Are Gaming Steering Wheels Worth It For Racing Games? (Two Reasons)

Racing wheels are often overlooked simply because they only provide a single function, playing racing games.

Certainly, you can use a gaming controller, a mouse, or even a keyboard, and you won’t have any problem.

Let’s look into whether gaming steering wheels are worth it.

So, Are Gaming Steering Wheels Worth It For Racing Games?

Absolutely yes! Gaming steering wheels enhance the game experience. For serious racing game enthusiasts such as the new Forza Motorsport 6, investing in a gaming steering wheel can give you an actual feel like you are on the real truck sweating and fighting other drivers around the tough turns towards the finish line.

By sitting behind the imitation steering wheel, you will truly feel like you are behind the wheel of a real race car rather than playing a game. They are known for giving you a realistic experience.

When combined with the amazing experience that the game is already offering, it will give you the perfect amalgamation of racing experiences that you have always wished for.

Why Should You Get A Gaming Steering Wheel?

Gaming Steering Wheel

The gaming steering wheel is like an extreme makeover show that adds a mix of emotions and character to the game.

While racing games with a gaming pad can start getting boring, the wheel makes it an exciting and scary crashing simulator.

Force Feedback

One of the major upgrades of a racing wheel over the standard gaming controller is force feedback.

These are the forces transmitted through the steering wheel to replicate the bumpy effects you will feel in an actual road vehicle.

Feeling the road texture and bumps as you drive as well as how the car reacts to your inputs. This is a feature that you won’t find in a controller.

Although it might be challenging in the start, such as tweaking settings and pedal stiffness, once you begin playing regularly, you will learn more, become a better driver, and improve your lap times.

Increased Gaming Inversion

So, yes. The answer is that the racing wheels are definitely worth your money and the hype surrounding them.

If you love racing games, upgrading to a racing wheel set up from a controller will make a massive difference.

You will immediately experience the racing games from a different improved perspective.

It will increase your overall immersion and can even enhance your enjoyment and lap times.

However, the gaming experience when using a gaming steering wheel will as well depend on the game.

If the game driving mechanics are not very good, your experience may not be the best, although it will be worth it.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Racing Steering Wheel?

With so many benefits for using a racing wheel, you might be wondering whether they might have some drawbacks that would make anyone not looking to get one.

When we start weighing up the pros against the cons, you will start understanding why some gamers prefer racing using a controller.

The two main reasons some gamers prefer not investing in a wheel are the bulky piece of kit and are super expensive.

1. Space Issues

In general, a racing wheel needs a relatively large space to mount it and store it.

Mounting it needs a wheel stand, desk, or rig.

Although you can get compact wheel stands that fold into a significantly small form, they will still occupy a chunk of space.

2. Price Issues

If you have room to store and mount the racing wheels and pedals, you will still contend with the price.

As stated, wheels can be relatively expensive, with most direct drive wheels ranging from over $1000.

However, there are still more affordable wheels, even under $100, but these are not recommendable as most of them do not have a force feedback feature.

The steering wheels that are worth investing in have a budget range of around $200.

So although the racing wheel setup will enhance your overall gaming immersion and lap times, it comes with the need for massive initial cost and the big space required for the setup.

But if you have enough room for a wheel stand together with desk space and some cash to spare, a racing wheel is definitely worth the investment.

Are Gaming Steering Wheels Worth It For Casual Gamers?

Casual gamers can probably skip a racing wheel.

A regular Dual Shock gaming pad is sufficiently competent for most casual gamers to play racing games.

More so, the benefits of a racing wheel do not often justify their crazy prices.

Therefore, casual gamers can still enjoy their racing games without steering wheels.

Only those looking for the great racing game immersion and have the cash to spend should consider getting a gaming steering wheel.

If you are one of the racing gamers who are very passionate about racing games and want an experience that mimics the real feeling of driving a racing car, a steering wheel is a must-have for your gaming collection; otherwise, you will be missing a great deal of fun.

What Are The Pros Of A Gaming Controller Over Steering Wheels?

A gaming controller still has an absolute place in racing games, particularly when it comes to less simulation racing games.

The significant advantage of a controller over the gaming steering wheels is that you can race with pure comfort and relaxation.

You can comfortably play from the comfort of your chair.

More so, it comes included in your console, and you only need to pick up and play without the need to move furniture, set it up or reposition your seating position.

However, despite the pickup and play and the comfort element, you cannot achieve the level of immersion provided by a steering wheel.

Buyers Guide to Racing Wheels

If you consider purchasing a racing wheel, budget is the major factor determining the type of racing wheel you will go for.

Racing wheels are available at different price points, from relatively cheap models below $300, averagely expensive models $800 and below to super expensive pro-level costing above $1000.

If you aren’t sure if you will enjoy sim racing, you should not go all out expensive at the beginning and instead start with the cheaper models.

More so, before rushing to splash the cash on the expensive new racing wheel, keep in mind that the order might delay, as is the case with most new gears.

Sim-racing gear companies often sell out the in-demand wares making the delivery stretch even for months.

Also, ensure that the gear you get is compatible with your Xbox, PS4, PS3, or PC.

Finally, you can find a cheaper second–hand gear deal from gamers looking to upgrade or who don’t need them any longer.

But again, as you wait around for such a deal, consider the virtual track time you will have missed during all this time.


For racing games enthusiasts who have always played racing games, racing wheels are an excellent addition to their gaming setup.

Combining the modern racing games with a good steering wheel will surely give you an amazing experience, deeper immersion, and unprecedented control over the racing car.

For casual gamers, a regular controller like the DualShock 4 might be good to go.

Otherwise, racing wheels are absolutely worth the investment and the hype surrounding them.


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