How Expensive is Hang Gliding as a Hobby? (Eight Cost Factors!)

Hang gliding is a fun activity because you get to soar high and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Additionally, it lets you overcome your fear of heights.

You probably cannot contain your excitement because of what it entails.

Before you pick it up as your hobby, you should know it is expensive.

So, Is Hang Gliding An Expensive Hobby?

It is very expensive. Before participating in hang gliding, you need to enroll in a hang gliding class. In a hang gliding class, you will learn how to avoid common accidents that happen when you hang glide. According to BMJ Journals, common causes of hang gliding accidents include oversteering, misjudgment of weather conditions, take-off errors, etc. You will therefore avoid making certain errors that lead to accidents. Also, you have to purchase the necessary hang gliding gear such as a glider, helmet, parachute, and harness. Now that we have a rough idea of what hang gliding entails, below are details of the estimated hang gliding costs.

1. Tandem Paragliding

Most people who want to take up hang gliding usually want to do it with their gear.

However, sometimes you may wish to participate in the sport without purchasing any hang gliding gear. What matters to them is just the experience.

In this circumstance, tandem paragliding is a viable option.

Tandem paragliding involves the use of a tandem paraglider.

A tandem paraglider is designed to hold two people: the instructor and the passenger.
A tandem paraglider is designed to hold the instructor and passenger.

Fortunately, there is no burden on your part to learn what hang gliding entails.

You just  have to follow your instructor’s lead.

The price of tandem paragliding is anywhere around $110-180.

As per Fly Cape Town, hang gliding is statistically safer than driving.

So, the chances of being in a hang-gliding accident are low, but it is no reason to throw all safety measures out of the window.

2. Hang Gliding Lessons

For the remainder of this article, we will focus on people who wish to own hang gliding gear.

So, an excellent place to start is going to hang gliding schools.

The costs of the lessons vary depending on your experience and location.

For a beginner class, you could pay around $200-250 and $1800-2200 for an experienced class.

In a beginner class, you will learn how the hang glider works and how to hold the crossbar.

As for the location, you will hang glide from sand dunes or small hills.

As for the advanced class, you will have more extended periods to train.

With more time to train, you will be able to cover different aspects of hang gliding, such as tandem paragliding or doing it solo.

You will train by hang gliding from high places, such as a cliff.

3. Glider

You need a glider that is easy to use and set up.

In that case, you should opt for a Wills Wing Falcon glider which is about $4,000.

However, if you do not know what a good glider looks like, it would be best to buy one from an accredited instructor or school.

You can expect to spend around $1,800 to $ 3,000.

So, you can try bargaining for a cheaper cost.

4. Harness

The air gets very cold as you descend from a high point.

According to Skydive Tecumseh, the temperature gets lower for every three degrees per 1,000 feet.

That means it gets 30 degrees cooler at altitude.

Therefore, you need a harness that will cover your whole body.

A harness that covers your body costs around $1,000.

However, you can purchase one that you can open to feel the wind, and it will cost about $750.

5. Helmet

Helmets generally cost anywhere from $75 to $500.

The price depends on the type of helmet you want, for example, a full-closed helmet or an open-face helmet.

Since a full-closed helmet offers more protection than an open-face helmet, it is generally more expensive.

On the other hand, an open-face helmet is better if you want to feel the impact of the wind on your face. Also, some helmets have a radio and headset.

These helmets are particularly useful if you need to receive guidance from your instructor.

Due to the inclusion of the radio and headset, these helmets are more expensive than those without them.

6. Parachute

The price of one varies based on size and type. So, you can expect to pay around $650 to $750 for a parachute.

It is best to go for a parachute with a pull-down apex if you are a beginner.

Due to their design, they reduce turbulence which makes them stable during strong winds.

7. Site Fee

At this point, you probably have the correct hang gliding gear and are ready to begin.

So, you have to identify a place to hang glide. Remember, you cannot hang glide from anywhere.

You will need to do that from an area with mountains or cliffs.

When you find such an area, there is a fee for you to use the site.

For instance, you will pay about $25 per week to use the site. The fee goes towards maintaining the site so that you can hang glide safely.

8. Transport

Transport is a hidden cost people tend to overlook.

It may make sense to overlook it if you live a stone’s throw away from the site.

However, few people reside near hilly terrain, so it is essential to consider your transport to the place. You can either go by public means or private means.

If you use a bus, it will be relatively cheaper. Bus touts usually charge a small fee for carrying your hang gliding gear.

The inconvenience, however, lies with carrying your gear to the bus stop. First, they are quite heavy.

Additionally, people will stare at you. On the other hand, using your car is more expensive.


Despite hang gliding being expensive, it should not deter you from trying this exciting hobby.

After all, hang gliding is expensive because it considers manufacturing costs, for instance.

Manufacturers have to use high-quality materials since they are safe.

So, despite the gear being expensive, you still get value for your money.

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