What Are Good Hobbies For Introverts? (15 Options!)

Introversion is a principal dimension in human personality and traits and is typified by focusing on inner thoughts and ideas rather than external stimulation.

The introverts portray this character because their brains run on energy-conserving nerves, and that’s why they love activities that will make them dive into their inner world of ideas.

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So, What Are Good Hobbies For Introverts?

There are several hobbies that introverts can do and enjoy. These hobbies ought to make them think deeply and engage their inner thoughts, but most importantly, be done alone or in the company of a few.

1. Computer Programming

Programming is a good hobby and a great career choice for introverts.

According to Codegym, it is important to make coding your hobby.

About 78% of developers say coding is their hobby, and among them are introverted.

Coding and programming need a lot of focus and energy, which is why it is suitable for introverts.

2. Reading

Reading is such a favorite activity for many introverts.

One can opt to read books to make the time spent alone productive.

It can be either fiction or nonfiction. Introverts can read books like Quiet, Walden, Fangirl, and The Goldfinch.

3. Creative Writing

It is a rewarding hobby for many introverts because it is relaxing, and one can do it independently.

It allows one to create their world and makes them use their deep understanding of life.

It is confirmed that some of the world’s best writers are introverts who enjoy their work.

It harnesses your creativity and the alone time allows introverts to create the space and inclination to develop their creative side.

Writing also helps an individual forge a deep connection with the world. That aside, solitary activity can turn into a business and bring money to the table.

4. Drawing

Many times, introverts usually make great artists.

Not every introvert, but the majority love drawing and excelling in arts.

They get enough quality time alone and the space to engage their inner thoughts and ideas and express them through arts.

All you need to start drawing are pastel pencils, contè sticks, crayons, graphite sticks, papers, drawing boards, and pens.

5. Painting

Painting is a great hobby for introverts.

Many introverts enjoy painting because it is an activity that can be done alone, and introverted artists can speak more eloquently through their paintings and drawings than they would have done face to face.

All you need to get started are paints, a paint roller, paintbrush, paint tray, and painter’s board, among other tools and materials.

6. Digital Photography

It is a fulfilling hobby that can be done with a camera or smartphone.

Photography is an interesting way of viewing the world.

It can be a great business too. Many photographers are introverts who find solace in what they are doing.

7. Playing Online Games

Most online games are multi-player; each player connects with a server and a client computer.

These games can be played anywhere using your PC or mobile phone.

The benefit of online games is that they improve your concentration and interpersonal skills, promoting a healthy mindset.

There are also online games that you can play all by yourself. These games include Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), and Star Wars (SWTOR).

8. Watching Movies/TV Shows

Introverts prefer to watch TVs in closed rooms, not where people mingle and constantly talk.

They usually watch movies that have some lessons.

According to Introvert Dear, the best TV shows and movies that introverts will essentially appreciate are Endeavor-a movie shot in Great Britain in 1960s and 70s, WandaVision, Jane- a National Geographic Documentary and lastly Lisley’s Story- A 2006 series.

9. Yoga And Meditation

A mindful meditation of 5-15 minutes daily can help an introvert experience inner peace.

Since they speak to the inner self, introverts usually feel more relaxed and less drained after meditation.

Meditation makes them thrive and protects their energy.

Yoga and meditation are perfect hobbies for stress relief and relaxation.

10. Baking

Introverts can keep themselves busy by baking their favorite delicacies.

This art form makes introverts embrace their quiet nature and flourish their creativity.

Decorating the cake and weaving a pie crust into a graceful shape can make one feel like an artist.

Baking the cake can give you the benefit of quietness and calmness.

It can also be a love language; for instance, making a birthday cake for your friend can be a great way of telling the friend how happy you are for them.

11. Nature Walk

A nature walk is a supreme elixir for introverts. Walking outside and experiencing nature gives introverts the space needed to let the mind relax.

A nature walk is the most preferred outdoor activity by the introverts.

As per Truity, nature has a healing power in addition to being a stress reliever since spending time around nature allows one to recover from the strenuous everyday activities.

The natural surroundings are a perfect setting for introverted artists as it allows their mind to wander.

12. Knitting And Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are social outlets and rewarding hobbies for introverts.

The activity requires lots of time alone.

Knitting and crocheting have a quiet and calm nature, giving you a relaxing space to create something crafty by your hands.

The hobby can make one mindful and proactive.

It would be best if you had needles, a yarn, scissors, a crochet hook, stitch holders, and tapestry needles to get started.

13. Cooking

Cooking is a productive hobby and a great way to spend quality time alone.

Virtues that come with cooking are patience, gentleness, and self-compassion.

The rewarding hobby allows introverts to create something independently and become more attentive.

All you need for a start-up are basic and essential kitchen tools and the dish to be cooked.

14. Playing An Instrument

It is a rewarding hobby for introverts who love expressing themselves musically.

Whether playing the guitar, a piano, or a violin, introverts can express themselves by playing the instrument according to the mood one is having.

Also, playing an instrument can improve your mood and mindset.

Additionally, introverts prefer a piece of sophisticated music that is inwardly directed.

15. Gardening

According to the Guardian, designer Charlie Hart argues that one can tell whether an individual is an introvert or an extrovert by looking at their garden.

Gardening is a common hobby among introverts.

It is an art of nature that can be done solo.

Final Words

There are several hobbies that introverts will enjoy doing without feeling any anxieties or having to associate with crowds.

The most important thing is to find what you like the most and go for it.

You can try doing anything from creative writing to drawing, painting, and gardening and find a hobby that will draw your attention.

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