What are Some Hobbies That Don’t Require Intense Concentration?

At work or college, we use much of our time concentrating.

Sometimes, intense concentration causes us to be stressed, and a hobby can be a good way of de-stressing us.

One thing to remember is that there are some hobbies that require intense concentration and some that do not.

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So, What are Some Hobbies That Don’t Require Intense Concentration?

Examples of such hobbies include coloring in adult coloring books, photography, calligraphy, scrapbooking, listening to music, and hiking. We will describe each mentioned hobby, and you will learn how beneficial they are to you.

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Without further ado, here are the detailed explanations of the hobbies below.

1. Adult Coloring Books

Initially, coloring was primarily done by children, but the hobby has quickly become popular with adults.

According to Jenna Rainey, Johanna Basford (an illustrator who popularized adult coloring books) revealed that she sold over 21 million adult coloring books worldwide.

Although the hobby may seem child-like, there are some benefits of coloring.

It is not a hobby that requires any special skill.

All you need to do is color within a particular border of an object with a colored pencil. Even if you somehow mess up the coloring, there are no consequences.

Additionally, it stimulates one’s creativity.

With many colored pencils at your disposal, you do not have to limit yourself by painting an object a certain color.

For instance, you can decide to color a lake with a green marker rather than use the usual blue color common in lakes and other water bodies.

2. Photography

If you already own a camera phone, you can begin taking as many photographs as possible.

Although some people primarily take photographs for memories, there are some advantages to enjoy from this hobby.

As a photographer, you will develop the skill of noticing objects that can look good in photographs.

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If you work in an office, your skill will help you appreciate some of the things in the office that you did not notice before.

Additionally, your ability to notice things in the office means you will be an effective problem solver.

If you become addicted to photography, it can inspire you to go out more.

That is because you will be actively looking for great locations for your photoshoots.

As you go out to take photographs, you may meet people who share your interest.

Also, going out more is healthy for you if your primary means of movement is walking.

3. Calligraphy

Since calligraphy involves writing, you may be wondering whether it is worth pursuing as a hobby.

After all, don’t people type these days?

Despite typing being popular, people still appreciate calligraphy for its attractiveness.

Not only is calligraphy pretty, but it is also beneficial to the calligrapher.

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First, it is meditative and relaxing.

According to Boomerang, the meditation aspect occurs as you focus on creating one stroke at a time.

Additionally, calligraphy promotes relaxation since it helps you forget any stressors in your life and focus on developing the letters.

As an art form, it helps the calligrapher stand out.

Although there are certain rules calligraphy follows, you can still distinguish between various calligraphy pieces.

As you practice it for a long time, you develop your style. If your writing style is unique and impressive, your friends or family may pay you a fee to write them on their birthday or wedding cards.

4. Scrapbooking

A major reason people do scrapbooking is to create memorabilia for future generations.

You can choose to include photographs of you or your favorite musician. Did you know there is more to scrapbooking than just storing memorabilia?

According to Anthony Thomas, there are roughly 25 million scrapbookers in the United States, which means there are high odds of meeting at least one scrapbooker.

A great place to meet people with whom you can make scrapbooks is by joining scrapbook clubs, e.g., from Meetup.

Also, it expands your creativity.

If you are a beginner, you may initially attach photos to pages.

As you partake in the hobby, your creativity will grow to the point you will have no problem choosing certain colors or wording your captions.

5. Listening to Music

Listening to music offers a lot of advantages.

One of the advantages is that it helps you learn new words (as you sing along to your favorite song).

This is an effective way of learning the words as opposed to listening without singing along.

If you have a baby who is still learning how to talk, you can play music for them since it is an effective way of quickening the learning process.

Music also offers cardiovascular benefits such as reducing your heart rate and blood pressure.

According to Allpasttimes, an Italian study revealed that people with mild hypertension who listened to raga, classical or Celtic for 30 minutes a day enjoyed significant reductions in their blood pressure.

6. Hiking

Hiking is an inexpensive hobby to start.

First, you do not need to take hiking classes since all you have to do is to walk.

Additionally, you may be lucky to encounter certain parks and recreational areas that do not charge any fee.

Besides being cheap, hiking has other benefits.

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One thing it does is keep your mind sharp.

During your hike, you will encounter obstacles like rocks and branches.

Naturally, you will move to avoid them.

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By continually avoiding obstacles, you will sharpen your brain in your hike and other areas of life that require sharpness, e.g., in your job.


Not all hobbies require intense concentration.

After a long tiresome day at work, some people wouldn’t want a hobby that would stress them as much as their job. People seek out these hobbies to relax.

The beauty of the hobbies identified above is that they do not require much skill, which means anybody can pick them up.

Additionally, the hobbies do wonders for your physical and social well being.

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