What Are Some Dangerous Hobbies You MIGHT NOT Want to Try?

Hobbies are normally aimed at helping you disconnect from your daily routine and relax.

They provide you with a sense of fun and give you a break from your everyday lifestyle.

However, some hobbies are much more dangerous, and you might not want to try.

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So, What Are Some Dangerous Hobbies You MIGHT NOT Want to Try?

There are several dangerous hobbies you might not want to try ranging in different risk levels. These include; whitewater rafting, skydiving, deep-sea diving, motorcycle racing, bungee jumping, kart racing, playing poker, and sports betting. A single misstep with equipment or your skills while engaging in these hobbies could potentially kill you or leave you with potentially a severe injury. While some people, commonly known as adrenaline junkies or thrill-seekers, love taking hobbies to the extreme and pushing the boundaries, you should think twice before engaging in these dangerous hobbies.

Let’s look at more details on some dangerous hobbies you might not want to try.

Twelve Hobbies Dangerous Enough To Avoid

1. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping might sound like a good hobby for you, but this is not the case.

Common injuries occur to the neck, eyes, and spine from rope jerking your body suddenly at the end.

Bungee jumping involves jumping from a significantly high point, and in case any part of your head hits the ground, you are dead.

So, while this is an adventurous hobby to engage in, it’s not worth the risk.

2. Deep-Sea Diving

The biggest problem with deep-sea diving is running out of air, putting the last nail in your coffin.

What happens if the oxygen is depleted when you are too deep in the waters?

Keep in mind that you have to depressurize before cracking the surface for air.

And there is a risk of water predators.

This even becomes more dangerous when exploring caves underwater as there is a limited amount of air, and there is a higher chance of getting lost.

3. SKYDiving

Also referred to as parachuting, skydiving is the most popular adrenaline hobby.

This sport involves a free fall on gravity and a controlled fall using a parachute.

Nowadays, skydivers are recommended to carry two parachutes if one of the parachutes fails.

However, fatalities are still common in this sport, with about one death per round at 100,000 jumps.

When a skydiver does unsafe maneuvers, injuries may happen even under a completely functional parachute.

Base diving is another variation of this hobby; only that one jumps from a fixed structure like a building.

4. Rock Climbing

While rock climbers normally use harnesses and ropes to enhance their safety, rock climbing is a dangerous hobby that you don’t want to try.

Injuries resulting from falls are rare, but many injuries are caused by overusing the rock-climbing equipment.

To minimize the injury risk when doing rock climbing, it’s recommended to check your equipment and ensure it’s sturdy before climbing and observe the weather condition and your fitness when planning to climb.

5. Motorcycle/ Motocross Racing

While normal motorcycling racing is dangerous, what about adding a thirty-foot-high jump and many competitors.

While this is not enough, ride as fast as possible and try doing tricks while sticking to the right landing without busting your motorbike.

Motorcycle racing sees the competitors exceeding the speed of 300km/hr.

So, if you miss the right landing spot, your bike and other cyclists might hit you, which may prove fatal even with the right helmet and crash gears.

6. Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is one of the extreme mountain biking activities.

This hobby is often done on rough, steep terrain with dangerous obstacles such as rock gardens, drops, and jumps.

During this sport, cyclists race at high speeds down the hills and mountains, running a massive risk of fatal injuries and broken bones during pile-up collisions and falls.

7. Swimming With The Sharks

One of the extreme hobbies you don’t want to try is swimming with sharks.

This activity is for those who love a rush of adrenaline and is normally done inside a protective cage with sharks outside.

However, some daring swimmers swim into open waters with these ocean predators.

You don’t want to know the harm that even a little shark can cause to a human intruder.

8. Poker And Sports Betting

Today, there are millions of poker players throughout the world, both for fun and to make some extra cash.

However, there are also many people obsessed with the game who end up losing all the money.

With the current technology in which you can play poker online and practically bet on any sporting event, the addiction risk is even higher.

Sports betting is also an extremely famous hobby similar to extreme poker; it has turned lots of people bankrupt.

So, if you are yet to get into poker and betting, you don’t want to try it.

9. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is another extreme hobby that involves climbing an ice wall.

Done at temperatures below freezing, climbers climb sheer cliff faces covered in snow and ice, making them more difficult to climb.

You will also need to fight chilling winds and storms and the possibility of an avalanche.

10. Heli-Skiing

Any hobby that involves jumping from a helicopter will be dangerous to try.

Heli-Skiing involves skiing on slopes that are only accessible through a helicopter and is often done by snowboarders and skiers who love having an adrenaline rush.

These slopes often have more obstacles which make them harder to navigate.

11. Running With The Bulls

Bull running is one of the best activities to watch. However, this is not an excellent hobby to try yourself.

While most bull runners running with the bulls are not injured, the few who get injured are often severely hurt.

Being hit by the bull’s horns in any place will hurt.

Most individuals who succumb to bull running result from a punctured lung. So, you need to think twice before entering into this hobby.

12. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is among the easily accessible hobbies available across the USA, especially in most major national parks.

Regardless of its popularity, it is one of the most dangerous hobbies for the number of injuries individuals suffer from and the death risk.

Individuals are regularly thrown from the raft while traversing the rapids, often getting injuries from broken bones to concussions.

There is also a drowning risk, the most significant danger linked with the extreme sport.

13. Boxing

Boxing is an excellent hobby in terms of a workout point of view.

However, if you want to take boxing as a serious hobby, you should regularly expect to crash on the canvas.

This can be an extremely violent sport that can lead to serious life altering  injuries.

According to statistics, 1 in about 2000 boxers dies from a fight-related injury.

So, if you are only doing boxing to stay fit and workout, you will be fine; otherwise, expect to incur some serious injuries.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, these are some of the dangerous hobbies you might not want to try.

Now that you know the dangerous hobbies that might cause severe injuries or even shorten your life, you should consider other safer hobbies.

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