What Are Some Hobbies That Are Good For Releasing Anger?

We’ve all been angry at one point.

Perhaps your lover cheated on you with your best friend, or a co-worker lied about you to your boss.

Still, holding on to rage doesn’t solve your problems.

Instead, it makes you vulnerable to other stressors.

The first way to let go of your anger is by addressing the cause.

You can achieve that by identifying hobbies for anger management for your peace of mind.

Here are some anger management hobbies to help you let go and cope positively with anger.

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What Are Some Hobbies That Are Good For Releasing Anger?

1. Yoga

Yoga is not only good for your physical health (heart health) but also your mental wellbeing.

You might not be athletic enough to maintain yoga poses for hours, but you can still benefit from the strength and flexibility, helping you focus on the good and not the bad.

Remember, yoga isn’t restricted to young people alone. Anyone can do it. If you can find a yoga class near you, enroll in it.

But if that isn’t an option, follow online videos on YouTube or any other social media platform for guidance. After each session, you should feel the rage subsiding.

2. Bird Watching

The chirping of birds each morning signifies optimism for a new day.

Imagine watching them all day and letting your mind wander through the chirps.

Doesn’t it seem like a perfect recipe to enjoy peace?

Bird watching doesn’t need to be expensive. A simple binocular can help you see them more clearly in an open field or the sky.

Like parks, you can also identify a popular spot hosting doves and other birds in close contact with humans. If you have food, feed them.

You will feel fulfilled because you took care of another live being and shifted your mind’s focus from the stressor.

3. Painting or Drawing

Expressing your emotions through art is an excellent way to cope with life’s stressors.

You don’t have to be an expert to paint, sculpt or draw anything.

Best of all, materials and tools for art are easy to access and affordable.

If you have a drawing book, draw anything lingering in your mind before painting it.

As you engross your mind in art, you learn to channel your feelings to a nonliving object like an ordinary paper or canvas.

Is it your best friend who is driving you nuts? Was it your neighbor’s loud music playing all night that caused the rage?

Don’t worry because art will help you combat stress and accentuate your creativity. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back after you finish your project and are anger-free again.

3. Gardening

Anger makes us vulnerable to many stressors.

The more we bottle it up, the higher our chances of being vulnerable to mental health problems. Over time, you may become bitter for the rest of your life.

How about reversing all these by getting your hands dirty?

Gardening involves planting and nurturing plants or flowers from seeds to mature plants, trees, or flowers.

It takes patience, commitment, and optimism to watch your plants grow to maturity. Also, it helps you appreciate the value of time.

As the seeds germinate into seedlings, you understand the relationship between time and simple things in life.

As you immerse your thoughts in gardening for hours, you start realizing the importance of letting go of the past.

With that in mind, you learn to concentrate on things that make life worth living.

Planting something for the first time or tending your plants can be a perfect recipe for increasing your self-confidence, knowing you took care of yourself and another living thing.

4. Care For A Pet

Besides gardening, caring for a pet is another therapeutic approach to managing anger.

Whether you’re a cat, dog, bunny, or poultry lover, caring for them shifts your mind off from what causes your anger.

Interestingly, pets’ behavioral response is proportional to the amount of time and kindness you show them.

You might have seen videos or read stories of people who found solace in pets after battling mental illnesses.

While they might seem small or insignificant, recognizing your pet as part of your family can be therapeutic.

Remember, keeping a pet isn’t a walk in the park.

You might need to schedule vet visits, plan feeding time, play with them, and ensure they’re fully protected. All these activities occupy your mind, ensuring you’re stress-free.

5. Cycling

If you spend your time inactive, your mind and body will obsess over the cause of your anger.

Even if you aren’t athletic or have underlying musculoskeletal conditions, it’s important to be active to combat your anger.

Biking or cycling can be a good start to anger-free if you’re physically fit.

You’re not just looking to be physically fit but also want to explore nature during your adventure.

Your job is to find biking equipment and identify a safe biking trail near you. You should feel relaxed after the adventure.

6. Journaling

Based on many studies, penning your thoughts on paper can help relieve you of anger and mental illness symptoms. Start by writing down the things that drove you to anger.

List them down regardless of whether they are significant or otherwise.

For example, one person might find missing grades insignificant, while another might make a big deal.

People’s anger intensity varies depending on the circumstances.

However, bottling up anger isn’t the solution because the last straw on the camel’s back will come at one point.

So, if you get angry often, get used to jotting everything down. After that, could you read it and throw it away?

That act of tossing the paper away symbolizes your letting go of your anger. The next step involves writing your gratitude journal.

List the little and big things you’re grateful for, such as a job promotion, the birth of your baby, or good health.

Go through everything you’ve listed each day. With time, you’ll shift your mind from complacency to optimism.

7. Baking

Cooking is not only good for your body but also your mind.

It involves gathering pantry ingredients, preparing them, and following a recipe to achieve a meal.

Baking is one of the best cooking methods to relax your mind.

Best of all, there are hundreds of recipes for baking cookies, cakes, bread, and brownies online.


You don’t have to let anger build up inside of you when anger management hobbies are there to reverse the effects.

No matter what makes you enraged, there’s always a way out.

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