What Are Some Hobbies Suitable For Minimalists? (Thirteen Ideas!)

Living a minimalist life involves downsizing your lifestyle into the basics of life and simplifying time-consuming activities.

That doesn’t mean that hobbies can’t be part of your life.

So, What Are Some Hobbies Suitable For Minimalists?

Well, there are many hobbies you can engage in while maintaining your scrimpy lifestyle. For instance, you can immerse yourself in cooking, running, fishing, or even hiking. Actually, you can enjoy an overplus of activities without overindulging too much. The key is to find a balance and think about the basics.

Although most hobbies can be intricate and expensive, you begin them as simple, stinting, and time-friendly activities.

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It will help you find some of the activities you enjoyed before switching to a minimalist lifestyle.

Ten Hobbies Applicable To Minimalists

Most hobbies require some equipment, which is a significant dilemma for some minimalists.

Your graving for new hobbies often interferes with your need for minimal things.

There aren’t many hobbies for extreme minimalists.

So, if you are ready to pursue a new hobby, you need to strike a balance of what hobby suits your personality.

But here are some hobbies that are suitable for minimalist lifestyles and work well for small spaces:

1. Gardening

Get your hands dirty and plant some beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables.

You can pass your free time enjoying quality gardening in your small space.

The goodness with gardening is that you can practice it in a little room or leasing a property.

So, if your living space doesn’t have a yard, you can pursue hydroponics or container gardening, which requires little space to practice.

You can begin with a few plants, vegetables, or herbs, then gradually make it a habit to tender them in your free time.

2. Sewing

This is a fantastic hobby that you can grow into a full-blown career.

The fan side is that you can make unique clothes for yourself.

And the options are unlimited. You can make dresses, bags, broaches, or even bedclothes.

To start sewing and stitching, you need a few materials like threads, stitching needles, yarn, and fabric materials, which do not take up a lot of your space.

3. Cooking

You can explore the art of culinary.

You will be amazed at how enjoyable cooking can be when you get creative with your skills.

Although your small kitchen may be an issue, you can take it as a chance to push your limits further and be more creative.

4. Making Jewelry

Jewelry making is a great hobby that offers a variety of options.

It is an ideal choice for minimalists because it doesn’t need a lot of space, and you work with small items that take up small space in your room.

You can start by making necklaces, beaded earrings, and bracelets.

As your skills grow, you can move into more refined art like jewels and fine metals.

5. Painting

Painting is an art and a form of active entertainment.

Painting is an excellent stress reliever. It allows you to express your deep feelings creatively.

6. Musical Engagement

If you love music, you can make it one of your hobbies.

It would help if you had a few instruments (guitar, piano, etc) and gadgets, and you are good to dive into music.

Additionally, you have various options to explore, from playing an instrument to singing to writing music.

7. Writing

Writing is an ideal hobby for minimalists.

It is a fantastic way to get creative and explore your writing skills.

What is more, is you can write anything anywhere.

You can start blogging, journal regularly in a notebook, or creative writing.

Perhaps you are very good at writing creative stories, poems, or critical essays.

And with the advancement in technology, you only need a laptop or a simple notebook.

8. Gaming

Although not all games are suitable for minimalist lifestyles, great gaming options require small space.

The gaming world is vast, and you will never run out of options.

For beginners, you can start with chess then graduate to video games.

Another popular gaming hobby is online video games. It requires a few items like a computer gadget or a phone.

Here, you can play with a group of friends or total strangers worldwide connected to the game.

9. Digital photography

Photography is an excellent hobby for minimalists.

You can make fabulous photos with a simple camera and photo editing tools.

10. Outdoor activities

There are limitless options of outdoor activities you can pursue.

For instance, you can engage in cycling, walking, swimming, dancing, tennis, or kayaking.

The possibilities are immense.

As a minimalist, you should find at least one outdoor hobby you fully enjoy and start to pursue.

It will make a great difference to your health and improve your mood.

Three Hobbies Just Right For Extreme Minimalists

No matter how minimalist you are, you should never miss an opportunity to improve your life.

So, if lack of equipment prevents you from pursuing your dream hobby, you can try borrowing first, then move on to buy second-hand or check out the least expensive one you can get.

1. Yoga

Yoga will help you reclaim your physical and mental balance.

If you choose to practice yoga regularly, it can become your hobby.

If you do not own a mat, you can find classes that prove one for you.

Alternatively, you can use a blanket and a pillow to cushion your knees.

2. Hiking

Whenever the weather can allow you can spend your free time day-hiking.

You need little or no additional gear.

A bottle of water, packed lunch, and a back bag will suffice.

You’ll walk, sit on the ground and enjoy a meal.

3. Sketching

Sketching is a light form of art. It would help if you had a pen and a paper to express your inner thoughts and show your creative skills.

Yet, with a piece alone, you can still be creative. You can practice the art of paper folding and paper rolling.

Five Minimalist Hobby Tips

1. Keep Your Things Organized

A minimalist lifestyle requires few items and living in a small space. To optimize your hobbies, you have to stay organized.

2. Discard The Leftovers

When you are done with your project, dispose of the leftover materials. The extra stuff will take up too much of your space. You can donate the excess baggage or give them away.

3. Don’t Be Too Ambitious With Your Projects

Work on one hobby at a time. Since you are working on a limited space capacity, it is reasonable to work on one undertaking at a time.

4. Engage In A Hobby That Corresponds To Your Space

Whatever hobby you choose, you should scale it to your available space.

5. Share Your Success With others

For instance, if you were undertaking a sewing or painting project, you should consider sharing them for donation if you are limited in storage space.

Final Words

Minimalism is the intentional choice to live a life of less possession.

Adopting minimalism brings freedom from desires to acquire more.

However, it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying your free time and hobbies.

Additional Hobbies For Consideration