What Are Some Hobbies to Keep Your Hands Busy While Watching TV?

Dedicating a complete evening or longer watching television can sometimes be boring at times.

However, there are some hobbies you can do to spice things up.

So, What Are Some Hobbies to Keep Your Hands Busy While Watching TV?

There are several hobbies to keep your hands busy while watching TV. These include; doodling, meal preparing, skincare routine, knitting, pottery, stretching, embroidery, crafting greeting cards, making stickers, faux wearing, paper crafting, and wall hanging. And although not really a hobby, you can consider folding laundry, making a to-do list, and organizing loose papers. 

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Eleven TV Watching Hobbies

1. Pottery

Pottery is a good way of be preoccupied while watching TV.

However, we must admit that this could get a bit messy and is not best with shows where you will need to touch your remote more often.

But if you want a background noise while trying a new hobby, pottery is perfect for the TV hobby.

Lay some old sheets, get your hands dirty and be ready to add some beautiful ceramics to your home décor.

2. Sticker Making

You can begin creating your stickers if you are more into digital stuff.

You can create your stickers for customizing your stationery, creating your own gift-wrapping stickers, or labeling special events in your planner or calendar.

One of the popular ways of creating unique stickers on your computer is a Silhouette Cameo machine and software.

When you finish designing the stickers.

Plug in the machine and print the stickers. It’s a bit costly to start, but once you purchase the machine, you will likely save money in the long run.

3. Making Greetings Cards

Making your own greetings card is an excellent way of showing someone that you care while enabling you to explore your creativity.

You need to purchase a bunch of colored cards and colorful markers, then grab scissors and glue.

They can be as fancy or minimal as you wish, adding glitter, sequins, magazine cutouts, and more.

The recipient will also be sure to appreciate the homemade card you poured your heart into instead of a cheap card that is not personal to them.

4. Crocheting

Like knitting, crocheting is also a great hobby to keep your hands busy while watching TV.

To learn the crocheting basics, you might require to watch some do-it-yourself videos before you embark on your designs.

However, crocheting can become your second nature once you have the skills.

With time, you can put your mind on auto-pilot, a perfect hobby for watching your favorite television show.

Knitting a scarf, baby blanket, or hat can be engaging and might take up time, but the repetitive stitches help keep your hands engaged as you watch the TV.

5. Faux Weaving

Faux weaving is relatively similar to macramé designs.

However, it’s a simpler approach that uses other materials, making it seem like weaved beautiful wall hanging. It’s mostly made using felt balls, hot glue, dowel rod, and tassels.

This hobby is pretty simple, with the good news being that you will have a completed project by the end of your television watching session.

6. Embroidery

There is something very relaxing about working on a project as you watch television.

Embroidery is a repetitive craft when watching TV that uses simple stitches.

It’s particularly easy if you follow a particular pattern. Based on the size of the embroidery project, you might require a couple of your favorite tv programs to finish.

7. Paper Crafts

These massive paper flowers are fun and gorgeous to craft.

The steps of making these paper crafts are very simple, and you can hardly believe that something stunning can come from a paper.

You can make even more incredible crafts with paper, including origami crafts.

Origami entails a folding paper designed to create different things such as planes, animals, and plants.

8. Making Key Chains

There are over a hundred ways of making key chains, from wood beaded keychains to leather tassels.

You can make them kid-friendly and classy using silicone teething beads.

The simple project can take as little as fifteen minutes to make.

9. Brush lettering

Brush lettering is another amazing hobby for your hands while watching TV.

You will move practicing brush lettering as the TV runs in the background.

You can consider turning on your favorite old tv show that you have watched previously or one that does need high concentration and listen and watch as you practice hand lettering.

You can practice this hobby for a few pages daily, and it is one of the favorite ways of relaxing for most people as they watch TV.

It keeps your hand busy while your mind listens to the TV.

10. Wall Hanging DIY

Fiber wall art refers to an elegant craft that makes a beautiful style by tying patterns of knots.

This craft was famous in the 70s and is creating one of the best comebacks. It involves creating an elegant design via a pattern of tying knots.

Macramé wall-hangings are famous, but you can also craft designs for plant holders, pillow covers, and much more.

While you will require time to learn different knots, once you are well acquitted to this hobby, you can effectively keep your hands busy as you watch your favorite shows.

11. Stretches And Exercises

If you require doing some stretches, you can consider doing some stretches, jumping jacks, watch while performing some push-ups or lifting weights.

Several quick chair exercises can keep your hand busy while watching tv.

This is a particularly perfect hobby for individuals looking to shed some weight as they keep up with their favorite TV programs.

Bottom Line

Generally, these are some of the perfect hobbies to keep your hands busy while watching.

Engaging in any of these hobbies as you catch up on your favorite tv show seems like the ideal combination.

With these hobbies, you will use your free time and enjoy keeping your hands busy while keeping up with your favorite TV shows.

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