Is It Bad To Leave Golf Clubs In A Hot Car? (Explained!)

Proper storage of golf clubs is a factor that new golfers might not think about.

However, as you get into the sport, you will realize it’s an essential factor to ensure the longevity and value of the clubs.

Does heat affect the clubs, and should you leave them in a hot car? Keep reading!

So, Is It Bad To Leave Golf Clubs In A Hot Car?

Yes! It is bad to leave the golf clubs in a hot car.

Storing clubs in a hot car can cause severe damage to your clubs.

The heat and humidity in this environment can make the clubs rust, and they will be unsalvageable.

Not only will the humidity and heat make the clubs rust, but it may also cause the glue in the handgrips to disintegrate and break down, causing the grip to slip around the shaft.

The temperatures can also damage the epoxy used to attach the clubhead to the shaft over time.

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What About The Car Trunk?

Although it is very convenient to keep your golf clubs in the car trunk, it is a mistake that you should avoid.

On a hot day, the temperatures can increase, making a ‘greenhouse’ effect where the inside rises higher than the outside temperatures. By this, the clubs start to rust since the temperatures inside the car trunk can increase to above 200 degrees, especially in the summer months.

Now, maybe your clubs will not be in the car trunk sufficiently long enough for the breakdown to happen, but why risk it?

Moreover, you don’t want to keep your clubs banging in the car truck.

So, if you don’t intend to play that day, you should keep your clubs at your house or in a cooler place.

More so, the intensely high temperatures are not the sole reason you should store your clubs in your car trunk.

If they are not appropriately secured, your golf clubs can be banged up and easily damaged.

How Do You Prepare Your Golf Clubs For Storage?

If you are a serious golf enthusiast, you require to make sure you appropriately store your golf clubs to keep them in perfect condition.

You have probably spent some hundred dollars on your golf clubs; hence, you are required to give them proper care to prevent damage such as rust.

Clean Your Clubs

You need to prepare the clubs before storage; otherwise, you will be inviting rust or mold.

After a game or before storing your clubs, the first thing should be ensuring all your clubs are clean. You should clean the grips and club heads using a rag dipped in warm water.

Wipe down the grips and club heads carefully to remove dirt, grease, grime, and dust using a rag dipped in water.

Next, you should dry the club thoroughly using a thick dry towel.

Failing to dry the club thoroughly can eventually result in rusting, ensuring each club is completely dry before placing it back into the golf bag.

Deep Cleaning Process

If your clubs are extra dirty, you can consider deep cleaning the clubs properly before storing them.

To deep clean, start by soaking the clubs in a bucket full of warm soapy water.

Use a gentle dish detergent and only deep the clubs about three inches into the water to ensure the water just covers the clubhead.

Leave the clubs to soak, loosen up the dirt, and clean them using a warm wet washcloth.

Use soft brush bristles to scrub the club heads and wipe down the shafts and grips with a soapy rag.

Rinse them off thoroughly and dry them before placing them in the golf bag.

Applying baby oil over the club head can also prevent rusting.

The golf bag should be stored in a climate-controlled, dry environment.

You should never keep your clubs in a poorly insulated room or a damp environment.

Regardless of where you store the golf bag, the place should be free from humidity and moisture.

You can even use a rain cover over your golf bag for enhanced protection.

What Are The Best Places To Store Your Golf Clubs?

If you require a spot to store your clubs for a few days or months, the best place to store them is in your home.

You can also keep the clubs in an interior location that is dry and temperature controlled.

The room should not be too hot or too cold to avoid dealing with mold or rust, both of which can affect your clubs.

When mold invades the handgrips of your golf clubs, it is tough to eliminate them.

Can You Store Them In A Storage Facility?

If the location is temperature and humidity controlled, yes.

Otherwise, you should not store there in the long-term.

If your facility isn’t temperature-controlled, you should not keep the golf clubs there over the winter.

The constant exposure to cold will not damage your clubhead or shaft. However, it can dry them out and make them crack or harden.

When storing the clubs, you should place them in the bag in an upright position.

This will prevent them from getting tangled, dinged, and damaged. This is particularly essential if you have stored the golf clubs in a closet you often use.


For additional protection, you can buy covers for your drivers and woods.

The covers will help protect the club heads from dirt, gouges, dings, and dust.

Also, find a room corner or closet, an area out of the way where your bag will not be getting knocked now and then and put the clubs away.


Another option, although more costly, is getting a golf rack.

You can buy golf racks online or at a local golf store, depending on your choice.

Generally, the essential thing to remember about storing your golf clubs is ensuring they are dry before putting them away.

If you are keeping them for a longer time, clean and dry them first and store them in a dry and temperature-controlled location in your home.

Can You Store Your Golf Clubs In A Garage?

It is OK to keep your clubs in the garage overnight if you need to use them tomorrow or store them in the garage for several days before you need them again.

You just need to ensure your golf bag and clubs are completely dry before you store them.

The garage has no high heat buildup as the high temperatures in a car trunk.

This means resin and epoxy breakdown won’t be an issue.

However, if there tends to have moisture buildup in your garage, you should take your clubs into your home.

This usually is not a problem in newer garages.

High humidity can result in rust. Also, if you will not use the clubs in the next few days, it is always ideal to clean them and dry-wipe the shafts for storage.


Leaving your golf clubs in a hot car is bad.

You should hence take caution and keep them out of the humidity and heat.

While keeping them in a garage is a better option, the environment is still not temperature-controlled.

The best option is keeping your clubs in a safe place or closet space in your home.

You should also maintain them with regular cleaning, ensuring both bags and clubs are kept dry for storage.

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