Should You Have Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, and many people spend their days anticipating it.

However, an interesting debate that’s been going on is whether to serve the Christmas meal on Christmas Eve or Christmas day itself.

So, Should You Have Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

During Christmas, many families cook and celebrate the Christmas meal. But when should this meal be taken? Well, that depends on the culture where one is from. Some people eat the meal on the evening of Christmas eve. Others wait until Christmas day itself to eat. Whichever day you choose, the most important thing is that you get to celebrate it by yourself or with your loved ones.

Is It a Good Plan to Serve Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve?

When you choose to have your Christmas dinner depends on various things.

Some people do it on Christmas eve to avoid the stress that comes with meal preparation on Christmas day.

By doing so, they can have more time to bond with their loved ones on Christmas.

But this concept sounds strange to others who’d rather eat their dinner on Christmas day.

Think about it. If you have already eaten your dinner on the eve of Christmas, what will you do on Christmas day?

However, sometimes we don’t have the freedom of choice when deciding when to have our Christmas dinner.

Sometimes, our culture limits and directs us on when to eat this meal.

So, if you are a cultural person, you may not have much freedom to decide when to eat dinner. Instead, you rely on the timing decided by your traditions.

What Can You Do on Christmas Eve If You’re Not Preparing Christmas Dinner?

If you prefer not to eat your dinner on Christmas Eve and you’d rather wait for Christmas day itself, you may be wondering how to spend this time.

The good news is that there are many things to do together with your loved ones or even alone that can make this day memorable.

1. Do a Christmas Movie Marathon

You can watch many Christmas movies, including classics, blockbusters, etc. Even if you are alone, you can still binge-watch Christmas movies.

Get everyone to find a good spot and play Christmas movies back to back. You’ll bond as a family and enjoy the festive season this way.

2. Play Family Games

Family games could be suitable for you if you are looking for something to do together.

Thankfully, the list of games is endless, from hide and seek, solving puzzles, foodie board games, etc.

Remember to have some light entertainment for the family to enjoy as you play this game.

If you have many people in your house, consider games that need the biggest number of players to get people involved.

Family games bring people closer to each other and build healthy and friendly competition.

3. Prepare Christmas Snacks

If you host people on Christmas, you need to start early preparations.

So, instead of waiting to do everything during the D-day, you can start preparing now.

This will save you a lot of time which you can use to bond with your loved ones.

4. Host a Sleepover

You’d be surprised by the warmth that other people can give. Invite your family to a sleepover on Christmas Eve if your house can allow it.

You can have the kids enjoy festive movies while the adults have some drinks during the night.

Ensure you have many nibbles and sweet treats to keep the night interesting.

You can prepare homemade dishes and include cheese, crackers, canapes, etc.

5. Decorate the Christmas Tree

Many people finish decorating their Christmas tree during this day. But if you’re not done with yours, you are not too late.

You can do the final touches on this day and have each family member buy an ornament for the tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree encourages creativity and is an opportune time for family members to bond.

6. Go Out for a Walk

Please remember to wear appropriate clothing for the outside weather.

Walking can help you decompress as you wait for Christmas day.

It is also great for restless kids to stretch their bodies. Also, carry some drinks and snacks with you.

What Foods Can You Prepare For Christmas Dinner?

Choosing what to serve can seem daunting, especially when you have guests coming over.

It’s challenging to cater to different people’s dietary needs and preferences.

However, it is not impossible.

Christmas menus are varied, and this can be a great time to try new and unique dishes.

Here are some ideas;

1. Baked Brie Bites

Are you wondering what your guests can have as an appetizer?

Wonder no more. These bites are crisp and buttery and may be addictive to those who love baked foods.

You only need to coat brie nestles in brown pastry shells and garnish with the toppings of your choice.

2. Bacon Wrapped Turkey

A bacon-wrapped turkey can help you make a statement during the Christmas holiday. You serve it as the main course along with other side dishes.

It is simply turkey covered in bacon lattice, making it salty, smoky, and delicious.

3. Maple Glazed Ham

If you are considering serving ham as your main course, do not opt for the store-bought one. Instead, make it for yourself and your loved ones to entice the occasion.

The recipe is easy. You need ham, sweet maple, and brown sugar glaze.

4. Cauliflower Gratin

Want to add flavor to the classic gratin?

Opt for this new twist made. So instead of using potatoes, you will use cauliflower. To make it tastier, you need to add gruyere cheese and crunchy toppings.

5. Cranberry Apple Pork Chops

Tender and juicy pork chops perfectly seasoned and topped with walnuts, apples, pecans, and cranberries are what you need to lift your mood during Christmas.

This is the ultimate feast that everyone will enjoy. The apples give your meat a crunchy taste, and cranberries give it a wonderful texture.

The other ingredients contribute to the flavor.

6. Beef Brisket

Tender and succulent beef smother with a smokey barbeque sauce is many people’s favorite.

The main factors making this dish epic are the awesome sauce and tender beef roast.

The beef needs to be cooked for around 8 hours to make it soft such that it melts in your mouth.

Then roast it in the oven and baste with your barbeque sauce for a mouthwatering taste.

For the side dishes and trimmings, carrots, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, and potatoes are all excellent choices.

Three Tips to Help You Choose What to Serve for Christmas

  1. Don’t be scared to try new dishes. However, if you aren’t familiar with a dish, try a sample dish some days before the big meal and make any adjustments.
  2. If you cannot prepare several dishes, choose a few that many people love and cook them. Alternatively, invite guests to bring their favorite meals.
  3. Consider the dietary needs and preferences of different guests. For instance, some may have allergies or medical conditions restricting them from eating certain foods. But there are plenty of meals that you can make, and they can be enjoyed.