Is A Gaming PC Worth It For A Casual Gamer?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you have probably come across a debate on which is better between a gaming PC and console gaming.

The answer is not easy as both are perfect, depending on the likes and requirements of gamers.

Here’s whether a gaming PC is worth it for casual gamers. Tag along to learn more.

So, Is A Gaming PC Worth It For A Casual Gamer?

Yes! PC gaming has highly improved features and has a slight advantage over console gaming for casual gamers. If your casual gaming aim is to play the most incredible and latest games when you get the time, a gaming PC can offer a significant difference to your partial playtime.

While gaming consoles provide you a fully-fledged entertainment and gaming environment, a gaming PC gives you a range of activities. As a casual gamer, you will probably not use the gaming PC just for gaming but also for other computing work. It will be easier to carry out multiple tasks on a PC compared to a console. A gaming PC gives you a high-end gaming environment with a lightning-fast processor and fantastic graphics while also helping you in various ways via its computing power.

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Five Gaming PC Pros (Vs Consoles)

Gaming PCs provide various advantages compared to gaming consoles. These include;

1. You Can Customize Your PC

Yes, customizing your gaming PC is a more affordable way of getting all the fantastic benefits of PC gaming without spending a large sum of your money.

Some gamers prefer to invest in a high-end gaming PC to run the latest games in the best setting.

Other gamers make clever moves by investing in budget PCs and then upgrading their components when needed.

So, if you require less lag or enhanced graphics, you can buy a piece separately other than purchasing a new PC after some years. The major PC components in which a casual gamer invests are;


Random-access memory (RAM) is one of the features that most gamers improve on their PCs.

The PC stores and retrieves data from the RAM whenever needed.

Each gamer understands how much RAM he may require according to the type of games they like playing.

Today, most games need a minimum of 8GB RAM, and while you might play games with 4GB, the latest games are extra demanding.

For the best gaming experience, you should upgrade to 16 or 32 GB RAM.

Graphics Card

A GPU or high-end graphics converts the PC data into signals that are transmitted to the monitor.

The data then produces the images and video on the PC’s screen.

Upgrading your graphics card will ensure the best looking crisp and clear, high-quality graphics for your games.

Hard drive/SSD

Hard drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) refers to the space in which everything in the PC is stored.

This includes the game information, data, and software, and programs stored on the PC and retrieved when they are required.

Most casual gamers today mostly prefer SSD over hard drive ass it is much quicker in accessing the data. It also decreases power consumption and doesn’t crash more often.

2. You Have A Better Game Control

One of the issues with gaming consoles is that they restrict the way you play.

Gaming PCs has addressed this issue by enabling you to select from a wide range of controllers and mice.

Casual gamers looking for a comfortable and relaxed gaming experience might opt for wireless joysticks, mice, controllers, and a steering wheel for playing a range of racing games.

However, for high-precision gaming, a gaming mouse is the best option.

It enables you to have a high accuracy level and unmatched control, particularly in shooting games.

3. You Can Alter Your Game Or Rig

Another fun part that makes PC gaming worthwhile for casual gamers is the ability to modify the look of your PC and even gameplay.

You can transform your gameplay by creating a mod to make it more fun.

It will enable you to alter the game appearance, weapons, skins, and more exciting play.

If you don’t want the hard work, you can also download already created game mods.

4. Ability To Play Exclusive PC Game Titles

Most of the exciting games are undoubtedly exclusive for gaming consoles (Sim City, Half-life, Civilization, etc), ensuring the broadest player base.

More so, PC games are backward compatible, and you don’t have to wait for a company to issue backward-compatible games.

5. You Get To Save Money

PC gamers are more cost-effective than console games.

While it is partially true that customizing a PC is what makes PC gaming costly, you will get the advantages of playing cheaper games.

There are lots of platforms that offer more inexpensive and free PC games.

Also, some games are low-cost for PCs but costly for consoles.

This makes PC gaming more affordable for casual gamers than console gaming.

Should You Get A Custom Or Prebuilt PC?

Another question in the minds of casual gamers is whether they should purchase a prebuilt PC or customize one themselves.

The answer is also subjective depending on your personal preference.

As already discussed earlier, one of the pros of PC gaming is customizing your PC by buying every component separately to build a super fine-tuned and cost-effective gaming machine.

On the other hand, a prebuilt gaming PC helps you save some cash and time you would spend to customize it.

More so, you cannot go wrong with a prebuilt PC as long as you make the wise decision of considering all the essential factors and features.

Therefore if you are a beginner or casual gamer with no or little technical know-how or are unfamiliar with the PC buildup concept, you should opt for a prebuilt PC.

However, if you are willing to learn about the PC buildup and gaming features, or you can be helped by a person who is conversant with the same, PC customization is an excellent option.

But again, don’t get into it without proper research; otherwise, you will assemble the faulty component.

What Is an Ideal Budget for A Casual Gaming PC?

If you have decided to buy a prebuilt gaming PC, you are most probably wondering how much you should spend on casual gaming.

A gaming PC is available for as low as $600, but if you are willing to pay more, you can spend as high as $3000.

Your budget mostly depends on your gaming skills level, that is, if you are a pro or beginner player or expert streamer.

If you have just begun gaming or are a casual gamer who doesn’t often play, $600 to $800 is an ideal budget for you.

With this budget, you can get a decent gaming PC that will give you a good gaming experience for several years.


Gaming PCs are the best options for casual gamers.

They are easy to transport to any gaming area and provide additional computing ability compared to console gaming.

There are many advantages to a gaming PC even if you do not play quite as hard or as much, including improving the feel, look, and loading speed of the games whenever you want.

Games are cheaper, and you will not need to pay to play online.


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Is PC gaming worth the money for a casual?