collector

Another hobby anyone will find creepy is collecting roadkill and bones.

Driving to a place you know will have roadkill to collect bones doesn’t make sense.

The sight of vultures and flies feasting on the decomposing carcass is enough to make you puke. On the contrary, being a bone collector is part of creative artwork.

You’re not just collecting the bones to scare anyone but to catalyze your creepy and dark side.

Remember to clean them thoroughly before hanging them on your wall or placing it somewhere, as you never know if the dead animal contracted a disease.

It’s better to be creepy and safe than expose yourself to the worst.

7. (DON’T) Join A Cult

A cult is any social movement that influences people’s thoughts hence deceiving them.

Some cult movements are so solid that members can even kill others who disagree with them. Be extra cautious to prevent yourself from getting brainwashed.

Just join it for the thrill, but don’t let it impair your judgment. One thing you should know about cults is they can change your beliefs in a short span.

Some cults are extremists and even influence how people dress. When they find someone who doesn’t believe in their agendas, they can resort to punitive actions.

It’s a good way of exploring your creepy and dark side, but ensure to tread carefully.

8. Night-Hiking

Hiking is pretty good during the day, but it won’t give the adrenaline rush you’re seeking. How about hiking at night?

It’s one of the creepiest hobbies you can engage in, provided the trail won’t expose you to any danger.

Before embarking on your most-awaited adventure, go to the trail during the day to check if there’s anything that can threaten your life.

Once you’re ready, get a pepper spray, a flashlight with spare batteries, and a snack.

Remember, some creeps might not be visible during the day, so it’s a risky adventure.

But if that’s the only way to spice up your dark side, go for it. There’s nothing creepier than hearing imaginary footsteps and weird sounds while hiking at night.

9. Be An In-Flight Barf Bag Collector

Collecting in-flight bark bags is one of the creepiest hobbies some horror lovers enjoy. We all know what gross vomit looks and smells like.

It’s hard to imagine that some people buy and sell sick bags as their collection. So, if you often fall ill during flights, how about turning it into a hobby.

You can browse the sites that collect the bags and earn from your side-hustle.

10. Bending Forks

Fork bending is a popular hobby that started with the Japanese.

They bend forks into different shapes and designs to stimulate the mind.

The more they bend the forks, the more your mind also bends.

It’s an excellent start if you want a mind-stimulating hobby. You can start by watching YouTube tutorials to learn the ropes.


If you want to get the same adrenaline rush as a horror lover in a hobby, select the one that resonates with your thoughts and physical capabilities.

All these ten hobbies can make you creepier than those who invented them.

Also, they can help you develop a new skill or pursue your passion project. So, go out and explore your creepy side.