Can You Golf While Wearing Headphones Or Earbuds?

The technological advances of streaming music services, iPhone, and Bluetooth connectivity are getting into the golfing world.

The music advancement is here to stay, which is good news for golfers who love music.

While still at it, you may be thrilled by the idea of playing golf with your headphones, but, is it practical? Read on!

So, Can You Golf While Wearing Headphones Or Earbuds?

Yes! You can play golf while wearing headphones or earbuds while practicing golf when alone, or playing with others, although club disciplinary codes and rules can apply. However, you should be careful about your music volume, ensuring you can hear others to prevent the danger of getting hit by others. What is not allowed is listening to audio or music to block out noise and distractions or help with swing tempo, particularly during competitive play.

What About The Rules?

According to golf rules 14-3, wearing headphones or earbuds during a stipulated round is prohibited.

Rule 14-3a, a player should use any artificial device or uncommon equipment that may help him in his play or when making a stroke.

In this case, wearing headphones or earbuds and listening to a broadcast or music while making a stroke or for a prolonged period may assist you in your play, for instance, by eradicating distractions, noise, or promoting the right tempo.

Thus, using an artificial device to listen to a broadcast or music, whether on headphones or not, while making a stroke or an extended period during a round is a breach of the 14-3 golfing rule.

However, you won’t be breaching the rule if you listen to a device briefly when walking between the putting green of one hole and the teeing ground of another hole or obtaining the results of another sporting episode.

But you should also be considerate to others, so don’t blast out your music such that it distracts others.

Rule 1.2a expects all players to maintain covering the conduct of not distracting the play of another player.

So in the sense that golfing while wearing earbuds or headphones gives an unfair advantage over others, it is not allowed, particularly in competitive games.

How Can Music Affect Your Golfing Performance?

According to research, music has a significant impact on the level of performance of a player.

Today, it is easy to find golfers on the driving range practicing with their headphones or earbuds listening to their latest playlist.

Research on synchronous music with steady and clear beats reveals that it elevates the performance of a person by twenty percent, while asynchronous or background music helps to calm the nerves of a player by about ten percent.

  • Music can be a mood-altering catalyst that may calm you down and help you keep focused before playing golf.
  • Music can divert players from fatigue, although it’s not sure that it would help your golf game.
  • Music can synchronize an athlete’s movement and rhythm, which might be ideal for golfing swing tempo.
  • Music might help trigger particular motions, and when working with a golf coach, it can help in the learning process.

Although many studies have been done on the effect of music on playing golf, there is no clear evidence it can have a significant impact on lowering your score.

However, it might have a positive calming effect on your emotions that could help improve your performance.

It’s no surprise that competitive golfing restricts wearing headphones.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Purchasing Golfing Headphones Or Earbuds?

Are you considering going to the market to look for a pair of golfing headphones or earbuds?

If you haven’t bought one lately, you may be shocked to see all the options available.

To cut down the list and get the right headphones or earbuds for golfing, here are some features and factors to consider.

1. Wired Or Wireless

When it comes to golfing, whether to get wired or wireless headphones is a significant decision.

Golfing involves much walking around and making golf swings.

Distraction from headphone wires is hence the last thing you want on the golf course.

With wireless headphones, you can move around the golf course and make swings while you enjoy your music and without having to worry about the wires getting into your way.

2. Durability

How durable your headphones or earbuds are is also an essential feature when searching for the best headphones for playing golf.

A headphone set with all great features but is not sustainable will not be sustainable. So, you should ensure you will purchase a durable headphone set, whether wired or wireless.

3. Treble Or Bass Balance

If sound quality is essential to you, you might want to look at bass and treble balance features.

The best headphones for golf should have natural bass.

Some higher-end models may even allow you to balance the sounds yourself to give you the swinging and golfing tempo you need.

They provide you the luxury of fine-tuning your music to your taste. So, select one that offers pure bass so that you can get a natural bass sound experience.

4. Style

You will be wearing your headphones and earbuds when golfing, so they should be comfortable.

Ideally, you should get a proper fit that won’t fall out during play.

In-ear headphones style is ultra-compact, lightweight, and easy to place into your ear canal.

On-ear headphones have better sound quality than earbuds, but you can still overhear the surrounding noise. Other individuals like over-ear models for security.

However, neither of these styles is a more reasonable style than the other. The selection will depend on your personal preference.

5. Brand Or Looks

If you want to impress your golfing buddies, earbuds and headphones models are designed to impress thoroughly.

These headphones or earbuds are made of a specific brand or feature stylish elements.

If you want something that stands out or stays loyal to a single brand, you should consider leaning towards the trending headphones or earbuds fashion.

For high-quality headphones or earbuds, you should consider finding one from luxury brands.

6. Weight And Comfort

High-quality earbuds come with more vital features to enhance your convenience in listening to music.

However, the best way to judge comfort is wearing the best headphones on your ear and listening to music for a few minutes before purchasing.

The weight of the headphones or earbuds is also essential.

Relatively bulky headphones feel less comfortable, so choose a lightweight headset if you want the best set together with convenient features.

7. Budget

Price is one of the main factors to consider when you go out to look for headphones or earbuds.

You will be amazed to realize the gap between the lowest and highest budget for earbuds and headphones.

However, you should be careful with headphones and earbuds that seem very cheap.

They often won’t work well and will require being replaced more regularly, making them less of a great deal than you thought earlier.


In general, wearing headphones or earbuds is permissible while practicing golf or walking from a putting green to the next tee.

Much longer than that or when making a stroke, you might be bleaching the 14-3 golfing rules about using artificial devices.

When you purchase golf headphones or earbuds, you should be sure to keep your receipts and understand the warranty in case it turns out to be ineffective.


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