What Are Some Good Hobbies for Childless Couples? (Eight Ideas)

The pandemic of 2020 reminded us of the need to have hobbies both as individuals and couples.

Whether you are permanently childless or waiting to have kids, you want a hobby that you can pursue with your love without getting bored.

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So, What Are Some Good Hobbies for Childless Couples?

The trick is to identify an area of common interest. If both of you are into skydiving, do it together and make it a regular thing. You can sync your hobbies into something exciting for both of you as well. For example, if you like to cook and your significant other is into photography, guess what you’d end up with if you mixed the two – food photography!

Eight Hobby Ideas For Childless Couples

1. Travelling

Few things can be as exciting to a childless couple as traveling far and wide until you have nowhere new to go (think of that!).

Traveling is more fun if you are in the company of others, especially with someone you love.

I’ve always been of an opinion that Bonnie and Clyde stayed on the run longer partly because they were inseparable.

With no kids to worry about, you can get lost in a nationwide or worldwide adventure, hopping between regions to learn new languages and try new foods, etc.

It’s more than just traveling.

Other than getting to learn new cultures, languages, and meeting new people, you also get to try new adventures like cruising and antique shopping.

Magazines like National Geographic, Today’s Traveler, Travel + Leisure, and Global Traveler will furnish you with tons of destinations and travel ideas you need to get started.

2. Partying

It’s understandable that partying as a hobby is still unpopular and can even be a red flag to some people.

The lifestyle is synonymous with popping pills and irresponsible living in general.

However, parties could end up working for you and your love if your approach is right.

It is a highly appealing hobby for folks with very little or no responsibility at home, like taking care of children.

A couple that parties together stays together.

Reveling and fraternizing can help keep you stay together if it’s managed in mutual moderation.

Partying as a couple will demand a great deal of trust because you will be mingling with so many people capable of driving a wench between you.

You know you were meant to be together if you survive all the usual flirting and mistrust that comes with partying.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the few hobbies out there triggered by your personality.

It could also mean you care about others more than yourself.

If you don’t have kids to care for, you can sign up for volunteer work to improve the lives of other people in your community, country, or on the world stage.

It could as well end up bonding you and your partner.

Volunteer work is integral for the happiness of a couple.

Studies show that people who undertake volunteer work tend to lead happier lives than those who don’t.

Besides making you happy, it will boost your mental health.

Note that you must not give out money to show that you care. Any kind gesture can do, like playing with kids in foster homes.

4. Adventure Hobbies (Backpacking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and camping)

There’s a class of unique outdoor adventures that don’t fully fall in the category of ‘travel’ even though they seem to be part of the larger traveling group of hobbies.

This class of adventures is often referred to as “hard adventures” and includes backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, and camping.

If you had kids, it would be near impossible or just irresponsible to lose yourselves in the wild for days, camping and climbing mountains.

Camping ensures you are close to your partner and away from TV and smartphones. You will be shocked by how better your relationship will get.

Backpacking lets you travel on a budget.

If you are tired of staying home and having sex the entire day but you don’t have a lot of disposable income, you can pack your necessary belongings and hit the trail with your love.

Not only will it teach you to be a flexible couple but will also boost your confidence in the long run. People who backpack together often end up being lifelong friends.

5. Art And Crafts

From designing greeting cards to making pieces of jewelry and leatherwork, art and craft can be both a hobby and a business venture for a couple.

The best thing is that you all don’t need to focus on the same area of art.

You can do embroidery while your partner pursues bullet journaling.

Better yet, both of you can engage in painting if you have a common interest in it.

Handmade art and craft is one of the few hobbies a childless couple can pursue seriously and make money.

For starters, Etsy is the best place to start.

6. Skydiving

Skydiving is one of the least boring hobbies out there.

It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a high adrenaline outdoor activity that can make them get over something.

It is addictive in a good way and could end up building the bond between you and your partner.

Skydiving communities are amazing too.

Very much like camping and hiking communities, skydiving communities provide the company you might want to hang out with and socialize with.

It’s hard to describe skydiving if you’ve never experienced it, but the feeling of achieving you get can empower a couple without kids.

7. Dancing

Dancing is yet another fun-filled hobby you should try out with the love of your life.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a certain dance move…waltz, foxtrot, or Beyonce’s famous ‘Love On Top’ dance, then this is the time.

Stay away from online courses.

Instead, opt for an in-person dance class in your community/YMCA, where you can put your moves to test with your partner.

8. Fitness

The world of fitness offers numerous hobbies for everyone.

Let’s start with the most questionable one – ‘gyming’


Many people don’t consider working out in the gym as a real hobby but it is.

The simple act of lifting progressive weights and placing your foot on another or pulling a belt can be interesting for a couple that has little to do at home.


If you are looking for a low-impact workout that will keep you and your partner busy outdoors most of the day, biking is the best choice for you.

Another great thing about biking is that it doesn’t come with many physical limitations.

You also don’t need to restrict yourselves in your community to have a great biking experience.


The best thing about golf is that it’s social.

It can be refreshing and romantic as well because…I mean…who wouldn’t want to stare in the scenic golf grounds with their significant other?

Besides, you stand to burn anything between 800 to 900 calories by the time you step on the 18th hole.


To summarize everything, the perfect hobby for a childless couple should cut across the couple’s interests and should not bore easily, like skydiving.

Finding these hobbies can be easy if you understand each other.

If possible, find a way of syncing your individual hobbies.

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