Is Fashion Design A Hobby Worth Pursuing If You Can’t Sew?

Fashion design is a hobby that most people have, but for those that are only starting, figuring out how to begin this new hobby can be challenging.

One of the frequently asked questions by aspiring fashion designers is whether one requires to know how to sew to take up fashion design as a hobby.

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So, Is Fashion Design A Hobby Worth Pursuing If You Can’t Sew?

The answer is yes! Fashion design is a worthwhile hobby to pursue, even if you can sew. You certainly don’t need to be skilled in sewing to have a successful career as a fashion designer. With that being said, there are lots of fashion designers who don’t sew at all. While understanding how garments are made, the excellent fit, and the basic construction of garments are all essential parts of being an excellent fashion designer, you don’t actually require to know how to sew.

In fact, being a good fashion designer is not determined by how well you can sew the garments. Instead, it depends on how well your cloth design fits a targeted market.

It’s possible that you don’t need to know how to create your clothing pattern.

You only need to have your garment measurements, and professionals can make your designs without giving them a pattern.

However, the fact that you don’t need to know how to sew to get into fashion design doesn’t mean you should not teach yourself how to construct a garment.

Start to pay attention to more minor details or even consider deconstructing some garments to understand the inner workings.

Knowing how to sew when getting into fashion design as a hobby is good as you can make your samples, and you won’t have to pay someone else to do it for you.

On the one hand, this can decrease the time needed to develop a design.

But with time, sewing your samples might take longer as you proceed even to start your clothing line.

What Is the Work of a Fashion Designer?

Fashion design is more than just clothing. It’s  how clothing is worn and the visual impression it gives.

The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry with many career paths and sectors, including;

  • footwear
  • accessory design
  • outerwear
  • fashion merchandising
  • handbags
  • sportswear
  • and more.

The job of a fashion designer is to produce something that particular people will love to wear.

You will outline, design, and create clothing garments by applying aesthetics, cultural attitudes, and inspirations to the design.

Designers also work hand in hand with other professionals in the fashion industry, such as

  • merchandisers
  • stylists
  • seamstresses
  • patternmakers
  • design firms
  • modeling agencies
  • costume designers
  • and more.

The Six Steps Of Becoming a Fashion Designer Without Having to Sew

1. Learn To Draw

While it’s not also vital to be an excellent illustrator, it’s essential to effectively use your drawing skills to illustrate your designs to your design team and clients.

This is because you can sometimes have a great idea, but it’s difficult to explain the vision to someone else without some visual illustration.

Fortunately, even if you aren’t great at illustrating your fashion designs, you can easily teach yourself to draw your designs fast.

2. Keep Inspired

Some individuals find it challenging to invent new ideas regularly.

The trick is just making minor adjustments to the garment to make it desirable and flattering to wear for a particular target market.

The wealthiest and most creative fashion designs are the most practical and not the most creative.

The inspiration comes typically from daily life by taking something often used and giving it a fresh breath of air.

3. Understand Your Target Market

A vital part of becoming a great fashion designer is learning the target market you are designing for.

Not all garments are ideal for each body shape or each age.

For instance, older individuals might have a bigger budget to spend on garments and consider higher-quality garments, so that they might prefer a designer brand over fast fashion.

On the other hand, youths tend to love brighter colors and are more persuaded to try figure-hugging garments.

As you might see, there are different demographics, so you must concentrate on a single demographic and design the garment with them in mind and the price point.

4. Find A Mentor

The fashion industry can be challenging.

Therefore, having a mentor in the fashion industry will help you achieve your success in a shorter time.

Most, if not all of the successful fashion designers in the industry, have a mentor who inspires and coaches them to continue pursuing their dreams.

5. Market Yourself

Surprisingly, many successful fashion brands are not the best designers.

Actually, the most successful fashion designers and brands are the best marketers, which means marketing is more vital than designs.

Marketing your fashion design work will be crucial in succeeding as a fashion designer.

So, you can be successful in your fashion design by working to substitute your lack of sewing skills with higher marketing skills.

6. Build Your Collection

You want to create your line of collections as you market your work.

You can choose to create a unified collection that gives out a singular idea or one composed of varying looks representing different ideas, all linked by your design of choice.

These might include consistent colors and proportions.

Your collection should display your point of view and allow for diversity and eclecticism within the collection.

Is It Challenging to Learn Fashion Design?

The hobby of fashion design is an easy skill that can be refined if you study books regarding fashion designing or join online design classes.

If you are new to the hobby, the online classes can be of excellent help as you will learn drawing, cutting patterns, and sketching ideas to create and modify finished garments.

Anytime you acquire the skill, you can practice sketching new designs because it’s the most vital aspect of fashion designs.

Once you attain the skill, you can begin to work on the next steps, such as selecting the correct fabric and making patterns.

You can get into this hobby at your own pace with some courses allowing users to download an ample lesson that makes it easy for you to decide.

Fashion design software is another effective tactic to learn new fashion design skills.

This software can guide you from the design, such as pattern making, designing, and production, so that you won’t have any issues.

With the aid of software applications, you can easily make more accurate initial designs and minor adjustments to the final designs.

Fashion design books are also available for those without electronic devices such as a computer.

Bottom Line

Generally, fashion design is a worthwhile hobby to pursue, even if you cannot sew.

There are lots of fashion designers that design clothes and employ a tailor for sewing.

This could be an excellent hobby for you, particularly if you enjoy expressing yourself via fashion.

You will have the opportunity to practice creativity, help you gain confidence, network with other creative people, travel worldwide, and have chances to work in the film industry.