What Are Some Good Hobbies for Former Smokers? (Ten Ideas!)

Quitting smoking has never been easy.

Former smokers tell of how to grind the decision is. Smokers battle with untold grips of addiction.

But once you overcome it, you are probably looking for hobby ideas to keep you busy and engaged in other enriching life endeavors.

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So, What Are Some Good Hobbies for Former Smokers?

Well, the list of hobbies for former smokers is long. Ranging from gardening, social media, motivation talks and shows, gaming, photography to voluntary mentorship, hobbies for former smokers are limitless.

Why Is It Good to Stop Smoking?

Sadly, smoking will leave you broke, depressed and unproductive.

The need to satisfy addiction is what drains your mind and resources.

There are many other ailments , including mouth and lung ulcers.

Abandoning smoking is indeed a tough decision that requires grit, dedication, and patience.

That is why as a former smoker or someone battling addiction, you need to do something that can take you off the thoughts of smoking.

This has to be a hobby or something you love doing. It should be something to distract you from thinking about smoking.

Ten Hobbies Ideal for Former Smokers

1. Volunteer Mentorship

Telling stories from a personal perspective and experiences is a better way to help those facing the same challenges as you did.

Besides, it helps build confidence in yourself. You want to prove that you can mentor someone and so you are willing to help.

There are many avenues where you can register as a volunteer mentor.

Most of them are accessible online. You can also go to a facility near you and offer guidance to smokers who are trying to avoid addiction.

2. Gardening

Gardening is, no doubt, one of the most fulfilling activities.

Creating a new generation of plants in your yard and taking care of them can be great fun.

It helps put your free time to good use. Not to mention that your environment will look better and blossom.

You can improvise hanging gardens by reusing cans and containers at home.

3. Meditation

Plenty of people overlooks the power of meditation.

Meditation can be a good hobby for former smokers it helps them to reflect on how life gets better without smoking.

Get to a lonely place and plunge your thoughts into deep meditation.

Analyze how much you have achieved so far and be grateful for it. Aim higher.

Think of how you can create a better society from your efforts. You can even write down these ideas for future reference.

4. Writing

As a former smoker, there is no denying that you have a ton of things to write about smoking.

Putting those ideas into writing can help preserve them.

You can blog and publish articles on topics revolving around drugs, addiction, and how to overcome them.

You can also journal some memories of how you decided to stop smoking.

Such ideas will not only help solidify your stance on smoking but also help other people chart the same destiny.

5. Gaming

Gaming is a good hobby for everyone.

Most people enjoy games and take them up for hobbies.

Games enhance critical thinking skills making you a better person.

Depending on personal preferences, there is a myriad of games from which to choose.

If you have mastered one already, you can proceed to the next and horn your skills and expertise.

Here are some gaming ideas:

The list is endless.

6. Running

One of the most popular physical exercises is running.

It will keep your body physically fit. Your brain is equally challenged through running.

In turn, you become more active and productive in your day-to-day activities.

You can do running anywhere in the house, backyard, along the road, or in the field.

Motivate yourself to run daily by investing in a good pair of running shoes and costumes.

7. Singing and Dancing

Another cool way of voicing what is in your heart and mind is through singing.

You can either sing those songs that have already been composed or create new ones of your own.

The way you would do with writing, singing can be a better way to share your ideas with other people.

8. Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument

From guitars to pianos, you can learn one skill at a time.

Learning to do so  is much like computer coding. A cascade of events must take place to perfect it.

As you demystify these tactics, your brain is highly engaged making you even more focused.

You do not need to worry about where you will get trained.

Plenty of options is available. You can seek help from and friend or relative who knows how to do it well.

Or you can hire a professional to train you at a fee.

Better still, you can stream hundreds of YouTube tutorials.

You will find them very helpful.

9. Watch Documentaries

Documentaries will virtually take you places.

There are tons of information to learn from them.

You can even watch documentaries related to drugs like a cigarette and other addictive elements.

Later, share the information you gathered to help other folks.

This is also an ample opportunity to gather ideas for other hobbies like writing and voluntary mentorship.

Documentaries simplify your research. Search for any topic that you love and dedicate your time learning everything they have to offer.

10. Travel and Photography

Though a little expensive, travel and photography create a good time to get new sightings away from your home and toxic people.

Interacting with marvels of nature and capturing shots of them is, by far, one of the most fulfilling hobbies for former smokers.

Often, travel and photography will take you to spectacular places of nature where everything is healthy and serene. This can change your perspective a lot on smoking and drug addiction.

You will also perfect your photography and editing skills. Photographs become archives for future reference.

Final Words

Smoking has potential health effects.

Making it through is a huge feat.

After abandoning smoking, there is every reason to find a good hobby to make yourself ever busy and happy.

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