Is It Bad to Wear Fake Designer Knockoff Clothes? (FIVE REASONS)

When buying designer clothes, most people go for fake ones.

Think about it. They are cheap and often look the same.

Plus, other people will hardly notice.

Now, these are good reasons to buy replicas.

But should you be wearing knockoff designer clothes? Find out from this guide.

So, Is It Bad to Wear Fake Designer Knockoff Clothes?

Fake clothes are available everywhere, from online stores to brick-and-mortar shops. Any brand you want can be easy to find. Buying these replicas can feel like a win. But it’s not. First of all, it is illegal and unethical. Remember that the design belongs to the original designer. So when a company copies it, it is considered property. There is also a health risk factor since these clothes are made illegally in an unregulated market.

Why Do People Buy Knockoffs Anyway?

1. Fake Clothes Are Cheaper

The main reason why people buy fake designers is that they are usually cheaper than the original ones.

For instance, you can find a fake Gucci shirt retailing for $250 and the original one going for double this price

. Shopping for new outfits is expensive. So people will take advantage of the slight opportunity to save money, which makes sense because it is human nature.

But while fake goods are cheaper, it’s always best to ask yourself, at what cost?

You may be saving some dollars by purchasing knockoffs instead of the original ones.

But many financial and non-financial costs come with this decision.

For example, you may receive lower quality, faulty and unsafe items that don’t meet the general health and safety guidelines.

Many people are pressured to wear the latest trends. This is becoming a serious issue as some people who don’t have the trendiest outfit feel left out.

Social media has worsened this pressure by promoting a luxurious lifestyle and the latest trends.

According to research, social media has hugely influenced our buying decisions.

For instance, a study by Deloitte found out that as many as 47% of Millennial consumers rely on social media when shopping.

But social media isn’t the only factor that may lead people to buy fake goods to keep up with the trend.

Sometimes it’s an inward desire to own the trendiest outfits.

Sadly, even children have been dragged to this pressure and often feel they need to have these latest goods to fit in.

People don’t usually have malicious intentions.

They just want to look good and own the latest clothes on trend.

But this excuse to purchase replicas has serious consequences.

3. A Don’t Care Attitude

Some people don’t care or mind buying fake designer clothes.

Some of them do not have authenticity, which could be why they purchase counterfeit products.

In most cases, they have justification for their behavior.

For instance, they tend to make statements like why pay more when I can pay less for the same shirt?

But as some experts say, this mentality is horrible.

Well, it may look fair at first. I mean, you are stealing from the rich to benefit the poor.

But the truth is clothing brands invest many resources on their designs.

Therefore, they have a right to protect their creativity, and it’s only right that the consumers do so as well.

4. They Are Unaware They’re Buying Fake Clothes

The thing with replicas is that they look very similar to the original.

And if you haven’t interacted with the original design, you may not know how to distinguish it from replicas.

Some people genuinely buy these fake designer clothes, thinking they are the original ones.

The availability of the knockoffs in online and brick-and-mortar stores is mainly to blame for this.

Now, the only way to solve this is if the original brands try to educate their customer about differentiating the authentic product from copied ones.

Five Reasons You Should Never Buy Fake Designer Clothes

Please always be on the lookout for the type of clothes you buy.

It’s always best to purchase true authentic designer clothes over knockoffs. Here are the reasons why;

1. You Get High Quality

High-end brands use high-quality materials like goatskin, canvas, python, etc., to make their outfits.

These materials are costly but durable and can last for years.

But, counterfeit brands don’t invest in material quality.

While creating the same design, they use materials like plastic and pleather, which wear after a few years.

We should also mention that authentic brands use fine stitching from artisans. Therefore, there will be no hanging or loose threads which can easily cause wear and tear.

2. The Clothes May Be Unsafe

Many counterfeit buyers are not aware of the health risks they are exposing themselves to when buying counterfeit.

Remember that these fake designer manufacturers don’t undergo the same scrutiny as authentic brands.

Therefore, their products are not regulated, and it’s hard to tell whether they follow safety standards.

Most of these replica brands have poor craftsmanship. Plus, they use materials and chemicals that may be unsafe for humans. Some of their outfits may contain harmful dyes and toxins.

3. Impact on Fashion Sustainability

Knockoff clothes are designed using low-quality material that often can’t be reused or recycled.

When the clothes fade or break, they can’t be worn and need to be thrown away. That is why landfills are full of fashion rejects.

Counterfeit goods are cheap to replace.

That’s why many people throw away their clothes once they wear out instead of fixing them. On the other hand, most authentic brands are going green.

For example, Prada is creating fashionable items like the ‘Re-Nylon” handbag, made entirely from recycled materials.

4. Less Value for Your Money

As earlier mentioned, replicas are created using low-quality material that breaks down quickly.

Therefore, it means that you are replacing your clothes regularly.

But original brands use quality materials and ensure sturdy stitching when making the outfit, which means that they’ll last for years to come.

Who wants to wear things that make them look and feel cheap?

5. Psychological Side of Purchasing Fake Items

According to research, people inclined to buy fake goods tend to cheat more.

If you know that cloth is counterfeit and still choose to promote illegal labor and even risk your health, what makes you?

Our advice would be to always purchase from original brands.