Hobbies for RVers (2024): Cultivating Leisure and Community On the Road

Embracing the RV lifestyle means finding enjoyment in the journey as much as the destination.

Your mobile abode presents a unique opportunity to pursue hobbies that fit within its compact confines and complement the travel experience.

Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of nature, the joy of crafting, or the satisfaction of learning something new, there’s an activity out there that can enrich your time on the road.

While adventure awaits outside your RV door with hiking and birdwatching, the space inside can be a sanctuary for creativity and relaxation.

Engaging in artistic hobbies like painting or photography capitalizes on the ever-changing landscapes at your doorstep.

Alternatively, you can keep your fingers nimble and your mind sharp with skill-based activities like knitting, where even limited space isn’t a barrier to creation.

Key Takeaways

  • Pursue hobbies that suit the RV space and lifestyle.
  • Engage in outdoor activities or artistic pursuits.
  • Choose hobbies that foster social connections and personal growth.

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Embracing the RV Lifestyle

When you choose full-time RVing, you’re not just picking a vehicle; you’re selecting a lifestyle that brings travel, adventure, and the freedom to explore right to your doorstep. Transitioning to an RV lifestyle allows you to embrace a life on the road, filled with new experiences at every destination.

Getting Started
Before hitting the road, consider these steps:

  1. Downsize: Let go of belongings that don’t fit your mobile life.
  2. Plan: Map out your initial route and book your first campsites.
  3. Connect: Join RVing communities to learn from experienced travelers.

RV Travel Essentials

Your RV should have all the comforts of home, yet be ready to move:

  • Maintenance: Keep it in tiptop shape with regular check-ups.
  • Utilities: Ensure your RV is equipped with essential utilities.
  • Packing: Pack wisely, prioritizing space-saving and multipurpose items.

Embracing the RV lifestyle comes with learning how to maximize small spaces and simplify your life so you can focus on the adventures ahead. Whether you’re parked in a forest, beside a mountain stream, or at a sunny beachside campsite, there’s a unique sense of community and connection to nature that comes with life on the road.

Travel & Community

Discover the joy of waking up to new scenery outside your window:

  • Engage with fellow RVers at shared campsites.
  • Share travel tips and favorite destinations.
  • Participate in local events and attractions during your stops.

By adopting the RV lifestyle, you embrace a life of simplicity, the joy of new friends, and the thrill of waking up to a new view.

Ready to start your journey? Find valuable guidance and community insights at RV-Friendly Hobbies.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities For RVers

RVing offers a unique opportunity to engage in a variety of outdoor and adventure activities that can enhance your connection with nature and provide exhilarating experiences.

1. Hiking and Walking Trails

Your RV is the perfect base camp for exploring some of the nation’s finest hiking and walking trails. From the sprawling vistas of national parks to hidden local paths, you can find a trail that matches your fitness level and scenery desires.

  • Best for: Experiencing nature, sightseeing
  • Equipment needed: Comfortable walking shoes, hydration pack
  • Popular locations: National parks, nature reserves

2. Water-Based Hobbies For RVers

Whether it’s fishing in serene lakes, tackling the rapids with kayaking, or enjoying a tranquil day of swimming, water-based activities are a refreshing way to spend your day.

3. On-Wheels Fun

Explore the surroundings on wheels! Go biking through biking trails or enjoy a leisurely ride around the campground to admire the landscape and stay active.

  • Options available: Bicycle, electric bikes, scooters
  • Safety tip: Always wear a helmet

4. Golfing and Other Sports

Many RV parks are located near golf courses, offering the perfect chance to play a round of golf. Or, participate in sports like tennis and basketball at local community courts.

  • Sports available: Golf, tennis, mini-golf
  • Equipment: Clubs, balls, appropriate attire

5. Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasm

For the nature lover, RV travels offer ample opportunities for bird watching and wildlife photography. Bring your camera and binoculars to capture the moment.

  • Activities to try: Birdwatching, animal tracking
  • Items to bring: Binoculars, camera, field guide

6. Extreme Adventures

For the thrill-seekers, options like rock climbing and geocaching add an element of excitement to the RV experience. These activities often take you to less traversed paths and hidden geographies.

7. Outdoor Creativity

Taking your artistic hobbies outside, such as photography, painting, or writing, can provide fresh inspiration and a deeper connection with the outdoor scenes you’re enjoying.

  • Creative pursuits: Sketching, photography, journaling
  • Inspiration: Landscapes, sunsets, wildlife

8. Camping Essentials

To fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle, having the right camping gear is essential. Items like portable grills, comfortable chairs, and robust tents make your adventure both enjoyable and comfortable.

  • Must-haves:
    • Tent or RV awning
    • Cooking equipment
    • Proper lighting

Each of these activities offers a way to immerse yourself in the beauties of the outside world while making the most of your RV journey. Whether it’s the tranquility of a lakeside spot or the adrenaline of an off-path adventure, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast.

Artistic and Creative Pursuits For RVers

Exploring your artistic side can be incredibly fulfilling while on the road. Your RV becomes a mobile studio for various forms of art, from painting to crafting, allowing you to draw inspiration from your travels.

Visual Arts

You can turn your RV into an artist’s retreat, utilizing compact supplies like watercolors and drawing pads. For those keen on larger projects, consider portable easels for painting scenes discovered during your travels or on-site stained glass creations.

  • Paints: Use acrylics or watercolors for ease of cleanup and storage
  • Drawing: Carry a sketchbook for impromptu inspiration

Crafting and Handiwork

The smaller space of an RV doesn’t mean you have to give up crafting. Sewing, knitting, and quilting can be pursued with organized storage of materials.

  • Knitting & Crochet: Portable projects that can be picked up at any time
  • Quilting: Opt for smaller projects like quilted table runners or wall hangings

Writing and Blogging

Capture your on-the-road experiences through writing and blogging. Journaling can be a reflective practice, while blogging allows you to share your adventures with a wider audience.

  • Blogging: Consider starting a travel blog to document your RV lifestyle
  • Journaling: Keep a daily diary for personal reflections and sketches

Performing Arts

Whether it’s dancing or playing a musical instrument, the performing arts are a brilliant way to express yourself. Consider learning compact instruments like the ukulele or harmonica.

  • Music: Bring along instruments that are easy to store
  • Dancing: Use outdoor spaces to practice forms like ballroom dancing

Photography as Art

Embrace photography as an art form. Your travels provide unique photographic opportunities, allowing you to build an incredible portfolio of your journeys.

  • Scenery Shots: Capture landscapes and sunsets with your camera
  • Portraiture: Photograph the people you meet during your travels

Crafting for Business

Turn your hobby into an income stream by selling your creations on platforms like Etsy. Crafts like beading, jewelry making, and wood carving are popular items that can be made and sold.

Items to sell:

  1. Beaded bracelets and necklaces
  2. Hand-carved wooden spoons or sculptures
  3. Customized scrapbooks or journals

Ensure you have organized compartments for your materials and finished products to maintain an efficient and tidy workspace.

Leisure and Recreation Activities For RVers

The RV lifestyle affords you the unique opportunity to enjoy a variety of leisure and recreation activities wherever you travel. Whether you’re seeking a quiet evening with a book or an engaging afternoon with board games, your options are vast and can be tailored to the coziness of your RV space.

1. Board and Card Games

Board and card games are timeless entertainment options that offer fun for all ages. Carrying a deck of cards or a compact board game can lead to hours of enjoyment. Whether you’re interested in strategy games or classic family fun, these games are perfect for rainy days inside your RV or relaxing evenings at the campsite.

  • Examples of compact board games:
    • Chess
    • Checkers
    • Scrabble

2. Reading and Literature

Reading provides an escape into different worlds and ideas, making it an excellent recreational activity for RVers. With the rise of e-readers and audiobooks, it’s easier than ever to carry a vast library without physical books taking up precious space. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, a good book can be your perfect travel companion.

  • Digital reading resources:
    • E-readers like Kindle
    • Audiobook apps such as Audible

3. Gardening and Plant Care

Gardening might seem challenging on the road, but container gardening and growing herbs can bring a touch of greenery to your mobile space. Plants not only enhance the aesthetics of your RV but also improve air quality. Small, portable herb gardens allow you to enjoy fresh flavors in your cooking, no matter where you go.

  • Suggestions for RV-friendly plants:
    • Basil
    • Mint
    • Succulents

4. Food and Cooking

Exploring new cuisines and local produce can be an enriching experience. Cooking in your RV lets you pair your adventures with culinary creativity. Space-saving cooking gadgets and one-pan recipes ensure that you can prepare delicious meals without a full-sized kitchen.

Cooking EssentialsUse
Collapsible colanderRinse vegetables and conserve space
Multipurpose pot/panCook a variety of meals with one item
Silicone baking matsNon-stick surface, easy to clean

5. Watching and Creating Videos

RV travel offers countless opportunities to create and watch videos that capture your adventures. With a simple camera or smartphone, you can document your travels and create content to share on platforms like YouTube.

For those days when you feel like staying in, streaming services offer countless movies and shows for your entertainment.

  • Video creation tools:
    • Tripods for stable shooting
    • Video editing software/apps

By incorporating these leisure and recreation activities into your RV travels, you enhance not only your personal enjoyment but also gain new experiences and memories to cherish.

Mind and Skill Hobbies For RVers

RVing doesn’t mean you have to leave your hobbies behind. In fact, it offers the perfect opportunity to engage your mind and enhance your skills in various areas.

Whether you are nestled in a national park or cruising down the highway, you can always find time to challenge your brain or indulge in a personal passion.

1. Puzzle Solving and Brain Games

Your RV space can transform into a haven for mindfulness and mental stimulation. Dedicate time to puzzle solving and engaging in board games that sharpen your cognitive skills.

Keep a few board games stashed in your overhead bins for easy access. You can play solo puzzles like Sudoku or involve fellow campers in a night of Scrabble.

Brain GamesSkill RequiredBenefits
ChessStrategyProblem-solving, focus
SudokuLogicMemory, concentration
Crossword PuzzlesWord KnowledgeVocabulary expansion

2. Genealogy and History

Turn your passion for genealogy into a mobile hobby with the use of your laptop computer and steady Internet connection. You can explore online databases and piece together your family’s past. Visiting historical sites around the country can complement your findings and add depth to your family’s story.

  • Research genealogical records
  • Visit historical landmarks associated with your ancestry

3. Collecting and Organizing

Stamp collecting is a great way to document your travels without needing much space. You can organize them into themed collections, such as stamps from each state you visit or national parks. Not only is it a way to create a tangible memory of your travels, but it also helps keep your mind sharp through the organization.

  1. Collect stamps from each state you visit
  2. Visit national parks collectors stamps and cancellations

4. Learning and Education

Never stop learning, even on the road. With online courses and educational podcasts, you can turn your RV into a classroom. Whether it’s learning a new language, taking up a writing workshop, or studying astronomy under the stars, use your Internet connection to enrich your knowledge.

  • Enroll in online courses in a variety of subjects
  • Listen to educational podcasts as you drive

Social Engagement and Volunteering Hobbies For RVers

Embracing the RV lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice social interaction or community involvement. There are many opportunities to connect with others and contribute to society while enjoying your nomadic life.

RV Clubs and Communities

Joining an RV club or becoming part of an RV community can significantly enhance your journey. These groups offer a platform to meet fellow RVers who share your interests and wanderlust.

  • Benefits of membership often include:
    • Access to exclusive events
    • Regular meet-ups and caravans
    • Sharing tips and advice with peers

For instance, you might engage with other RV enthusiasts through the Fun RV Hobbies community or explore educational pursuits with clubs focused on specific subjects.

Volunteer Work

Your travels need not be devoid of purpose beyond personal enjoyment; volunteering offers a way to give back. Many organizations and events look for RVers willing to donate their time and skills.

Opportunities can include:

  • Assisting at local charities
  • Participating in environmental clean-ups
  • Supporting national parks or local community services

You might align your passions with volunteering, such as through Ready 2 Roam RV’s suggestions for involvement.

Social Dancing and Events

For those who enjoy rhythm and movement, social dancing presents an ideal chance to stay active and mingle. Many RV communities host dance events, including ballroom dancing, where you can learn new moves and meet people.

  • Types of dancing events include:
    • Group classes and workshops
    • Themed dance nights
    • Dance competitions and socials

Be sure to check local event calendars and RV community boards for upcoming dance activities that cater to a range of preferences and skill levels.


Adopting hobbies during your RV journeys enhances the travel experience. Here are key takeaways:

  • Maximize Your Space: Make use of compact and mobile-friendly hobbies.
  • Connect with Others: Engage in social hobbies to meet fellow travelers.
  • Rediscover Simplicity: Embrace hobbies that require minimal gear.

Remember, hobbies tailored for RV living bring joy to your adventures.