Are Demo Golf Clubs Worth Buying? (Four Things To Check For)

Buying a new set of golf clubs can be very expensive.

Some people opt for used or pretty cheaper demo clubs to remedy that cost or at least bring it down a notch.

While that might sound like a good idea, are they worth it?

So, Are Demo Golf Clubs Worth Buying?

Yes, they are, but only if they are in proper condition. The one thing you need to realize about demo golf clubs is that they have been used before. That means that it is likely to find irons that have taken a hit or beat up on the grooves. Even then, that might not always be the case because some of them can be in good shape. It is very likely to find high-quality premium golf clubs or sometimes even as good as new.

Opting for demo golf clubs is an excellent way of saving some cash on a premium quality set.

Remember that these are the clubs that customers try on before buying their own new set. Therefore, if you are lucky, you can find some good deals with only minor damage

However, if you are looking to buy demo golf clubs, you need to be extra keen in inspecting to make sure you don’t fall for a bad deal.

It is easy to assume that you will spend less on the demo only to end up with clubs that will not serve you for a long time.

In that regard, you need to understand a few tips on how to get the right demo golf clubs that will serve you for a long time.

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What Are The Chances Of Finding Demo Clubs That Are In Perfect Condition?

Very rarely will you find a perfect demo golf club, almost not.

Most golf stores have an indoor range where customers can try out their clubs for performance before buying them. Other stores hold shooting events to showcase their premium clubs.

With all this, you can approach a store and ask them if they have demo golf clubs for sale.

It is likely to find demo clubs with some scratches or wear on the iron because of the in-store use.

Others might have some severe beating that can’t go long without breaking even by the look.

Finding a perfect demo golf club is a matter of luck. But even then, some damage is manageable, and with the discounted price, you can always fix them and end up with a premium quality set of golf clubs.

While finding a complete set of demo golf clubs is not easy, it is good to keep looking to save some dollars. A lot of people have found it cost-effective to buy their pieces from demo golf club sales.

In reply to a certain Crey23 who had concerns about buying demo clubs in THE SAND TRAP, Mutadayen gave some motivating remarks. According to Mutadayen, he got all his golf clubs from demo golf clubs sales and he happened to save 50% on them.

You can always get some good quality, a little worn out clubs. But if you are careful in inspection and lucky, you can save a lot.

Four Factors To Take Into Account Before Purchasing

1. Should You Get Them Online?

The thing is, you need to inspect them for scratches and any severe damage.

Most often than not, used golf clubs sold on eBay or other online sites are deceiving.

Ideally, you are looking for used clubs, which means that they are likely to be a little beat up.

But even then, it is always good to go for a walk in a store where you can inspect them by yourself to your satisfaction.

The good thing with the in-person inspection is that you can always check their performance too.

2. Examine Them Carefully

Getting lucky with demo golf clubs is a 50\50 chance to some degree.

Because of the in-store use, wear and tear is inevitable.

Therefore, don’t expect to find a perfect new iron.

Just make sure to examine your clubs well for what you can manage to restore.

Look for the not so severe wears and move on with them. Don’t let a few scratches on the grooves that can easily be fixed ruin your chance to get a great club.

One of the things you should consider examining is the grip of the demo golf clubs.

Most likely, the clubs will have wear and tear. Even then, assess the dame to tell if you will have to replace it or use it as it is.

Their appearance, too, is a reasonable consideration.

The face might not be cosmetically perfect, but as long as it is in good shape and structure. It is good to go.

Also, examine the groove and the iron to make sure they are in good shape.

If the grooves look shallow or nonexistent, that could be a bad sign.

Some premium demo golf clubs come with carbon fiber on wood or sometimes hybrid.

With this, deep scratches can make an ugly look. But as long as it does not affect performance, keep it.

3. Will There Be Additional Costs?

After purchasing your demo golf clubs (with some wear and tear), you might want to fix or replace the worn-out parts.

In doing so, make sure that the cost of fixing them is reasonable. Otherwise, you might end up with demo golf clubs at the expense of still purchasing brand new clubs.

You can do re-gripping, for example, by yourself at a very friendly cost.

Paying for the same or having to fix a whole set might cost you a lot more. In that regard, make sure the clubs you buy do not require a lot of fixing.

4. Check For Authenticity

Even if they are used clubs, testing the clubs for any hidden flaws is always essential.

If the option is open, make sure to take a good test for performance and quality.

There is a lot to examine when testing the clubs.

Besides giving you that first-hand experience, you can test the swing and weight to tell if that is what you are looking for.

Also, be aware of counterfeit golf clubs.

Make sure to do enough inspection and only buy from trusted sources to avoid counterfeit golf clubs and kits. Hardcovers and Scotty’s putters especially are most counterfeited.


Buying used golf clubs has become a great way for golfers to save some money in the recent past.

Demo golf clubs especially are plentiful because they have better chances of being premium quality and less worn out.

Even then, chances of getting perfect as new golf clubs are rare because of the in-store use.

While there are minimal chances of getting perfectly cosmetic looking demo golf clubs, it is reasonable to buy somewhat scratched irons at a relatively lower price.

However, when buying such clubs, make sure to make a detailed examination to ensure they are not likely to break.

It is also always recommendable to make an in-person inspection so that you can test for performance and quality.

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