Is Graphic Design A Hobby Worth Pursuing If You Can’t Draw?

Graphic design is an art that involves combining different medium forms to produce visually pleasing artwork.

This is a perfect hobby for you if you love creating beautiful art that inspires and begins discussions.

However, most people wonder if they can get into graphic design if they lack drawing skills.

So, Is Graphic Design A Hobby Worth Pursuing If You Can’t Draw?

While most people believe one must be an outstanding illustrator or drawer to become a graphic designer, this is not true. Drawing skills are rarely included in the graphic design job description. Today, graphic design mostly uses computer algorithms and programs, becoming almost outdated hand designs.

When graphic design became a profession, artists did not have the photographic skills and essential equipment to make visual images.

However, as the technology improved, photos became increasingly affordable.

Graphic designers started to concentrate on these technology trends and eventually ignored hand drawings.

Today, while graphic designers may use drawing to make their designs, this is not a requirement to get into the graphic design industry.

Even if you can’t draw on paper, you can gain photoshop and illustrator skills to design incredible art digitally.

Therefore, as long as you have a good aesthetic and foundation, you can pursue graphic design as a hobby.

That being said, having a few drawing skills will help you sketch up some concepts.

But you don’t have to worry if you are not good at drawing as you will just need some practice. Like anything else, drawing is a process that can be readily learned with dedication and practice.

So, if you want to know how to draw, get it!

Should You Learn to Draw If You Want to Be a Graphic Designer?

Although it’s not a requirement, learning to draw can be beneficial in graphic design.

While you won’t use it in your work, knowing how to draw will assist you in expressing your throughout adequately during the artistic process of the project.

While you might never draw like an artist, you won’t need to. Because drawing is highly subjective, you can effectively express yourself through comedic or minimalistic sketches.

Most graphic designers are reluctant to experiment with drawing and feel that you either have a natural talent to draw or can never be able to draw.

This is one of the common misunderstandings regarding graphic design and drawing.

It is not hard to learn drawing and only requires practice. Even better, when you start learning, you will actually discover how enjoyable and educational it can be.

You don’t have to spend on costly classes to learn to draw.

You can ask an instructor or friend to analyze your sketches and give you honest feedback.

More so, you can learn through the internet by watching YouTube videos on tricks, tips, and drawing guidance.

This way, you will gain some drawing skills at a cheaper cost, if not completely free.

How To Develop Your Drawing Skills

If you want to be full of your graphic design process, the best option is learning to draw.

Practice regularly until you can see the idea on phone or paper.

You can use pens, pencils, collage, watercolor, or anything else that inspire you to make hand-drawn sketches.

Other recommendations for enhancing your drawing skills include;

  • looking at drawings
  • drawing from other drawings and photographs
  • keeping a sketchbook
  • and even taking a class.

Generally, while drawing skills are not a must, they can help support your hobby of graphic design.

Online Education

Whether pursuing graphic design as a hobby or a career, undertaking an online course can help you achieve your dreams.

There are lots of online courses that will teach you everything you require to know about graphic design, video editing, photoshop, animation, 3-D graphics, and web design.

While you don’t need to draw to be a better graphic designer, getting an online course will help you hone your drawing skills to widen your set of skills and learn graphic design to greater depths.

While some people have a good eye for graphic design, undertaking an online course can help.

If you are not confident in your ability to put things together, the reason why courses for graphic design are available is that you might still require to learn about the perfect design.

It will give you a better understanding of particular elements that combine to enhance your process of graphic design.

What Skills Does a Graphic Designer Require?

Although you certainly require design skills to be a proper graphic designer, you will need other additional skills to be an topnotch designer.

If you don’t have the other needed skills, you might likely find yourself going below the curve in the graphic design industry.

1. Communication Skills

The essential skill that a designer requires to have is good communication skills.

This enables you to communicate and engage with customers or management and be on the same page when it comes to their design needs.

As a graphic designer, it is your job to find out what your client wants with your actual design. Also, graphic design revolves around how well you can communicate the message.

Graphic design is all about conveying a meaningful message to the client concisely and clearly.

2. Graphic Tool Comprehension

Other than good communication skills, you require to understand the commonly used graphic design tools.

Applications such as Adobe Spark and Photoshop are valuable tools for graphic designers.

These are valuable tools when working on your projects; therefore, the more you know, the better.

Does Knowing to Draw Make You a Better Graphic Designer?

As previously stated, many people are worried that they won’t be good graphic designers if they can’t draw.

While drawing is more of a good thing to have than anything, the inability to draw will in no way ruin your graphic designs.

Projects can proceed more quickly with a standalone illustrator performing the drawing work because a graphic designer will be too busy pulling all the strings together.

As a graphic designer, drawing is a valuable asset if it helps your process.

Some people who love drawing and are also graphic designers use it in their design approach. You can use your drawing skills to design for yourself or an illustrator.

This can benefit you in some cases, but it is far from necessary.

When drawing may help you communicate with other designers, the ability to draw is not a necessity for graphic design.

Today, the field mainly relies on the use of digital tools to make designs without the use f hand drawing.

For graphic designers who are more into multimedia art, digital tools can help.

It may feel good to draft a design completely in a presentable way. This can be useful in presenting an idea to clients or stakeholders.

Many digital tools and mockups look clean and professional, which is better than a sketch based on the client.

Bottom Line

There you have it! While it is advantageous to have some drawing skills, you don’t have to draw to pursue graphic design as a hobby.

Remember that graphic design is a field by itself so that you can be a graphic designer without other types of artistic prowess such as drawing.

However, if you are highly worried about your inability to draw, you can take your time to learn and practice drawing.

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