Hobbies for Someone Stuck at Home (2024): The Ultimate Guide to Being a Homebody

Spending extended periods at home can sometimes leave you feeling like you’ve exhausted all your usual pastimes.

The space you’re confined to, however, need not limit the scope of engaging activities at your fingertips.

Whether it’s honing a skill you’ve put on hold or discovering a new hobby, the options are plentiful and can be tailored to your interests and resources.

Indoor hobbies are a great way to stimulate your creativity and bring some enjoyment into your daily routine.

They can range from learning a new language, which can be aided by various online platforms, to the tactile pleasure of sewing or crafting, where the satisfaction comes from creating something with your own hands.

Additionally, physical activities such as yoga can not only keep you fit but also help in stress reduction right from the comfort of your living room.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring new hobbies at home boosts creativity and enjoyment.
  • Learning and craft-based hobbies offer fulfilling personal development.
  • Physical indoor activities contribute to well-being and stress relief.

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Exploring Indoor Hobbies For Folks Stuck At Home

When you’re stuck at home, discovering a new hobby or rekindling an old one can transform your indoor space into a haven of creativity and relaxation. This section will guide you through various indoor hobbies, each with its unique benefits and delights.

Culinary Creations

You can spice up your routine by diving into the world of cooking and baking. Whether you’re whipping up cocktails or trying your hand at cheese making, each culinary project offers a satisfying and delicious way to pass the time. Discover recipes and tutorials with platforms like Skillshare to refine your culinary skills.

  • Cooking: Master global cuisines or perfect your comfort food recipes.
  • Baking: Delve into bread making, pastry baking, or dessert crafting.
  • Cocktails: Shake or stir your own craft cocktails to enjoy a happy hour at home.
  • Cheese Making: Learn the art of creating cheeses from around the world.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts provide a tactile way to express your creativity. Engage in activities such as knitting with yarn and needles, crochet, scrapbooking, or even origami. You can also try your hand at painting, drawing, or calligraphy for a more traditional artistic pursuit, or explore contemporary crafts like candle making and embroidery. For those interested in ceramics, a pottery kit can bring the experience of a pottery studio into your home.

  • Knitting/Crochet: Create everything from scarves to blankets with just needles and yarn.
  • Scrapbooking/Origami: Preserve memories or fold intricate designs.
  • Arts like painting, drawing, and calligraphy enhance your fine motor skills and artistic eye.

Mindfulness and Well-being

Turning towards mindfulness practices are excellent for nurturing both mental and physical health. Engaging in meditation or yoga can promote relaxation and self-care. Find guided sessions on YouTube channels dedicated to well-being or use apps for structured courses.

  • Meditation: A practice to center your thoughts and improve focus.
  • Yoga: Combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Learning New Skills

Boost your brainpower by learning a new language with tools like Rosetta Stone, or take an online course in subjects like photography or graphic design. Expand your knowledge by listening to educational podcasts or subscribing to YouTube channels that offer tutorials in a wide array of skills.

  1. Learning a New Language: Utilize language-learning platforms for a multilingual edge.
  2. Online Courses: Websites like Skillshare offer classes on a variety of subjects, from photography to business analytics.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

DIY projects, such as upcycling, home improvement, or leather working, empower you to revamp your space or create functional art. Activities like needle felting can also provide hours of crafting enjoyment.

  • Upcycling: Give old items new life with creative modifications.
  • Home Improvement: Small changes or fixes can make a significant impact.

Home Entertainment

Your home can be the epicenter for entertainment with an array of options. Set up board games for family fun, or immerse yourself in digital worlds with various video games. Streaming services like Netflix offer endless movies and TV shows, while karaoke can bring the party right into your living room.

  • Board Games/Video Games: Choose from strategy, adventure, or quick-play games.
  • Netflix/Karaoke: Watch the latest series or host a sing-along session.

Literature and Education

Dedicate time to reading new books or re-reading old favorites. Engage in learning new subjects or writing your own stories. Educational platforms like Skillshare and various online classes can help expand your knowledge base.

  • Reading: Explore different genres or authors to find your next great read.
  • Learning/Writing: Take up writing as a creative outlet or start a new educational course.

Expanding Your Knowledge

Incorporating hobbies that focus on personal growth can significantly enhance your skills and knowledge while you’re at home.

Language and Literacy

Reading is a fundamental avenue for acquiring information across a spectrum of subjects. By exploring diverse genres, you can increase your knowledge on topics like history or science and refine your literacy. For those aiming to learn a new language, resources like Rosetta Stone offer comprehensive courses to build your language skills.

Virtual Learning

Engaging in online courses can propel your understanding of virtually any subject. Platforms like Skillshare allow you to develop new competencies in areas such as photography, graphic design, or writing. To aid in learning, you might listen to educational podcasts that cover a myriad of topics.

Cultivating Creativity

Unlock your creative potential through various artistic pursuits. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or calligraphy, these activities not only enhance your aesthetic capabilities but also encourage innovative thinking. Here’s a snapshot of creative skills you can delve into:

Creative SkillsTools/Resources
DrawingPencils, sketchpad
PaintingPaints, brushes, canvas
Graphic DesignCanva, Adobe Suite

Artisanal Adventures

Converting your interest into a hands-on project can be both rewarding and enlightening. Crafts such as candle making, embroidery, and cheese making not only produce tangible results but also enrich your artisanal knowledge. Start with these simple projects and watch as your skills grow:

  1. Candle Making: Gather wax, wicks, and scents.
  2. Embroidery: Practice with needles, threads, and patterns.
  3. Cheese Making: Learn the process with starter kits.

Personal Development and Self-Care

Incorporating self-care activities and focusing on personal development can significantly enhance your quality of life while you’re at home. These practices not only occupy your time but also contribute to your overall well-being and growth.

Health and Fitness

Your physical health has a profound impact on your overall well-being. Engage in home workouts to maintain fitness, which can range from simple exercises like push-ups and sit-ups to more structured routines found in online fitness videos. Consider taking up yoga or running to improve flexibility and cardiovascular health.

  • Yoga: Integrate mind and body through various poses and breathing exercises.
  • Running: If you have the space, running in place or on a treadmill can be valuable.

Mindful Practices

Mindful practices such as meditation and reading can sharpen your mental focus and provide a sense of tranquility. Allocate time for meditation to calm the mind and enhance concentration. Dedicate a part of your day to reading, which can be both a relaxing and intellectually stimulating hobby.

  1. Meditation: Use guided sessions from apps or online resources to get started.
  2. Reading: Explore different genres and authors to expand your knowledge and imagination.

Artistic Expression

Artistic hobbies like drawing, coloring with markers or colored pencils, and crafting enable you to express your creativity. Adult coloring books have gained popularity as a method to relieve stress and concentrate on the present moment.

  • Colored Pencils and Markers: Create vibrant art or indulge in the precision required for intricate designs.
  • Adult Coloring Books: These offer complex patterns and scenes that challenge you to produce beautiful, detailed works.

By engaging in these hobbies and activities, you establish a routine that fosters both personal development and self-care, ultimately leading to a balanced and enriched life at home.

Interactive and Social Activities For Homebodies

Engaging in interactive and social activities can help alleviate the sense of isolation during times of social distancing. Here, you’ll discover virtual spaces for community interaction, and fun games that you can play alone or with others online.

Online Communities

YouTube Channels and Podcasts offer a wealth of content to keep you entertained and informed. Whether you’re interested in learning a new skill or just want to stay connected with what’s happening in the world, these platforms provide endless possibilities. During quarantine, many have turned to these sources for both entertainment and a sense of community.

Examples of Online Communities:

  • Virtual Book Clubs: Join discussions and share your thoughts.
  • Fitness Programs: Stay active and engaged with others on the same journey.

Board and Video Games

Board games and video games have become a popular form of entertainment that can help foster social interaction during quarantine. Many classic board games have digital versions available, allowing you to play with friends or family remotely.

Popular Games Include:

  1. Chess
  2. Scrabble
  3. Settlers of Catan

For solo or group fun, video games offer immersive virtual experiences. Multiplayer games, in particular, can provide a communal atmosphere almost as if you were in the same room with other players.

Notable Video Game Titles:

Handcrafting and Building

Lastly, handcrafting activities like knitting, crochet, origami, or woodworking can be quite rewarding, allowing you to create tangible items while also participating in online craft communities.

Crafting Options to Explore:

  • Knitting and Crochet: Create clothing, accessories, or home décor.
  • Origami: Challenge yourself with the art of paper folding.
  • Woodworking: Take on a project and build something practical or decorative.

To share your work or get inspiration, platforms like Pinterest or crafting forums are invaluable resources. They provide a space to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange tips, and showcase your creations.

ActivityDescriptionSocial Aspect
KnittingYarn-based creationsShare patterns, join knitting groups
OrigamiPaper folding artDisplay and learn on forums
WoodworkingBuilding with woodShow projects, get advice online

Engaging in these interactive and social activities will allow you to cultivate hobbies, learn new skills, and maintain a connection with others, all from the comfort of your home.

Home-Based Hobbies and Interests

Exploring hobbies from the comfort of your home offers a variety of activities ranging from the creative to the culinary. Whether your interests lie in care for greenery or concocting delightful dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Gardening and Plant Care

You can transform your living space into a green sanctuary with indoor gardening. Learning about soil and house plants not only beautifies your home but also improves air quality and enhances well-being. Engage with resources on plant care to get started.

Collecting and Curating

Collecting can be a journey through history or a deep dive into specific items of interest like coins, stamps, or memorabilia. Delving into scrapbooking or genealogy allows you to curate personal histories, creating a lasting legacy.

Crafting With Purpose

Crafting can be both a creative outlet and a practical pursuit. Whether you’re into upcycling everyday items into decor or creating handmade gifts, crafting gives tangible results to your creativity. Initiatives like crafting with recyclables offer exciting projects and environmental benefits.

Creative Writing and Reading

Unlock your inner author with writing, be it poetry, stories, or journaling. Reading not only supports your writing journey but also expands your horizons. Literature provides an escape, and becoming a better writer enhances your communication skills.

Music and Performance

Turn your home into a stage by indulging in music and performance arts. Whether it’s learning an instrument, singing, or hosting karaoke nights, these activities can bring joy and improve your auditory skills.

Kitchen Experiments

The kitchen is an ideal lab for experimenting with flavors and techniques from baking bread to cooking gourmet meals. Home brewing beer or mixing cocktails can become both a hobby and a way to impress your guests. Check out kitchen hobby guides to whip up new recipes.

Resourceful Learning

In this digital age, your home can be a hub of knowledge acquisition, utilizing a myriad of online platforms to learn new skills or refine existing ones.

Maximizing Online Resources

You have access to a virtually limitless pool of information and tutorials online. Platforms like Skillshare offer a diverse range of online classes covering everything from graphic design to cooking. Podcasts and YouTube channels also provide a wealth of knowledge on topics such as baking, calligraphy, and more.

Consider these online resources:

  • Podcasts: Listen to industry experts and hobby enthusiasts share tips.
  • YouTube: Watch step-by-step guides on nearly any skill you wish to learn.

Skill Development

Developing your skills while at home can be both fulfilling and practical. Diving into learning a new language can enhance your cognitive abilities and perhaps advance your career. Utilize apps and websites like Duolingo to practice daily. Pursue yoga to improve your physical health and mental well-being with online instructors or via apps.

For creative and artistic growth, the table below suggests platforms for specific skills:

Graphic DesignAdobe Tutorials
CookingBBC Good Food

Remember: Practice these skills consistently to see progress. Use free trials when available to explore which resources suit your learning style best.

Adapting to Home Living

While adapting to home living, particularly during prolonged periods like quarantine or when practicing social distancing, it’s essential to establish routines and find activities that mitigate the sensation of cabin fever and promote well-being.

Managing Cabin Fever

Cabin fever, a common response to being isolated or confined in a single space for an extended period, can be alleviated by creating a home workout regimen or engaging in home improvement projects. For example, you might:

  1. Start your day with meditation to set a calm tone and focus.
  2. Incorporate a simple, but effective home workout to stay physically active.
  3. Dedicate time for self-care, ensuring regular breaks from work or other obligations.
Time of DayActivity
MorningMeditation & Stretching
MiddayHome Workout
EveningHome Improvement Projects

Solo Activities

Embracing solo activities can help maintain your mental health and stave off the effects of social isolation. Consider:

  • Embroidery or other craft hobbies that provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • Listening to podcasts which can entertain or educate you on topics of interest. You can find them through various subscription services.
  • Board games designed for one player, or solving a jigsaw puzzle to challenge your mind.
  • Picking up an adult coloring book for a creative yet simple and slow-paced activity to help you relax.

These activities not only help pass the time but also contribute to a balanced and fulfilling daily routine while you navigate living at home under these unique circumstances.


Exploring new hobbies from home enriches your life and can enhance your skills.

Consider the hobbies mentioned:

Choose one that resonates with you and begin your journey today.