What Are Some Good Hobbies to Take Up After a Breakup?

Sadness and loneliness are expected when you break up with someone.

But, an expected feeling that many people experience is boredom.

While boredom is not a good thing, it can be an opportunity to find and explore new hobbies.

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Keep reading to learn about these hobbies.

So, What Are Some Good Hobbies to Take Up After a Breakup?

Now, is a chance to focus on self-growth, reflection, and exploration. Thankfully, there are many hobbies to get your mind off your ex. These include cooking, horticulture, dancing, etc.

Ten Hobbies to Explore After a Breakup

1. A New Exercise

Many people don’t end the relationship peacefully.

We often leave each other on bad terms after serious arguments and shouting at each other.

A new exercise can be one way to let go of things and allow yourself to move on.

Instead of doing your usual exercise routines, if you had one, think of trying something new like yoga, Zumba, or even pole dancing.

There will surely be some difficulty at first.

However, as time goes by, you’ll build your skills as you build your life.

2. Learn a New Language

Most times, we spend a significant part of our day dwelling on memories of the times we have with our exes.

But this never does any good to us.

Instead of sitting there in self-pity, occupy your mind with something else like learning a new language.

That way, you can improve and develop yourself.

Plus, you will be able to communicate widely, and you can meet new people and build new relationships.

So, instead of isolating yourself, learn a new language from apps like Memrise or Duolingo or get someone to teach you privately.

3. Journaling

Accepting the outcome can help you move on from the past. A good way of expressing your acceptance is by journaling your feelings.

Don’t feel ashamed that you have sadness, anger, or whatever feelings you have. But rather than drowning in self-pity, write your emotions down.

Journal what went wrong and what you are currently doing to move on.

You can also write about the hatred feelings you have about your ex. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The point of journaling after a breakup is to write all your heart’s desires.

As long as you are the one with the pen, you can write anything on your mind.

Various studies say that journaling can play a huge role in improving our mental state. So why not do it during this time that you are hurting?

4. Experimental Cooking

We understand that going through a breakup can be frustrating. But, staying in bed crying all day and night will make things worse.

This is a time to find a new hobby and explore it.

And whether you broke up with them or they broke up with you, you can use this opportunity for a meaningful time.

Try cooking something you have never cooked before and enjoy it. Thankfully, there are many recipes online that can guide you.

5. Start a Podcast

Since you’re hurting, you probably have many things to say.

Sadly, most people bottle their feelings and emotions, and when they can’t anymore, they send a long text expressing their frustration, especially to their ex.

But, this kind of verbal energy doesn’t pay off. Instead, do something productive like starting a podcast.

Choose a topic you like, one or two friends, buy a mic for you and your guest, and start dissecting the topic while you record. Many people will listen to your take.

So why don’t you grant them the opportunity?

6. Write What You Know

Writing is magical, and not many people can record their thoughts, feelings, or illusions in a flowing manner.

If you have this gift, it’s time to explore emotional writing.

A good start will be writing about yourself.

Writing can help you deal with the negative emotions and thoughts you are battling after a breakup.

You can tell a story about your break-up and how it makes you feel.

You don’t need to write many pages. As little as 20 pages can be suitable for an ebook.

Plus, if many people like your story, you can make money from it.

7. Take a History Class

Take your mind off the breakup and your ex by taking a history class.

Such a class can help you deal with things as you will learn about the world, how big it is and how much it has to offer.

This way, you can see there is life beyond your relationship that has ended.

Plus, you will accumulate knowledge about various subjects of the world.

8. Mural Painting

Art is a therapy on its own.

Immersing yourself in it makes you forget about your troubles for a moment and relax your mind, which is why it’s a fantastic hobby.

Mural painting is significant and expensive, and you can create it anywhere.

The first mural was discovered more than 40,000 years ago, and people aren’t sure of the person who created it. Maybe they were also recovering from a breakup.

9. Travel the World

A change of scenery could be what you need to get over your ex.

Grab your passport, pack your bags and explore the world.

The world has so much to offer, but you won’t know if you do not travel.

But we should mention that this isn’t a cheap hobby. You are going to need a budget for that. However, if the finances allow, why not try it?

10. Start a YouTube Channel

You can talk about your break-up to the world and encourage other people in a similar situation.

You may find that vlog still interests you even after healing from the heartbreak.

Remember that people are always looking for authentic creators to whom they can relate to.

Since breakups are an everyday occurrence, your content will attract people who relate to it.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with a breakup is hard. However, these hobbies can help you overcome it.

While they are not a medical treatment for depression and stress from heartbreak, they are a good start to distracting your mind.

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