Are Golf Club Tubes Worth It?

Do you need more organization in your bag?

Are you tired of all the shafts clumping together?

You should consider getting golf club tubes.

Golf clubs are stored in golf bags, and it has now become common to get golf bags with plastic tubes for each golf club.

So, Are Golf Club Tubes Worth It?

The golf club tubes serve to maintain your clubs protected and apart. The primary purpose of the tube is for golf club protection. The tubes keep the clubs from being entangled in the golf bag with a significant risk of damage to the clubs, particularly when withdrawing individual clubs from the bag. However, some golfers complain that the clubs always get stuck in the tubes when pulling them out. However, the advantages of the tubes outweigh the cons. Hence they are worth it.

From assisting in keeping the clubs protected, knowing where to find your golf clubs when you require them, and quickly spotting a lost or misplaced golf club, golf club tubes are entirely worth it.

Golf club tubes ensure you have a longer club life and easily fit within your golf bag, ensuring you get to enjoy a hassle-free match.

The tubes are also effective in keeping the inner lining of the bag intact hence extending the life of your bag.

What Exactly Are Golf Club Tubes?

These refer to tubes utilized in golf bags to keep clubs secure and separate.

The tubes commonly measure about 1-2 inches wide and about 34 inches long.

Golf club tubes fit around the shafts of your clubs effectively and keep them separate and secure from each other.

Are you using a golf bag with no tubes and cannot arrange your golf clubs appropriately?

Getting golf bag divider tubes will help in protecting your shafts from rubbing and organizing them properly.

They are effective if you don’t want to get scratches on your club.

The Importance of Golf Club Tubes

It is essential to organize your clubs to protect them from getting any damage and make them last longer. This is why you require to know how to make a golf club tube. Let’s look at the importance of keeping your golf club well organized with golf bag tubes.

1. Protects Your Club

Clubs are not only any other golf stick; they mean a lot more. Each club has its significance and value to a golfer. Clubs are their success and happiness; hence it is vital to keep the club well protected.

There are various kinds of clubs in your golf case, including lightweight, heavyweight, short club, or long club. If you place them all together in a single bag, they will undoubtedly rub with one another, break or get damaged.

Golf club tubes help to stop the golf club from going against each other. Also, it guards the specific granite shaft to avoid scarring. Proper organization of the golf bag maintains your clubs secure and makes it easy for you to discover any club after or during the match.

The tubes allow the golf clubs to enter and come out of the golf bag easily without scratching each other. You hence require to know how to make golf bag tubes to ensure enhanced safety for your golf club.

2. Know Where to Find Your Golf Clubs When Required

Have you ever tried to pick out your club in the bag, but you aren’t finding it?

You surely know you kept it somewhere in the bag but do not know where.

Individually, I have faced this problem, and I cannot imagine a golf bag without tubes.

The time you have wasted searching for a golf club could have been saved by organizing them for easy reach during the golf match.

Organizing your clubs with golf club tubes can help you to quickly retrieve and reach out to the exact club you require whenever you require it.

This will help you keep concentrated and focused on the next shot.

When you are distracted by looking for a club, your brain also becomes discouraged. To process the shot hence becomes difficult.

And that is unfavorable for your general success in the game.

Keeping your clubs appropriately can help you to find the specific club effectively at whatever point you require it.

This will keep you focused and engaged in your golf match. You hence require to get a golf bag tube to concentrate on your match goal instead of finding a particular club.

3. Easily Spot a Lost or Misplaced Golf Club

How would you feel if you reach out to your golf bag in the middle of a round only to notice you cannot find a particular club? It is upsetting.

You might even lose that particular round if not your complete round.

Golf bag tubes give you proper organization and enable you to notice any missing club on time easily.

You will easily spot the open club tube in the golf bag and notice the exact missing club.

It will be easy for you to remember where you placed the misplaced club. You will also recall quickly where you placed the lost club.

How to Make Golf Bag Tubes

Today, lots of trendy bags come partitioned for golf clubs.

However, if you are using an older bag, you can use a DIY approach to make bag tubes.

More so, everybody might not afford to purchase the whole golf bag package as it is relatively expensive.

Hence, if you purchase a cheaper golf bag, you will be required to improve the bag with golf tubes that keeps your clubs rub-free. Follow these DIY steps to make the golf bag tubes.

  • · Take a piece of plywood and your golf bag.
  • · Cut plywood appropriately and into the right shape to perfectly fit on top of the golf bag.
  • · Measure about a half inch on the wood perimeter and make four holes. Make sure the holes are made on opposite corners, although the precise shape might vary depending on the shape of your bag. A noncircular bag will be a trapezoid, while a circular bag will be a square.
  • · Draw your bag partition on the wood and ensure to leave out half-inch borders.
  • · The wedge partition should be on the bottom third of the wood, while the full-width partition for the iron should occupy the mid-third of the plywood. The fairway woods and driver partition should occupy the top third of the full-width wood.
  • · Use a jigsaw to cut through these partitions carefully.
  • · Insert a lace or ribbon into the hole and bind to the base of the plastic clip.
  • · Hang the hooks above the lip of the bag and maintain the panel hanging on the inside.
  • · Finally, use the golf club tubes to organize your golf clubs.


If you aim to enhance your gameplay, you should consider using golf club tubes to organize your golf club.

From helping to protect your clubs, quickly finding your golf clubs when you require them, and easily noticing a lost or misplaced golf club, golf club tubes are essential in enhancing the performance of your golf game.


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