Why Is Golf Such an Expensive Hobby to Take Up? (Five Reasons)

Golf is fast gaining popularity as a hobby.

It involves players striking a ball into small holes on the golf course.

The manicured courses and the high degree of skill needed to play are associated with the elite.

Here we take an in-depth analysis into the supposition that golf is expensive.

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So, Why Is Golf Such An Expensive Hobby To Take Up?

The manicured lawns and the top one percent who play golf is a stereotype of golf. These challenges golfers who take it as a hobby. Golfing is as good a hobby as any other. Most people associate golfing with people who earn six-figure salaries. The upkeep cost of the lawns and the high-quality services afforded to golfers scare away many would-be players from enjoying the beautiful sport. However, developers build new clubs yearly, and the established ones have to stretch their schedules to accommodate players.

Maintaining golf courses is costly, and thus, the cost is higher compared to other sports.

This is why:

1. Cost of Equipment

Golf, compared to other sports, uses a lot of equipment.

For common sports, all you need is:

A complete set of golf equipment includes a hybrid, irons, putter, and a golf bag.

A bag will cost you $150.

You will need an additional $1500 to purchase a set of Callaway clubs.

The high price of Callaway clubs does not rule out the possibility of buying cheaper equipment.

When you buy more affordable clubs, you’ll have a fair amount of repulsive shots that will make you drive your woods through the course.

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Different club manufacturers make clubs that hit the ball at different angles relative to the holes in the fairway.

Golf balls cost a lot less; $15 per dozen.

Before buying, think about your skill level and what kind will suit you. Individual buying of clubs can save you on cost.

If you have a budget, you can consider buying second-hand clubs or renting them at the course.

There is a lot of technical attention that goes into the manufacturing of golf equipment, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are expensive.

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Golfing equipment is durable and will last you over five years before you feel the need to replace it; this makes your investment worthwhile while enjoying your hobby.

2. Membership Costs

Attributing the membership fee to the nature of the golf course is only fair.

Fancy country clubs in posh locations charge higher fees than local courses.

Membership costs range from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars depending on the fairway and nature of the study; you would not expect a scraggy course to charge you exorbitant fees.

Before deciding whether you need a membership subscription, you should ask yourself the following:

· How often do you play?

· Do you play professionally or for fun?

· What is the prestige associated with the golf course?

If you play more than once a week, then a membership subscription is for you.

The fees charged per round surpass the cost of a membership subscription when compounded if you play more than 80 rounds a year.

The perks of being a member of a golf club are the golf passes.

Golf passes conveniently allow you to play without having the distractions of dishing out money at every pro shop to hire a wood or a driver.

Membership subscriptions will enable you to have access to restaurants, changing rooms, and participate in tournaments.

The prize money associated with contests involving members comes with a redeemable subscription, saving you a lot of money.

Golf membership provides value for your money when you are a regular golfer.

3. Lessons

Golf requires a high degree of skill that is honed over time.

For honing these skills, you need lessons, and they don’t come cheap.

On average, a golf lesson costs $60 an hour.

Before you get your first birdie or eagle, you will need to put in the hours to learn and perfect your hobby.

These lessons vary from the instructor to the type of course.

A beginner’s course will set you back $ 30; by the end of the period, you should know how to make a par.

In golf clubs, an excellent professional golfer will charge you higher fees than an assistant golfer.

However, this does not mean you will not get just as good lessons from the assistant golfer.

Some country clubs offer you, free classes when you subscribe to their membership. You can then choose when to train based on your schedule.

You can also speed up your lessons if you are a fast learner; this does not alter the cost set beforehand.

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For starters, you can learn by watching professional players play and try a swing or two.

Golf lessons give you an understanding of the game so that when you are on the thirteenth hole, you don’t fret and bottle the game.

You can debate between going for lessons and mastering your swing, but if you want to at least attain a single-digit handicap, then golf lessons are worth it.

4. Golf Attire

When you think of golf, you think of the fancy caps and the sleek polo shirts.

Golfers exude an aura of elegance about them, which may scare you from even finding golfing attire.

For a long time, golf has been played by the nobility, and that is why it has a sense of formality about it.

As much as golf apparel is fancy and appealing, they are a tad costly.

Although clothes don’t impact your playing style, some golf courses require you to strictly adhere to a dressing code that matches their brand colors.

Different dress code applies to different genders although they are just feminine and masculine version of each other.

A pair of polo shirts and Docker’s style shorts will cost you about $100.

Upscale courses require collared shirts and have a no-jeans rule.

To know whether you will need a specific attire is simple; the higher the green fees, the higher the probability of wearing typical golf clothes when playing.

Comfort is an important factor also to consider when practicing your hobby, and therefore it is prudent to wear what makes you comfortable.

Slacks and khaki pants suffice where the polo-style clothes are not available.

You can purchase second-hand polo shirts from the thrift store for as low as $7, and you will still look stylish.

You are enjoying your hobby, which is golf, not keeping up with the Joneses.

Newer golf courses do not restrict you on what to wear.

However, it is common knowledge you cannot wear business suits and tights to a golf course.

Always call ahead to know the dressing code for the course you are going to take and adhere to the basic rules of golf clothing.

5. Green Fees

What are green fees?

A green fee is the set price a golfer pays at a pro shop to get into the golf course and stroke a few balls.

The funds are used to maintain that manicured lawn and pay for fuel used in cars that drive you around the range.

Green fees are set based on the number of holes.

The most common fees are the 18- hole fee and the nine-hole fee.

Different golf clubs have different prices depending on the location, facilities, and terrain of the course.

Green fees sometimes incorporate car fees and buggies, which you use to drive around the course.

On weekends green prices are higher than during the weekdays.

However, they may be additional fees to the green fee but still part of it.

The additional amount caters to utilities around the course, such as drinks and towels.

Professional players pay extra for a caddy, but carrying the bag around is exercise enough for you and fun.

Local courses in your municipality may charge you lesser fees than ultra-posh clubs if you prove your residency.

In major tournaments, you only pay for the registration without paying additional green fees.

Golf club members do not pay green fees as your membership covers the fees.

Playing golf as a hobby will require you to access a golf course often, and green fees should not deter you from playing.

Please plan and ask the golf course about their prices and add-ons.

The margins of profit in a golf course are razor-thin, and they are not there to steal your money but rather provide a seamless golfing experience tailored for you.


Golf is an exciting hobby to try.

Golfing relaxes your body and improves your mental acuity whilst having fun.

The cost of beginning your golfing hobby compared to the benefits is relatively affordable.

A new golf course for you will kindle your passion for golf.

The perception that it is an elitist sport is nonsensical and should not deter you from playing.

Make a budget and stick to it; you will enjoy hitting the balls into the holes.

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