What Are Some Cheap Hobbies for Broke College Students? (12 Ideas!)

College comes with a relatively substantial price tag; often, this doesn’t leave much extra cash for fun and expensive hobbies.

As a college student, you might wonder what some cheap yet worthwhile hobbies for college students that will not break your bank are.

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So, What Are Some Cheap Hobbies for Broke College Students?

There are several cheap hobbies for broke college students. Some of these include; dancing and singing, playing instruments, martial arts such as boxing, going to the college gym, athletics, and sports, cooking, photography, volunteering at a local homeless shelter, reading at the library, coding, and learning a new language, etc. These hobbies are not only enjoyable but also budget-friendly. They will also provide you with an opportunity to meet exciting people.

Keep reading for more details on cheap hobbies for broke college students.

1. Fitness

Colleges usually have a gym that is either free or very cheap.

Working out on a regular basis will not only keep you busy, but it will also make you look better physically.

Going alone can make you feel intimidated at first by the already worked-out gymnasts.

2. Writing

Writing is one of the cheap hobbies ideal for broke college students.

While most individuals think you must be an excellent writer to join writing, you only need to be creative and have something to say.

Some ideas on what to write about include;

  • fictional stories
  • personal stories
  • song lyrics
  • poetry
  • etc.

You can also go on to begin your own blog based on your niche of interest, which essentially only requires a website.

3. Reading

If you can access a library, you can get any book you need for free.

You can also consider using e-books and buying books for a lower cost instead of the more costly hardcover books.

You might also read online PDF forms, exchange books with friends or even begin a book club where you can share books.

4. Water Sports

Although water sports can be costly, some are low-cost even for broke college students, such as swimming.

You are only required to access a water body or pool, but if you have that, it’s a relaxing and great way of passing the time.

5. Volunteering

Volunteering as a hobby can create a win-win situation if you love giving back to the community.

There are numerous local or worldwide organizations that should align with your interests

6. Learn New Instrument or Language

Today, learning new skills or languages, such as playing instruments, is easier than ever.

Many online free resources today allow you to learn the language of your choice.

Likewise, it’s cheap to learn any instrument via in-person classes or online tutorials.

7. Cooking

If you are passionate about cooking, you can opt to get some groceries and learn to prepare your own nutritious meals instead of purchasing readymade food.

Invite friends over for a cooking night once in a while to show off your skills or attend local cooking classes to learn new cooking skills and taste new cuisines.

8. Computer And Board Games

Board games are not just for kids.

Today, there are lots of fun adult-themed games that you and your college friends will surely enjoy.

You can adopt board gaming by organizing game nights with your friends that will help keep your entertainment level up.

Even better, board games are relatively affordable investments that keep on giving!

On the other hand, you can also opt for computer and smartphone games easily downloadable on your device.

You can access many gaming software and platforms online for free, as well as phone apps.

9. Coding

This exciting and cheap hobby can be a valuable skill to possess in the long run.

You will find some cheap courses to enroll in online, or you can watch online videos to learn to code, which will enable you to build your own website, create apps and games.

10. Dancing

There is a great chance you can find a free or cheap dancing class in the college or the neighborhood.

As a hobby, dancing can be a delightful and freeing hobby.

Regardless of how broke you are, you can enjoy dancing by only turning the music up at home and dancing on your own.

11. Playing Sports

Being involved in an individual sport or a sports team is great for your mind and body.

Playing sports and exercising releases endorphins in your body to make you feel better overall.

You might require purchasing equipment for sports such as cycling and skateboarding, but once you invest in the equipment, it should not be too costly.

Joining a college sports team will also be a fantastic way to make new friends.

12. Meditation

Meditation is an important (free) hobby that can offer a chance to “decompress” and mentally unwind.

All you require is sitting comfortably or lying down and concentrating on your breath.

Let any thoughts stressing you pass without judgment and focus on yourself.

Bottom Line

These are some of the cheap hobbies for broke college students.

These hobbies can go a long way in helping you find balance in your academic career.

You can direct your high energy to athletic hobbies or opt for the creative side, such as writing or learning instruments.

These hobbies are sufficiently cheap to pick up in college on a budget.

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