Is Hiking A Good Idea for a First Date?

Is Hiking A Good Idea for a First Date? (No, Here’s Why)

So you’ve decided to swipe right and are looking forward to meeting up for the first time.

Well, it is possible to interact with dozens of people through the internet every day.

Meeting them in person, however, can be tricky as you don’t know them in person.

If you are considering a hike, this is a guide for you.

So, Is Hiking A Good Idea for a First Date?

Well, hiking can be a great endeavor to know people. But it is not a good idea for the first date. Meeting people for the first time is a little tricky. We all vary in character. That is why you must take your new friend through vetting before you embark on a hike.

Five Reasons Why Hiking Is a Bad Idea on the First Date

Hiking is a technical exercise that demands skills and expertise.

There are way too many unknowns about going on hiking on the first date.

Instead, it is highly recommended that you first meet in a public place so that you can get to know the people you love and share some tips before you can go on a highly classified and vigorous activity like hiking.

Perhaps meeting for a cup of coffee in a hotel during the first date is a great thing to do.

This is the point during which you can discuss going on hiking during the next date.

Hiking requires you to have a proper psychological state, and preparation is requisite.

In this section, we narrow down to the reasons why hiking may not be a good idea during a first date. Read on.

1. There Are Possibilities Of Misrepresentation

In this modern era, people interact and chat through the internet.

So you often have no idea how your friend looks like in the ideal world.

Have you ever met anyone taller, shorter, older, or rounder than you anticipated (i.e. a “Catfish”)?

As a result of this misinterpretation, it is often very good to know them first. Have a one on one chat and familiarize yourself with them.

2. Unpredictable Situations

When you prepare to go out hiking, you must prepare to face the unexpected and the unknowns as well.

Suppose you or your partner gets into an accident in the woods.

Well, that looks weird considering that they are interacting with you for the first date.

You can easily be blamed for being careless.

3. Health Scenarios

Sometimes your date could be having health situations that will not allow them to participate in the hiking adventure.

As you are aware, hiking is a vigorous activity that calls for physical fitness.

So, if your friend has allergic conditions, for instance, taking them out for a hike is a bad idea.

You don’t want to jeopardize their health.

4. Unpredictable Behavior

Since you have no idea who they are in person, it is possible to meet people with odd behavior.

This may not suit you well, and you always need to be braced for the same. It is your first time meeting them, and you better prepare for the unexpected.

Sometimes you will find people who make you feel very uncomfortable. That complicates the date.

5. Increased Chances Of An Uncomfortable Situation

If you insist on a hiking date, it is advisable to go out with other people. Simply take a third party with you or even go on a group date.

With other people around you, it is very hard to get into a messy and awkward situation.

Hence, your adventure is has a better of being successful with people around you.

It is also easier to socialize with your when you there’s a third party present.

Three Tips To A Successful First Hiking Date

If you insist of doing the “first date hiking thing”, here are some tips to ensure first date success:

1. Hike In A Place You Are Familiar With

You must be familiar with the place you are going for a hike.

Is it a rural location?

What are the specific areas to avoid?

Is there any danger from the wild?

These are among the most crucial questions that should never go unanswered. Your safety and that of your partner are of primary importance, after all.

2. Ask Them Their Favorite Hiking Places

It is a good idea to inquire into what your partner chooses.

It gives you a blueprint of the type of people they are.

Additionally, it allows you the chance to judge whether that is a safe place to go hiking or not.

If you have never been there, you can give them another advice or suggestion. The point is getting to know each other even more.

3. Prepare in Advance

On a deeper note, hiking requires preparations. That includes getting the necessary equipment for it.

This should not be complicated. The deal is to carry out hiking preparations as usual.

Final Words

It is possible to create new friendships with new people.

Hiking on a first date, however, must be weighed before it is executed.

Get to know the people you are hiking with, or if it deems very necessary, go for double dates.

Knowing the characters of people means knowing who they are and whether they can be trusted or not. Do they have good intentions?

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