Is It Worth Getting A Gaming Mouse? (Eight Shopping Considerations)

You can only enjoy gaming if you use a comfortable gaming mouse and one that matches your playing style.

However, a gaming mouse is more expensive and might even cost you 100+ dollars.

Tag along to know whether it is worth getting a mouse for your gaming marathon.

So, Is It Worth Getting A Gaming Mouse?

Yes! A gaming mouse is worth it over a regular mouse. It features more buttons, suits a variety of grip styles, and have an enhanced response time excellent for the serious gamer. It features the sensor technology, which makes it worth the investment. Gaming mice use mechanical buttons or optical sensor buttons quicker to press than buttons on the traditional mouse, enabling you to have quicker reactions to things in the game.

Research reveals that a gaming mouse enhances your aim by more than fifty percent.

Hence, it can be a fantastic investment if you want a more durable device, comfortable, with improved functionality, and whose gaming performance is optimized.

So, regardless of if you are a competitive gamer or keyboard warrior who spends a plentiful amount of time on your computer, a gaming mouse will be a game-changer for you.

Even casual gamers will appreciate the improved tracking, clicks, and ergonomics provided by a gaming mouse.

The effectiveness will not be restricted to gaming alone.

Getting a best-in-class sensor with higher DPI settings might make a significant difference in your workflow.

You will be saving time spent on inaccurate ones or missed clicks.

Why Is A Gaming Mouse Worth It?

If you have never tried using a gaming mouse before, the high price tag might look like an excess at first.

But if you are a professional gamer, you might be limiting your potential by using a regular mouse or keyboard. Some reasons why a gaming mouse is worth the investment include;

1. Low Lag Rates

Polling rate refers to the time taken by the mouse to transmit input to the computer and for it to respond.

Regular mice have meager polling rates meaning that it might take up to five milliseconds for a click to respond.

This is commonly known as ‘lag.’

The cursor or field of vision can lag slightly behind the movements and have a serrated transition which can negatively affect your game enjoyment.

Gaming mice have much higher polling rates of at least 1000Hz.

This way, you won’t experience any lag. For a game that needs quick reflexes, this is an essential feature to have.

2. Offers A Custom Fit

If you game for long periods, it is essential to have a mouse that fits and feels well in your hands.

Gaming mice have been designed to fit hands and palms of different sizes and shapes comfortably.

Some gaming mice are even customizable to fit comfortably in your hands.

The weight of a mouse is also essential as it determines your ability to enjoy your game, particularly for gamers who often flick their mouse around.

You can add tiny steel bearings known as weights to alter the weight of the mice so that they can feel more comfortable moving it.

Everything, including the pitch, height, hotkeys, and center of balance, can be tailored and stripped.

3. Additional Hotkeys

Some gaming mice, especially those used by MMO players, feature a range of customizable keys that are generally located near the thumb for quick and easy access.

You can use each of these keys to store frequently used macros or commands.

These hotkeys function remarkably well even for standard computing tasks such as storing frequently used shortcuts or email templates.

The added buttons enable your mouse to execute complex combinations either by itself or in synchronization with the keyboard.

This is necessary for many players, particularly those who love high-intensity multiplayer games such as First Person Shooters.

These games require a quick response; otherwise, you will keep losing.

4. Anti-Sweat

If you have an issue with sweaty palms, then it is worth getting a gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse comes with sweat-resistant shells that can be used for hours without your hands or palms getting sticky or sweaty.

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5. Excellent Aesthetic

The mouse aesthetic is not very essential for functionality.

At the end of the gameplay, comfort and usability are more vital than the look of the gaming mouse.

However, to stand out from friends, you should consider getting a good-looking mouse with an aesthetic gaming look.

It is undeniable that a sleek LED backlit gaming mouse really looks fine.

An elegant style might not be the only reason you should get a gaming mouse to buy it does help.

6. DPI

Dots-per-inch refers to the speed at which your cursor moves and can be a perfect addition, mainly if playing on a 4K monitor.

DPI is the pixels or dots on your screen that the cursor moves per a mouse inch movement on a resting surface.

So, by doubling your DPI, you will double the distance the cursor will move on the screen for the same mouse movement.

A gaming mouse comes with a more increased and customizable dots per inch rating.

With a customizable DPI, you will be able to balance your mouse sensitivity to match your game speed.

It enables extreme precision in both fine-grain tracking as well as wide-sweep.

While a regular mouse mostly has 800DPI, a gaming mouse has 1000DPI – 16000DPI.

The difference is significant, and your gameplay will also improve.

7. Wireless Gaming Mice For More Convenience

Although being wireless is not unique to gaming mice, it is worth mentioning.

So, you should keep in mind that you can get a high-quality gaming mouse with no wire attached.

The reason you might prefer a wireless gaming mouse is convenience, similar to any other wireless device.

They are more portable and can be very convenient if you have a setup far from your place of play.

Or, if you are a messy freak, it will eliminate unnecessary wires helping to keep things tidy.

So, being wireless is not a defining feature of a gaming mouse, and that’s up to you to decide if you want to prioritize it.

8. More Durable

You will pay more money for a gaming mouse than your regular PC mouse.

However, they are far more long-lasting and durable than ordinary mice.

This means you will require to replace your gaming mouse less often, saving yourself the effort, time, and capital.

How Much Is A Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is more costly than a regular mouse with a similar set of general features.

You can get a standard wireless mouse for less than $10 but a similar gaming mouse for $40 to $100.

However, it makes them worth your money for the technology featured in these mice and is one of the ultimate hardware investments you can pull for your gaming gear.

Depending on the features you are looking for, the choices are endless and available at different budgets.


If you play lots of games or want extra features of gaming mice, investing in a gaming mouse might be worth it for you.

Gaming mice might give you the edge in your gaming over other players and indeed help you progress.

Gaming mice are more comfortable, which is worth the investment, mainly if you use your computer for a more extended period.

So, what’s remaining is for you to decide which gaming mouse you want.


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