Is Fantasy Sports an Expensive Hobby? How Does It Work?

In recent years, fantasy sports are one of the many recreational hobbies that have gained tremendous popularity, some even making real money.

It has become a lot more serious that after you join a fantasy sports league, you are ranked among friends and countrywide and worldwide.

So, Is Fantasy Sports an Expensive Hobby?

Fantasy sports is one of the most affordable hobbies you can get into. In most cases, it won’t cost you anything unless you decide to bet on it or join fantasy competition leagues. Fantasy sports can hence be as cheap or as expensive as you like. You could play among your friends for a friendly competition. You can play fantasy sports straight from your computer or phone; hence it’s a cheap and recommended hobby if you want to play on travel. If you are a sports enthusiast, this might be the ideal option.

Each season comes with a different fantasy sport: Football, baseball, hockey, and basketball feature various fantasy teams and leagues.

You can join the fantasy league on your own or gather your friends and family to join the game.

Manage your team, place your group bets, and start fun and interaction. The bets do not have to be cash.

Can You Make Money with Fantasy Sports?

Yes, you can make money with fantasy sports by joining a fantasy contest.

However, if you don’t come first or second place in most leagues, this will not be profitable.

But if you do, the amount will depend on the number of participants, how much every person is paid to play and how it is divided.

If you join daily fantasy leagues, then the money you can earn can become highly limitless if you are highly skilled.

Some individuals are making 6 to 7 figure incomes.

The leagues are highly competitive and rely on many factors out of your control, such as player injury and performance.

Therefore, you should not bet with an amount of cash that you can’t want to lose.

How To Get Started with Fantasy Sports as A Hobby?

If you are a sports fan and would like to join fantasy sports, here are some steps to help you get started.

1. Choose Your Favorite Sport

There is a fantasy sports league for almost all sports you can imagine.

However, baseball, football, and basketball are common to fantasy sports leagues.

But although they are not very popular, soccer, MMA, NASCAR, and golf fantasy leagues also exist. So, start by choosing the fantasy sport you want to join.

2. Recruit Family And Friends

Unless you want to get into a public fantasy league, recruiting a group of friends to join your fantasy league will be the most rewarding option.

You will require about 8 to 12 friends based on the sport of your choice.

However, the fewer friends you recruit, the better each team will be and the lesser probability they will want to trade, making the league less fun.

3. Select Your League And Draft Type

There are different types of leagues to choose from.


You carry on your entire team into the new season. This ensures long-term players have long-term plans and help them maintain interest in their team.


You can carry on with a part of your team from the previous year. You are just allowed to keep a particular number of players from your team and redraft the rest.


At the beginning of every season, you will entirely need to make the teams from scratch.

Also, there are different methods of drafting your team every year.

Snake Drafts

Each fantasy coach gets to select one player each round. Most people prefer the method as it is the fairest way of dividing the players.

Auction Drafts

Every fantasy coach is given a budget and can purchase players they prefer for their team.

The highest bidder on the player will add them to their team.

You have to build the entire team within the budget, so you need the skill of knowing how much you should bid on every player.

4. Create Your Fantasy League

If you want to set up your own fantasy league with family and friends, it is best to use a free fantasy sports app. Yahoo and ESPN host the famous apps.

These applications offer instant updates for statistics, so the fantasy league plays along with the real games.

Most fantasy sports enthusiasts prefer Yahoo over ESPN, but some fans use ESPN according to general reviews.

As a beginner, it is best recommendable to work with Yahoo. However, if you are up for the challenge, you can use the ESPN app.

5. Set Your Entry Fee

Your entry league fee determines how much the winner gets at the end of the season.

The higher the entry fee, the higher the win amount.

If you are competing with your friends, you should start by asking them the entry fee they are all comfortable with.

You don’t want to dismiss your friends that cannot afford a certain entry fee. An entry fee of about $50 will provide a decent win at the end of the season.

Why Are Fantasy Sports A Lot of Fun?

You don’t actually own a sports team, and you are not making real lineups or trades. So why do millions of people in America and worldwide play in a fantasy sports league?

1. Winnings

While it is cool to play fantasy sports for bragging rights, many people play for the winnings.

You have a chance to earn money for less work while some engage in it as a profession.

So, while fantasy sports are fun, you can also have a chance to earn some cash.

2. Competition

Even if you are not playing to win money, the competition with others is fun and worth getting into fantasy sports as your hobby.

It is a good platform for socializing.

Also, it provides a healthy competition to help strengthen your relationships with friends.

3. Alternative To Gambling

Instead of spending a lot of money gambling and infinitesimal odds at winning a lottery.

Some skillful and knowledgeable trades, such as fantasy sports, are better than gambling.

Fantasy sports provide a completely different way of gambling where the odds of winning are not randomized, such as lotteries.

4. Not Time-consuming

Most hobbies need hours of practice or several days to find materials.

But with fantasy sports, you can set it up for some minutes a day or just a few times throughout the season.

5. The Real Sport Become More Interesting

There is no a better way of immersing yourself in a particular sport than watching every move and keeping track of relationships at every point.

As a fantasy team manager, you will want to follow and watch every real game, which makes it even more interesting.

Bottom Line

In general, fantasy sports provide one of the most affordable hobbies for sports enthusiasts.

You just need your phone or computer, and you are good to go unless you decide to join competitive leagues with entry fees.

Through it, you can connect and interact with fellow sports fans passionate about the sport worldwide.

Try it out, and maybe you will find a new favorite hobby.

After all, you have nothing to lose!

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