Is Disc Golf an Affordable Hobby? (SEVEN COSTS)

Disc golf is good for you since it challenges you mentally and physically.

Plus, it is pretty easy to learn. Before you try it out, you may be wondering whether or not it is an expensive hobby.

So, Is Disc Golf an Affordable Hobby?

Yes, it is, since it does not require a lot of essential items compared to hobbies like ball golf. You only need discs and a bag for disc golf. On the other hand, ball golf requires things like clubs, a golf bag, tees, golf balls, and a golf cart. According to Disc Golf Now, you would need a minimum of $215 to start playing “regular golf”. Disc golf, on the other hand, is far cheaper, and we will break down its costs below.

The Seven Disc Golf Costs Involved

1. Disc Golf Set

The disc golf sets usually cost anywhere from $12-100.

There are three types of disc golf sets:

  • the driver
  • midrange disc
  • putter.

If you are a beginner, you should get the putter disc. It is a slow-flying disc, which makes it easy to control.

When you toss it, it flies straight into the target without zagging.

Another merit of this disc is that it is generally more pocket-friendly than the other discs.

According to UDisc, an average disc golfer achieves distances between 150-200 feet.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced disc golfer, you can consider getting a driver.

Although it tends to be pricey, it does not disappoint in terms of how far it travels.

2. Disc Golf Bag

Disc golf bags cost between $20-40.

However, if you own a bag vast enough to accommodate the discs, you may not have to get one.

Others may use plastic grocery bags, which are also okay to use.

However, you are going to realize how beneficial it is to have a disc golf bag.

Unlike plastic grocery bags, disc golf bags are well-insulated.

That means cold drinks stored in them remain cold for quite some time.

With the plastic grocery bag, your cold drink would quickly get warm on a hot day.

Also, disc golf bags offer a lot more storage than plastic grocery bags.

That means you can store other items besides discs.

If you want a durable disc golf bag, it would be best to go with the one with a high cost.

It may seem not worth the money, but you will soon realize that it will not fall apart after a few months.

Additionally, costly disc golf bags tend to be comfortable. These bags are usually padded, so you will not feel the pressure of the discs on your back.

3. Disc Golf Lessons

Disc golf is quite easy to learn by yourself. However, some may want to get better at the sport, so they would not mind attending disc golf lessons.

According to Disc Mania, you may pay about $25-60 per hour for a lesson.

However, you could land a package deal if you are being trained by someone locally.

In order to be trained locally, you can attend a local league or ask around in disc golf shops.

When you attend the lessons, you can decide what training you desire.

For instance, some people could opt to learn its technical aspects, while others may want to be prepared for disc golf competitions.

4. Disc Golf Cart

Although it is not necessary to have one, it can do wonders for you in the game.

If you are willing to get one, expect to spend anywhere from $189-359.

A significant benefit of the disc golf cart is its comfort.

If you walk around with a bag full of discs, it may weigh up to 10 lbs.

Imagine carrying this bag on your back for hours. You would quickly get exhausted, and that would hinder your effectiveness in the game.

However, disc golf carts lessen your exhaustion since all you have to do is drag them around.

The other benefit of the cart is that it usually holds a lot more discs than a disc golf bag.

You can even opt for one that provides space for your disc golf bag.

5. Miscellaneous Expenses

A necessary expense to consider is gas.

If you live close to a disc golf course, you may not need to pay for gas.

Others live far from disc golf courses and could pay anywhere from $20 onwards.

One more factor not to overlook is snacks.

Remember, you spend a lot of time on the field, and that means you could become famished.

Also, disc golf requires a lot of energy, and that is also another reason you need snacks to gain energy.

An energy bar usually costs between $1-3, so you will decide how much you need.

Lastly, you need some water too. You can get 1.5 liters at around $2.

6. Disc Golf Courses

Lastly, the place you choose to play disc golf is important.

If your house is big enough, you do not need to visit a disc golf course.

On the other hand, if your home is not spacious, you will have to play on disc golf courses.

Fortunately, some disc golf courses are free, particularly in public parks. while others charge (around $5)

7. League Play

Some people may pick up this hobby to participate in disc golf club competitions.

To be part of a competition, you will need to join a disc golf club.

Some are free, while others charge between $5-30.

Some clubs only allow friendly competitions, while others only permit you to play for prizes.

Looking for disc golf clubs can be difficult.

You could visit disc golf courses and ask the local players whether they know of any clubs.

This method can be tiresome, so you can instead search them online. An easy way of finding the clubs is by googling the search terms “local clubs near you.”

You should see a list of clubs alongside their contacts.


Disc golf is inexpensive but becomes expensive when you include optional items like disc golf carts or lessons.

However, these play optional items help you get better at the game, so you can consider them.

Due to it being budget-friendly, children could purchase some disc golf equipment with their allowances.

Additionally, the hobby is not as challenging as other sports like skiing, so your child does not have to be an adult to pick it up.

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