Can Fat Guys Play Golf? (Four Ways To Improve Your Game)

Golf is among the most popular sports worldwide.

Playing golf gives a thought-provoking mental exercise combined with a healthy physical walk on the serene golf course.

Also, it can be played by individuals of all ages and abilities.

You may wonder if it’s a sport for fat guys.

Keep reading to know whether fat guys are capable of playing golf.

So, Can Fat Guys Play Golf?

The answer is an absolute yes! Fat or overweight guys can play and enjoy golf.

Whether you are a male golfer with a large belly or a female golfer with big breasts, you can still play golf.

Watching the Golf Open, you will be surprised at how many golf players carry quite excess weight.

The body size seems quite a non-issue as the fat players are even hitting far than the athletic-bodied players.

With recent golf winners; Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, and Darren Clarke all being a bit fat, it is right to say fat guys can also play and excel in golf.

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Being Fat Doesn’t (Always) Equate To Being Unfit

Although the body size might affect your overall game performance, golf is all about getting the ball in a hole at the end of the day.

It is more about the skill and flexibility of getting the ball to the hole.

Despite being chunky or fat, you can still be reasonably fit.

Plus, golf is a sport more centered on skill more than fitness.

Being fit does not essentially make you a good golf player; you require a certain amount of skill to be good at it.

So, fat guys can play golf, and there have been many pro golfers who are overweight or fat.

Fitness is a relative term and who is fit for golf is not the one fit for running a marathon, and one fit for a marathon is not fit for playing rugby.

You should hence see fitness as fit for purpose.

Golf fitness needs a particular amount of flexibility, strength, coordination, and explosive power.

As long as you have excellent cardio fitness to get some golf rounds comfortably.

This means you only need to work on your fitness to keep up even if you are fat.

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Can Golf Help Fat Guys Lose Weight?

Most fat guys probably wonder whether starting to play golf can help them get in better shape and lose excess weight.

According to the PGA statistics, seven out of ten golfers are overweight.

You can define overweight as when too much belly starts to fall over the top of your pants or the clothes don’t fit.

The good news is that golf can undeniably help you lose some weight.

Walking an 18-hole golf course in several hours can help burn more than a thousand calories or more depending on the terrain and whether you are pushing or carrying your golf clubs.

While you will lose weight faster through weight or cardio exercises, walking and hitting the golf ball has been proven to help burn excess body fat.

Golf gives you a fun opportunity to burn calories without working out being the key focus. When running, the main focus is exercising.

In contrast, the beauty of golf is that the mind is normally engaged on your next shot and club selection other than the distance you will be covering to get the ball.

A good golf round will leave you invigorated and satisfied while getting more than five kilometers into your legs unnoticed.

However, you should keep in mind that this physical exercise is minimum.

Therefore, to achieve optimum health, it is essential to get additional sessions of aerobic activity such as walking and resistance or strength training.

This is particularly important if you are a seasonal golfer. It is essential to have adequate exercise all through the year, particularly for fat guys.

The health benefits of golf are not just physical.

Enjoying the outdoors is an excellent chance to enjoy fresh nature and air, relieve stress after work, and boost your mental well-being.

After being in your office chair the whole day, going to the golf course is excellent for decompressing your spine and clearing your head.

Four Ways That Fat Golfers Can Improve Their Game

Losing excess fat and weight can help enhance your game and swing. In the same case, getting stronger can input more power into your drive.

1. Diet Changes

One of the ways of improving your golf swing is by making changes to your diet.

Most weight loss results from the food you take.

You should hence start by considering making healthy changes to what you eat.

2. Resistance Training

Participating in resistance training can also be very beneficial.

A good golf swing requires flexibility, strength, coordination, and stability.

3. Stretching

Stretching before a golf round, such as walking around the golf course, will help prepare your body before the actual play.

It also helps to improve your game performance by encouraging a fluid and full golf swing.

4. Weight Training

Fat guys should also consider working with weights to help tone the muscles and keep them healthy, lean, and strong.

Just ensure you get proper advice from a health professional before you embark on the strength program.

Healthy Snacks for Golfing

The best snacks contain healthy fats and protein. This will not cause a blood sugar spike or slow you down. Some of the best snacks for fat guys playing golf include;

  •  A protein bar
  • Carrot sticks
  • Water to keep you hydrated
  • Bacon
  • Nuts such as walnuts or almonds
  • Apple

Can Golf Be Bad For an Overweight Body?

Similar to other movements in exercises or sports, it is possible to get injuries when playing golf.

You hence require to be cautious about some factors to enjoy the healthy benefits of golf rather than being sicker.

Golf swinging involves whole-body exercise.

The repetitive golf swing nature can promote joint pain and issues such as back, hand, and wrist.

However, you can avoid injury by developing a stretching routine for several sessions a week, focusing on your shoulders, back, and arms.

Getting abdominal strength training is a great preventative measure of protecting your spine and surrounding muscles highly involved in the golf swing.

Having appropriate clothing and equipment will also help to evade injuries.

Additionally, you should have good-quality shoes to decrease the chances of developing or slipping blisters and sprains from the walking you will do over the golf course.

Another preventative measure for fat golfers is getting some golf lessons.

A golf instructor will help you develop excellent skills that exert minimal stress on the most active parts of your body during your golf swing.

Finally, as much as golf is ideal for fat guys, it is essential that you can recognize when your body is not feeling okay.

If you start hurting, you should stop playing and take a break to prevent a minor issue from becoming more significant.


Golf is an excellent game for everyone, including fat guys.

Even more, it is a great form of exercise for fat guys, with players walking several miles carrying or pushing a bag and burning more than a thousand calories.

It might not have a more significant impact like gym sessions or intense running, but you will always be eager to go to the golf course if you are a golf enthusiast.

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